Tinkerhub Technology Innovation Foundation

Empowers youth with technical and social skills through innovative learning approaches, fostering readiness for evolving job demands

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    Kozhikode, Kerala

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TinkerHub Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on leveraging modern technologies and innovative learning methods to equip young individuals Read more with both technical prowess and social skills. It's a vibrant community comprised of tinkerers, creators, policy enthusiasts, and students, striving to identify and empower individuals passionate about innovation. The organisation aims to address the pressing need for digital skills as essential tools for empowerment, citing statistics that highlight the increasing demand for technical expertise in the job market. By 2030, an estimated 80% of jobs will necessitate some level of technical skills, underscoring the significance of fostering these abilities. Its purpose lies in preparing India for the changing global landscape by ensuring widespread access to the knowledge essential for steering towards a brighter future. TinkerHub achieves its goals through a multifaceted approach. It emphasizes self-directed learning and peer collaboration while guiding a team of enthusiastic mentors. These mentors guide individuals, irrespective of their skill level, from novice to proficient coders and collaborators, fostering an environment of mutual learning and growth.

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Over the course of 8+ years, TinkerHub Technology Innovation Foundation has made an impact, engaging 15,000+ members through 70+ campus chapters, organising 1000+ events, supporting 5000+ projects, creating 100+ career opportunities, and partnering with 20+ companies for fostering innovation and providing valuable resources to aspiring tech enthusiasts.


  • Career Development Programme

    The Career Development Programme is a 4-week intensive training programme designed to bridge the skill gap and prepare students for the industry. It offers mentoring, upskilling, and profile-building activities to enhance their qualifications and increase their chances of securing desirable opportunities. The programme includes various courses, panel discussions, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

  • Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship AMA

    The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship in India aims to empower young girls by providing access to Computer Science education and career prospects. Eligible female students pursuing their first year of BE/B.Tech in CS, IT, or related fields receive INR 40,000 annually until graduation.

  • 1 on 1 Mentorship Programme

    Participants in this programme will have the opportunity to connect directly with an experienced programming mentor who will provide one-on-one guidance, helping them navigate their journey and progress in the world of technology.

  • Learning Literacy Programme

    The Learning Literacy Program aims to simplify the complexities of the technology domain for those curious to begin their journey. This initiative demystifies tech jargon, equipping individuals with a comprehensive understanding of modern-day technologies.

  • TinkerSpace Programme

    TinkerSpace, a unique hub, offers free access to learning exponential technologies and coding. Startup entrepreneurs and technologists from the state, who have achieved success through learning and building technology, set up and manage the space. It aims to provide equitable access, foster innovation, and cultivate a lifelong learning mindset among the younger generation.

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    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 7
    • 2018-19 11
    • 2019-20 30
    • 2020-21 29
    • 2021-22 202
  • Number of Events Organized

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 15
    • 2018-19 21
    • 2019-20 40
    • 2020-21 78
    • 2021-22 550

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  • Moosa Mehar MP

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kurian Jacob

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Saneem Perinkadakkat


  • K J Gopika

    Vice - President

  • Anju Dinesh


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    Munnookkumpurayil, Parappan Poyil, Kozhikode, 673573


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