Empowers marginalized communities with holistic development, education, and rights-based initiatives for an autonomous, just society in Arunachal Pradesh

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    Roing, Arunachal Pradesh

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The Amyaa Society was founded to address poverty, illiteracy, health issues, corruption, and injustice faced by underserved communities. Its focus is Read moreon the holistic development of tribal groups, aiding their journey to self-sufficiency. Emphasizing the most vulnerable—children, youth, women, and farmers—it employs a Rights-based approach to promote positive changes via awareness, training, and capacity building. This seeks to establish an autonomous and self-reliant society in Arunachal Pradesh. It envisions a harmonious world where mutual respect and understanding prevail, and justice, peace, and progress are pursued. Objectives include implementing community-centric development programmes, uplifting the underprivileged, safeguarding human rights (especially for children and women), fostering participatory developmental projects, and advocating for eco-tourism and environmental conservation. The organisation was catalyzed by the pressing need to bridge inequality gaps and address injustices faced by the powerless in society.


Amyaa has made a significant impact, engaging 190 Self Help Groups, 35 Farmer's clubs, establishing a CHILDLINE Centre in one district, and extending assistance to 2411 individuals during the COVID-19 response.


  • CHILDLINE 1098 Programme

    CHILDLINE ROING, operated by Amyaa collaboratively since 2019, focuses on child rescue. Cases primarily involve Child Labour, Missing Children, and physical abuse. The recorded children mainly originate from nearby states like Assam, Bihar, and West Bengal. Child protection concerns in Arunachal Pradesh span seven categories, including Child Labour, Abuse, Shelter, Restoration, Missing Children, Medical Assistance, and Emotional Support.

  • Covid - 19 Response Programme

    Amyaa initiated COVID-19 response in March 2020, creating homemade masks distributed freely to vulnerable children even before cases were reported in Arunachal Pradesh. It engaged with over 25 villages, raising awareness and setting up banners. Collaborating with CHILDLINE ROING, it educated communities, supported Child Care Institute, and provided essentials like rations, sanitisers, and masks to needy families. Free sanitary napkins and learning materials were distributed, aiding 2411 individuals in Lower Dibang Valley. Despite challenges, the team's unwavering commitment was fueled by positive responses and motivation from locals and authorities.

  • Skill to Succeed Programme

    Amyaa, supported by Quest Alliance, established centres in Arunachal Pradesh's Roing and Namsai Districts. The Skill to Succeed initiative aids job seekers with online modules for career preparation, exploration, and retention. Targeting 17 to 30-year-old youth who lack vital skills, the program operates in non-formal vocational institutes. Quest's approach involves a learning system, self-learning content, and work readiness, customer interaction, and digital literacy skills. It offers full-fledged support, including facilitator training, blended learning techniques, tech transfer, curriculum, and employer connections, enabling internships and on-the-job training.

  • Farmer Empowerment Programme

    AMYAA focuses on women's and farmers' empowerment and sustainability. Introducing SHGs and Farmer Clubs in Arunachal Pradesh's Eastern Districts in 2008, supported by NABARD, they've established over 190 SHGs and 4 Farmer Producer Organisations in 3 districts. SHGs contribute significantly to local economic growth, with examples of success like baking, tailoring, soap-making units, and mushroom cultivation, providing sustainable income sources for families and communities.


    AMYAA NGO and CHILDLINE ROING collaborated with Project BAALA, an initiative led by Soumya Dabriwal and Aradhana Rai Gupta from Kolkata. Project BAALA aims to educate rural women about hygiene and provide eco-friendly sanitary pads. The programme's goal was to address menstrual hygiene issues through awareness and sustainability, combating social stigma. It distributed 250 environmentally friendly sanitary packets, each containing three reusable pads sponsored by BAALA, lasting up to 2 years.

  • Programme with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

    SIDBI, active in Micro Finance Institution development through SIDBI Foundation for Micro Credit, collaborates with Amyaa. They provide livelihood training to unemployed youths and artisans, while Amyaa organized a Solar Distribution program sponsored by SIDBI Itanagar Branch. The initiative aimed to offer solar lamps to 70 school children in Government Residential School, Injonu, and Government Model Residential School, Mayu. These lamps enable extended study hours, replacing toxic kerosene lamps, improving well-being, and saving costs for 96% of families. The programme includes solar-powered phone chargers for teachers and workshops on renewable energy, effectively impacting the community.

  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) Promotion

    AMYAA has pioneered the promotion of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the remote districts of the state of Arunachal Pradesh since 2011 through the support of NABARD Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. The organization followed right based approach through participatory model in empowering the women groups in the targeted intervention areas of the state. A total of 155 SHGs were promoted by the organization in both the districts of Changlang and Lower Dibang Valley. Skill Development Programs (SDPs) were organized for the SHGs on the thematic income generating activities such as soap and detergent powder making, confectionery items making, candle making, wild banana fiber extraction and making of eco-friendly products, mushroom cultivation, food processing, and tailoring. Today SHGs have their local outlets to market their finished products and earning sustainable income.

  • Skill Development of Unemployed Youth

    One of the primary focus of AMYAA has been to reduce the increasing number of unemployment in both the states of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. To prevent youth from falling prey to substance abuse (alcoholic & drugs) and taking up anti-social activities in the society. Based on the felt needs of the youth, various skill based programs were organized in the past years on eco-tourism and making of bamboo handicrafts. Good number of youth have taken up trekking, rafting, homestays and bamboo handicrafts units as their sources of sustainable income. The organization has imparted employability skills to prepare youth job ready to work in local retail outs, restaurants, hotels and few are working successfully in India and abroad, bringing immense life changes to themselves and to their families.

Impact Metrics

  • Skill Development and Livelihood Training

    Program Name

    Skill Development Program in income generating activities

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2014-15 5500
    • 2015-16 6200
    • 2016-17 6680
    • 2018-19 6680
    • 2020-21 8020
    • 2022-23 8020
  • Helped Children Through Childline 1098

    Program Name

    Rescue of children in need of care and protection (run away, lost and found, physical and sexual abuse, child labour, child trafficking)

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 35
    • 2020-21 58
    • 2022-23 62
  • Skills to Succeed (S2S)

    Program Name

    Employability Skills Training of Youth

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2016-17 150
    • 2017-18 300
    • 2019-20 300
    • 2020-21 300
    • 2021-22 300
    • 2022-23 420

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    Founder cum President

  • LP Albert



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    Mayu II, Roing, Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh, 792110

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