Oasis Foundation for Human and Natural Resource Development

Promotes sustainable development for disadvantaged communities, focusing on self-employment, livelihoods, and improved quality of life.

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    Hunsur, Karnataka

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OASIS FOUNDATION for Human and Natural Resource Development was established by a group of like-minded professionals inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's thoug Read morehts. The founder members have wide experience of More than 25 to 30 years in various Rural Development sectors and are committed to serving the unreached sections of Society. Oasis Foundation strongly believes that prosperity can be created through the optimum utilization of Natural resources by application of appropriate technology. Based on the long association with rural communities in various parts of Karnataka, the organization believes that building ownership with the local community by establishing local institutions will ensure the sustainability of the development. OASIS FOUNDATION for Human and Natural Resource Development is a non-governmental organization presently operating in five districts of Karnataka, through its regional offices. It is a society registered under the Karnataka Society Registration Act, of 1960. Training, Consultancy and formulation, and field implementation of development projects are the major activities of the organization. The core members of the organization have 20 to 30 years of experience in the implementation of various development projects. The Goal/Aim: The goal of Oasis Foundation is for the integrated development of Human and Natural resources. Vision: To create a prosperous, Peaceful, and healthy Society ensuring Human and Environmental well-being. Mission: Oasis Foundation’s mission is to promote sustainable development models that generate opportunities and options for self-employment, sustainable livelihood, and improved quality of life, especially for the disadvantaged sections of society. The foundation will achieve it through the effective use of locally available natural resources, an extension of environment-friendly, appropriate technologies, and the building of relevant skills and managerial capabilities of the local community with their active participation. Issue-based research will be an integral part of its intervention strategy. Oasis Foundation is secular, nonpolitical, and professionally managed with a commitment to promoting fine human values. Core Values: The core values of Oasis Foundation are Integrity Commitment. Transparency Exhibit excellence Embrace your community Legal status: OASIS FOUNDATION for human and Natural Resource development is a Non non-governmental organization registered under the Karnataka Society Registration Act, 1960, with Reg. No. DRH/HVR-622/2009-10 dated 25th March, 2010


The Oasis Foundation has touched the lives of over 19,228 individuals through success stories, engaged 9,213 volunteers, hosted 1,742 events, and collaborated with 67 sponsors, showcasing a profound impact on the community.

Vision & Mission

The Goal/Aim:
The goal of Oasis Foundation is for integrated development of Human and Natural resources.
To create a prosperous, Peaceful and healthy Society ensuring Human and Environmental well being.
Oasis Foundation’s mission is to promote sustainable development models that generate opportunities and options for self employment, sustainable livelihood and improved quality of life, especially for the disadvantaged sections of the society.

Donor History

Samsung , CGI, Synaptics, Lowes India Private Limited and Bosch


  • Rejuvenation of Shikaripalaya Lake

    The Oasis Foundation, in partnership with Samsung Semiconductor India Research (SSIR), embarked on a mission to revive the 19-acre Shikaripalya Lake in Hulimangala Gram Panchayat, Electronic City. This initiative, funded entirely by Samsung with a budget of ₹1.37 crores, aims to rectify the ecological damage caused by years of city waste accumulation, sludge formation, and poor treatment systems. By addressing feeder drain misuse and sewage contamination, it strives to rejuvenate the lake's ecosystem, reviving aquatic life and ensuring clean water. Collaborating with That's Eco Foundation (HandsOnCSR) and Malligavad Foundation, the project emphasizes sustainability practices, community involvement, public awareness, and comprehensive monitoring to restore the lake to its former state. The ultimate goal is to transform Shikaripalya Lake into a model of environmental recovery and responsible management.

  • Rejuvenation of Hunsmaranahalli Lake

    The Oasis Foundation embarked on a lake rejuvenation initiative at Hunsmaranahalli with a range of goals. It aimed to boost the lake's water storage by removing silt, constructing a circular pathway for community engagement, and greening the area with diverse plant life. This effort also focused on educating locals about environmental care and sustainable lake management. The project encompassed multiple strategies, such as silt removal, path construction, native and ornamental plantings, rainwater harvesting inlets, and bund stabilization. These actions significantly augmented the lake's water capacity by 2,35,00,000 liters, enhanced biodiversity through 2000 new plants, and integrated educational boards for ongoing project sustainability.

  • Bio Diesel Programme

    The Oasis Foundation responded to Mr. Narayana Swamy's call to promote biodiesel by securing donations from individuals and corporations. It supported a practical demonstration led by a team of three—Avinash Narayanaswamy, Aakankash N.M, and Sunil Mysore—to showcase biodiesel's viability in diesel engines. The team embarked on an 8822 km trip across 13 Indian states, 4 Union Territories, and Nepal, using a Tata Indica car fueled by a blend of 40% biodiesel and 60% petroleum diesel, derived from waste cooking oil converted at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. Their journey aimed to dispel concerns about biodiesel's technical compatibility in engines and underscore its potential role in curbing global carbon emissions.

  • Study on Fuel Sources and Usage


    The Oasis Foundation initiated a study targeting fuel sources and usage patterns in tobacco farming areas across Karnataka. This research aims to analyze the diversity and quantities of fuel employed in tobacco curing, investigate energy-saving techniques practised during curing, and comprehend fuel procurement methods in this region. The study involved 244 tobacco farmers from 10 villages, encompassing small, medium, and large-scale farming categories, to provide insights into the fuel dynamics within this agricultural context.

  • Transformation Programme of Harekal Village School

    The Oasis Foundation collaborated with Samsung India for a CSR project focusing on the transformation of Harekal Village School in Mangalore. The school, founded by Padmashree awardee Mr. Hajabba, caters to economically disadvantaged children from the region. To enhance the learning environment, interventions included simple and mural paintings by professionals, along with safety wall installations. These efforts aimed to stimulate children's curiosity, facilitate teaching through visuals, restore functionality to the Rangmandira, and improve safety measures within the school premises. This project endeavours to uplift the educational experience for underprivileged children in the community.

Theory of Change

Work for Human and Environment well being in tune with SDG

Leadership Team

  • Ambikamma


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  • C Doreswamy

    Executive Director

  • H T Madhusudhana


  • Prakash C Kosti

    Vice President

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    Shiva Chandra Nilaya, #3517/23, New Maruthi Extention Near cambridge school, Mysore District, Hunsur, 571105


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