Aajeevika Bureau Trust

Improves working conditions and empowers vulnerable labouring communities addressing challenges through innovative services, advocacy, and collaborations

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    Udaipur, Rajasthan

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Aajeevika Bureau is dedicated to improving the working conditions of vulnerable labouring communities, with a focus on seasonal and circular migrant w Read moreorkers. They strive to address economic and socio-legal challenges through innovative services, policy work, research, and advocacy. Their efforts involve empowering workers' organisations and promoting rights and solidarity within the workforce. The organization operates Workers' Facilitation Centres in rural and urban areas, assisting migrants in sectors like construction, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, and agriculture. Aajeevika Bureau offers legal aid, skill development, job placement, social security access, financial inclusion, and healthcare services to migrant workers. It also supports migrant families and houses a knowledge centre for migration and labour solutions. Collaborations with labour movements, academia, Government, and industry partners contribute to the welfare and security of migrant workers.

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  • Legal Education and Aid Cell

    The Legal Education and Aid (LEAD) Cell focuses on addressing the challenges faced by informal workers in accessing justice and asserting their rights in India. It operates walk-in centres with lawyers, counsellors, and trained personnel to assist workers in resolving disputes through mediation and arbitration. The Cell takes an integrated approach by combining legal aid with awareness building and legal literacy programmes. Its LabourLine helpline provides legal aid, mediation, and information dissemination to workers in distress. LEAD Cell also collaborates with the Working Peoples' Coalition to operate India LabourLine, expanding their helpline-based legal aid model across five states. LEAD runs a unit of ChildLine in partnership with the Childline India Foundation, offering support to children who are victims of abuse, bondage, and trafficking in the Pratapgarh district, Rajasthan. LEAD has recovered over INR 35.65 crores in compensation for workers.

  • STEP (Skill Training, Employability and Placement) Academy

    The Skill Training, Employability, and Placement (STEP) Academy focuses on providing technical and life skills to rural youth for better employability. It targets youth entering or already in low-wage and hazardous employment. The academy offers innovative skilling programmes with a short duration, combining theoretical knowledge with practical learning and internships. Life skills development is also emphasized. Training is delivered through on-the-job and residential programmes, and participants receive certificates upon completion. STEP Academy provides post-training support, including placement services and assistance for trainees to access financial support for entrepreneurship.

  • Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions

    The Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions (CMLS) is a knowledge hub that focuses on informal work and labour migration. It uses participatory tools of inquiry and research evidence to develop policy positions. CMLS conducts research inquiries on labour and migration, gender, safety, labour law, supply chains, and urban governance. Its research is based on ethnographic action research, reflecting community concerns. The findings inform its programmes and shape policy messages for institutions, industry stakeholders, and multilateral organisations like the ILO. CMLS produces various outputs including tools for grassroots mobilization, engages in dialogues with state institutions and industry, and contributes to popular media and academic journals. Its blog, Migrantscape, features insights and guest commentaries on labour and migration. Currently, more than 13,000 women are organised in ‘Ujala Samoohs’ across rural South Rajasthan.

  • Family Empowerment Programme

    The Family Empowerment Programme (FEP) focuses on empowering women in migrant-affected communities. It addresses the challenges faced by women left behind when men migrate, who take on increased care and work responsibilities. The programme promotes solidarity groups called ‘Ujala Samoohs’, where women come together, voice their needs, and claim entitlements. These groups form powerful apex structures at the block level, representing women's voices. Dedicated peer leaders and volunteers called ‘Ujala Mitras’ lead the groups, challenging existing power structures. Through their efforts, families have gained access to social protection programmes like NREGA, pensions, and subsidized rations. ‘Ujala Mitras’ have increased visibility and influence in local self-governments and planning. The FEP supports women workers in various locations through collectivization, including Udaipur, Dungarpur, Banswara, Ahmedabad, and Beawar.

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    Lead Executive (IT & MIS)

  • Divya Varma

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