Transforms and empowers deprived communities in India through integrated development programmes and rights-based advocacy for a just and equal society

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    Pune, Maharashtra

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Santulan is a voluntary, social, non-government organisation established in 1997 with a focus on the changeover and empowerment of disadvantaged commu Read morenities in India. It adopts an integrated approach with development programmes and rights-based advocacy for policy change. The organisation was inspired by a tragic accident involving a child in the quarries, exposing the life of misery and poverty faced by families belonging to the lowest economic strata. The affected communities include landless and homeless migrants, socio-economically weaker sections, tribal people, and unorganized workers from various regions. Santulan's vision is to create a just, equal, and humanitarian society by working towards the rights and empowerment of socio-economically marginalized communities. Its mission revolves around the active participation and involvement of these communities in the fight against poverty and marginalization. The organisation pursues this goal through development initiatives, education, organisation, advocacy, and empowerment, aiming to create lasting positive change in the lives of the disadvantaged.


  • Education Programme

    It has evolved an innovative educational programme called Pashan Shala, providing access to education for hard-to-reach children and child labourers in the stone quarry sector. The programme started in Pune in 1997 with 119 children and has since expanded to neighbouring districts, covering 20 districts in Maharashtra and promoting education for 29,036 children. The Pashan Shala initiative includes 36 Bal Pashan Shalas for children aged 3 to 5, with 701 students, and 126 Pashan Shalas for children aged 6 to 14, with 2,826 students studying from 1st to 8th grade.

  • Residential School Programme


    It has established Residential Education Centres to support orphaned and destitute children who are forced into hazardous mining work at a young age due to poverty. The centres provide food, accommodation, education, and medical assistance for these vulnerable children. Additionally, a collaboration with Pune Municipal Corporation led to the initiation of "Gharata" (nest), a shelter and educational centre for street children in 2008. Over 224 children were admitted to Gharata, with many being resettled with their parents, while around 50 to 60 children receive care, including food, shelter, education, and healthcare until the age of 14.

  • Health & Safety Programme


    It launched micro healthcare initiatives to address the hazardous living and working conditions in the stone quarry sector. Santulan introduced First Aid Boxes in Pashan Shala centres, providing basic medical support and promoting health awareness. Monthly check-ups, health camps, and awareness meetings on issues like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and silicosis were organised for workers and women. Health camps on AIDS, alcoholism, and superstitious beliefs led to improved health practices among workers. Nurses provided health services and facilitated hospital visits for workers in need of medical attention. The further focus remains on addressing health challenges for women, children, and workers associated with stone quarry occupations.

  • Nutrition Programme


    It initiated a 'Mid-Day Meal' programme in 2001 for children from the stone quarry community suffering from undernourishment. A trained chef was appointed in each stone quarry unit to prepare nutritious meals from Monday to Saturday, leading to significant improvements in the children's health. They experienced growth in weight and height, reduced sickness, improved attendance, and better progress in both academics and sports.

  • Youth Development Programme


    Under its youth development programme, the organisation focuses on empowering stone quarry youth and adolescent girls, who often face limited opportunities and exposure to education and skills training. The programme includes vocational courses like tailoring and other skills training, benefiting over 277 adolescents and 50 youth so far. Santulan also conducts awareness camps and seminars to impart knowledge, promote ideologies, and nurture leadership qualities among the youth in the stone quarry community. The organisation aims to address the lack of resources and initiate vocational training centres, with a priority on establishing a tailoring skills training centre for girls to tackle the challenges they face.

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    Santulan Bhavani, S No. 55/2, Tuljabhavani Nagar Kharadi, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune, 411014


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