Paint It Red

Empowers women by educating and engaging them on menstruation, bridging the gap in resources and information in India

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    Kolkata, West Bengal

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Paint It Red emerged from the dedication of two women focused on tackling gender disparity. It shines a light on the concealed topic of menstruation i Read moren Indian society, recognizing the wide gap in resources and information available to women. The aim is to cultivate a lasting platform that educates, empowers, and involves women in India, particularly those in marginalized and economically vulnerable communities, regarding menstruation. Issues like misinformation and limited access to menstrual products persist, affecting menstruators on a profound level. Paint It Red firmly believes that enacting tangible policy changes and fostering education through continuous engagement is crucial in meeting the needs of menstruators in India. The vision is to establish an enduring space for education, empowerment, and engagement, aiming to destigmatize menstruation.

Demographies Served


  • Bleed In Peace 21 Programme

    Paint It Red's 'Bleed In Peace' '21 campaign focuses on educating menstruators about menstrual health and hygiene, along with providing sustainable menstrual kits designed to cover an individual's needs for a minimum of three years. In its subsequent phase, the initiative successfully reached out to 15,000 beneficiaries across various regions including West Bengal, NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

  • Red Pride Programme

    In partnership with Rotary Club Calcutta Mahanagar, Paint It Red conducted educational sessions focusing on menstrual health and hygiene for menstruators. These workshops aimed not only to impart essential knowledge but also to break the stigma surrounding menstruation. Following the educational sessions, sustainable menstrual kits designed to meet individual menstrual needs for at least three years were distributed. The initiative successfully reached 5000 menstruators through workshops held in West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh.

  • Laal Dhaga Programme

    Paint It Red's flagship initiative, Laal Dhaaga, focuses on training women-led Self-Help Groups in crafting cloth pads and other elements of the Bleed In Peace menstrual kits. In a recent session in Hamirpur district, Himachal Pradesh, 40 women were taught to create three distinct cloth pad designs, along with lessons in marketing, management, and inventory maintenance. This six-day training not only provided valuable skills but also offered alternative, independent sources of income for these women. The initiative received support from the Swaniti Initiative and the Office of Hon’ble Union Minister Anurag Thakur.

  • Sexy September Programme

    Paint It Red's "Sexy September" unfolded through a series of Instagram Live sessions engaging experts in candid conversations about sexuality. Recognizing the need for open dialogues in a judgment-free zone, the organisation aimed to foster awareness about resources available for menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health. Addressing often-taboo subjects that tend to be avoided, the initiative strived to equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge to nurture their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These discussions shed light on crucial topics including abortion, period sex, STIs, consent, sexual health post-childbirth, and contraceptives.

  • Founders Fellowship Programme

    The Founders Fellowship, spanning six months, caters to driven individuals eager to grasp the intricacies of leading and managing an NGO. Out of 40 applicants, three fellows were selected nationwide to join the team. The initial three months concentrated on comprehensive training covering diverse aspects crucial for running a social organisation smoothly. The subsequent three months empower the fellows to independently spearhead their own projects. This programme offers hands-on experience along with capacity-building sessions led by the core team and experts from various fields. Paint It Red's objective is to mentor and involve fellows in catalyzing positive social change, encouraging innovative thinking, and fostering creative implementation approaches for issues it is passionate about.

Leadership Team

  • Ananya Chhaochharia

    Founder & Director

  • Niharika Sharma

    Co - Founder

  • Anoushka Sharma

    Programme Manager

  • Abhilaasha Kaul

    Resource Manager


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    6/C Short Street Ground Floor, Kolkata, 700016


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