Centre for Learning and Empowerment (CLE Trust)

Empowers underprivileged children through free online learning programmes, fostering curiosity and skills for better opportunities in collaboration with Government and non-government organisations

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Centre for Learning and Empowerment or CLE is a non-profit Trust that has been dedicated to providing free online learning programmes for children and Read more youth from underprivileged backgrounds since November 2019. It fosters an interest in various subjects and skills among these children, enabling them to access better opportunities in the future. The ultimate vision is to ensure that learning becomes an enjoyable and accessible experience for disadvantaged children. To achieve this, it collaborates with Government and non-government institutions, establishing partnerships to deliver high-quality learning programmes to underprivileged children. By leveraging digital technology, it connects with these children, utilizing existing classroom infrastructure in villages and cities through local NGOs and schools. This collaborative model aims to enhance the quality of education by connecting students with passionate teachers and conducting live online classes. The organisation guarantees the quality of learning by carefully selecting teachers who possess a genuine love for children, a passion for creative teaching, and a deep understanding of the student's native language. Regular exchange of feedback between teachers and students is conducted, and all sessions are live, interactive, and inclusive, with cameras facilitating free communication between the teachers and students.

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Centre for Learning and Empowerment has positively impacted 559 students and 34 teachers across 14 districts in 7 states in India.


  • After School Programme

    The programme supports, guides, and monitors children with significant learning gaps who are at risk of dropping out. The focus is on creating an inclusive and motivating learning environment to spark interest in education. Unlike traditional school lessons with fixed goals and reliance on textbooks, our program takes a less formal and more flexible approach. Teachers have the freedom to utilize various materials and teaching styles, exposing students to unique learning materials. These adaptations prevent boredom, encourage growth, and present students with new challenges.

  • Empowering Young Minds Programme

    This program advocates for girls' access and opportunities, empowering women and girls to develop skills, confidence, and influence over decisions affecting their lives. The main themes covered include human/women rights, education and employment, health, hygiene and nutrition, menstrual and sexual health, mental health and well-being, sex and gender, crime and safety, finance awareness, reservation, scholarship, and financial aid schemes. Through mentorship, youth from disadvantaged and rural backgrounds are engaged, enabling them to overcome socioeconomic barriers, gain education, nurture curiosity, creativity, and scientific curiosity, explore diverse educational and professional opportunities, and aspire to independence.

  • In- School Programme

    This programme aims to enhance teaching quality, improve student learning outcomes, and address school dropout rates. Online courses are seamlessly integrated into the regular school schedule, while the In-School program offers a customized timetable with a blend of online and offline sessions. Teachers adopt creative approaches to the syllabus, fostering comprehension and creating an enjoyable learning environment. Enthusiastic, inspired, and passionate teachers are instrumental in empowering students to excel academically.

  • Science is Fun Programme

    This programme aims to foster curiosity and a habit of learning by doing. Children actively participate in hands-on experiments, followed by discussions on the scientific principles and their connections to real-world phenomena. These sessions are highly anticipated by the students, who eagerly await the opportunity to engage in practical learning experiences.

  • Offline Programme

    Before being registered, CLE founders collaborated with Chethanadhare, an NGO focused on youth development, to conduct a four-month English and Communication course for economically disadvantaged youth in Mahalaxmi Layout. The course catered to students aged 16 to 30, including pre-university and undergraduate students, a domestic worker, and a garment factory employee.

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  • Rahul Pandey

    Founder & Managing Trustee

  • Pushpa Achanta

    Co - Founder and Trustee

  • Adithya

    Co - Founder and Trustee


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    No.10, 2nd Cross Road Opposite ISKCON Temple, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, 560022


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