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To contribute to the wellbeing of the society by catalyzing community-led initiatives in environment, education, health & wellbeing and sports

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    Hyderabad, Telangana

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The Heartfulness Institute is dedicated to promoting inner transformation and fostering emotional well-being through the practice of Heartfulness medi Read moretation. Besides offering meditation practices, Heartfulness Institute works in 4 areas including: (i) Environment through "Forests By Heartfulness" initiative largely focusing on tree plantation and lake restoration (ii)Education through "Heartfulness Education Trust" focusing on developing cognitive skills, life skills, social innovation among children and youth which are exemplified in two schools that the trust runs. (iii) Health & Wellbeing through yoga and meditation, mental health, maternal & child health via "Divya Janani" program, de-addition centers (iv) Sports through "Heartfulness Sports and Wellness Village" in Kanha Shanti Vanam


Environmental issues being addressed: Biodiversity loss, species extinction, rapid urbanization, Air / Water / Soil pollution, Rapidly declining water reserves. Education: Lack of self-awareness, leadership skills, cognitive skills, life skills, compassion & empathy Health & Wellbeing: Life style diseases, inner wellbeing


Heartfulness has touched: 2000 companies. 2,500 colleges. 5,000 schools. 200 NGOs. 400 villages Heartfulness Social Impact Initiatives are showcased in the self-sustaining community developed at Kanha Shanti Vanam, in Telangana.


76 Years of Service Worldwide presence in 160 countries 4 Million practitioners worldwide Services focusing on 7 SDGs 2 Million trees planted. 30M target by 2027 25k schools, 50k teachers, 2.5k colleges, 1.7M youth covered in various Education initiatives 7 Manobal centers for deaddiction, 26k individuals counselled for mental health


  • Kaushalam - Corporate Leadership Programme

    Kaushalam, Is an online retreat programme for executives. Through sessions led by experts, peer learning opportunities and self-reflection zones, this programme aims to move from burnout and realign priorities.

  • The Heart Programme - Teachers Training Programme

    It is a one-year programme, designed for teachers to learn Heartfulness practices. This programme is a multi-step journey. The steps are Inspire, Integrate, Intensify, Include, Involve and Poise. INSPIRE is a 3-day workshop, INTEGRATE consists of hour-long weekly group sessions, where all teachers in a school meet with a local volunteer trainer. INTENSIFY is a programme where teachers are given individual one-on-one sessions with trainers, INCLUDE is where 1 or 2 teachers are trained through the years as champions who will ensure the practices they learnt are followed in their respective schools, INVOLVE is a 3-day intensive workshop, reinforcing prior learnings, Lastly, POISE is a tailored program introducing the pursuit of inner Self Excellence to teachers.

  • The HELP Programme

    HELP Programme is a 16-week course for students between the ages of grade 10-12, designed to equip students with Heartfulness practices and other life skills.

  • Forests By Heartfulness

    Forests by Heartfulness (FBH) is an ecological movement envisioned to create spaces where humans coexist
    in harmony with Nature.
    FBH aims to be India’s most trustworthy and successful afforestation organization and a reliable partner to
    those on a similar journey. Our vision is to conserve the native, endemic, threatened species of the country
    and enrich the mega-biodiversity while sequestering Carbon permanently from the atmosphere.
    The key goals of the programme are:
    1. Planting 30 million trees across 12 states in India over the next 5 years.
    2. Ensuring 80 native, endemic and endangered species planted across the chosen locations.
    3. Ensuring livelihood support for 10000 farmers, indigenous communities, and micro-entrepreneurs.

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  • Sangeeth Parvatam

    Program Manager

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    7-2-1768 Flat No - 102, Classic A, Colony, Street No - 4, Sanath Nagar Rangareddi, Hyderabad, 500018


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    Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Registered in 1945)

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    Heartfulness Education Trust, Ripples of Change Foundation

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    Section 8 (formerly Section 25)

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