Enables Indian women to confront gender violence through education, awareness, and societal transformation

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    Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Sayfty is an organisation driven by the vision to enhance the safety and well-being of Indian women, empowering them to combat gender violence. Employ Read moreing a multifaceted approach, Sayfty employs digital media, storytelling, and discussions about gender roles to educate women and girls about the grave issue of violence against them. By conducting online campaigns, the organisation aims to raise awareness among women, equipping them to recognize and confront instances of gender violence. Sayfty creates secure environments both online and offline, facilitating open conversations between men and women with the intent of reshaping men's perceptions of violence against women. The organisation addresses significant challenges in this pursuit. It seeks to transform deeply ingrained mindsets entrenched in patriarchal norms, urging women to proactively consider personal safety. At the heart of its efforts is a commitment to instilling respect for women from an early age, promoting gender equality through school programmes and challenging stereotypes. Sayfty recognizes the pivotal role of community members in driving change, encouraging parents to lead by example, believe women's stories of harassment, and intervene when witnessing such incidents. In addition, the organisation advocates for a comprehensive overhaul of the existing systems to ensure zero tolerance for violence against women across all levels of governance, thereby eradicating the pervasive fear and insecurity experienced by many Indian women due to the inadequacies of the current legal framework and its implementation.

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  • Sayfty Survivors Toolkit

    Sayfty's Survivors' Toolkit is tailored to assist survivors of sexual assault in India, aiming to bridge the information gap by aiding them and their allies in comprehending and navigating mental health, medical, legal, and other relevant systems. The toolkit is informed by insights from experts and survivors, offering guidance on procedures and challenges.

    The toolkit encompasses essential areas including immediate support, emotional responses, medical assistance and examinations, legal processes, mental health care, survivors' testimonials, supporting survivors, and a directory of resources.

  • Education Programme

    Sayfty envisions a future where women can move freely without fear of violence, where gender equality is a societal norm. However, to counter patriarchal mindsets and the failure to address violence against women, education regarding rights, issues, and legal options is vital. Creating secure platforms for open discussions is a core Sayfty initiative, utilizing hashtags like #SayftyChat, #VoiceoftheWeek, and #ZeroTolerance on social media. These forums bring together diverse global voices to exchange insights, challenge prevailing beliefs, and suggest remedies. The organisation's ultimate aspiration is a world where gender equality prevails and violence against women becomes obsolete.

  • Empower Programme

    Sayfty's empowerment efforts encompass various strategies. Through hashtags like #SayftyChat and campaigns such as #ZeroTolerance, it addresses women's persistent safety concerns on social media. The organisation conducts self-defence workshops, recognizing that self-belief is pivotal. These workshops prioritize quick thinking, problem-solving, and tailored principles to instil confidence beyond physical strength.

    In partnership with Rachel Thompson's #SexAbuseChat, Sayfty presents "Speak Our Stories!" to share experiences and resources, fostering survivor support. The "Meet the People Extraordinaire Series" utilizes storytelling to spotlight those challenging norms, driving change in areas like education, health, and human trafficking. By showcasing resilience, these narratives inspire women and girls to believe in their potential for impact and leadership.

Leadership Team

  • Dr. Shruti Kapoor


  • Kavita Chitapalli

    Social Media Consultant

  • Namrata Sadhvani

    Safe-Unsafe Touch Workshop Facilitator

  • Subuhi Safvi

    Sayfty Chat Host

  • Dr. Michelle Frank

    Sayfty Chat Host

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