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Unites patient and caregiver perspectives, making accessible, safe, and attainable healthcare for all

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Named in honour of two remarkable individuals who have been instrumental inspirations to its founding members, DakshamA Health & Education is an organ Read moreization driven by a vision of positive change. Both these women embody resilience, having triumphed over adversities to raise their children as successful individuals. The organization's president, Venket Rao, dedicated three decades of his life in the uniformed services to serve the country. During his early days as a young soldier stationed in Rajasthan, he endured the tragic loss of his father due to a heart attack. Witnessing the limitations of medical services and early emergency care, he recognized the need for a responsive system that could save lives in times of need. Driven by this realization and his personal experiences of losing family members to preventable causes, he aspired to create a platform that would empower people to seek timely medical attention and, in turn, save lives. Through dialogues, interactions, and personal discussions, he grasped that effective prevention and early diagnosis encompass not only responsive healthcare systems, but also patient education and the right to advocate for essential services. This insight led to the establishment of DakshamA Health, with the aim of uniting families and individuals in shared knowledge and experiences, offering a platform for exchange of insights among survivors, sufferers, and caregivers. The core objective of DakshamA Health is to transform the perception and delivery of healthcare in the nation. The organization endeavours to amplify the voices of patients and caregivers, ensuring accessibility, safety, and availability of healthcare for those in need. Associated with the International Alliance of Patient Organisations (IAPO), DakshamA Health stands as a global advocate for patients. The organization's objectives encompass: 1. Developing and disseminating comprehensive, accessible educational resources on therapeutic advancements, care accessibility, and safe medications. 2. Nurturing expertise and capacities among informed patients and the general public in pharmaceutical research and development, self-care, and home-based care. 3. Establishing a multilingual public library for patient information. 4. Forging active partnerships with patient organizations, maximizing their impact through capacity building. 5. Advocating on national levels with a resounding patient voice to influence healthcare policy, shaping national, regional, and state health agendas. 6. Fostering alliances across sectors, collaborating with like-minded healthcare professionals, policymakers, academics, researchers, and industry representatives. 7. Conducting research and gap analysis to address access and equity needs and policies. DakshamA Health & Education is committed to altering healthcare paradigms and fostering patient empowerment, access, and advocacy DakshamA endeavors to establish a comprehensive network comprising caregivers and patient groups, collaborating closely with them to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of practical insights for effectively managing long-term and chronic ailments within the confines of home environments. Additionally, the initiative aims to furnish essential information concerning evolving medical treatments, diagnostics, and hospital services. A pivotal aspect of this endeavour involves uniting patient voices, channeling their collective advocacy to induce policy changes. By conveying the distinct needs of rural patients to policymakers, DakshamA seeks to bridge the gap between healthcare policies and the real-world challenges faced by individuals in rural areas.


  • Indian Alliance of Patient Groups

    The Indian Alliance of Patient Groups (IAPG) stands as a cross-disease coalition that represents a collective of patient groups dedicated to championing the cause of patients and amplifying their needs. The focus is on chronic, rare, and neglected diseases, with a primary objective of elevating patient voices to the forefront of discussions. At IAPG, the mission revolves around facilitating and ensuring a secure, efficient, and dependable patient and family-centered healthcare system in India. IAPG is committed to guaranteeing timely access to the most effective interventions available for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care.

  • Stroke Support Alliance

    Stroke Support Alliance is a dedicated coalition that unites stroke survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals from across the nation. The central objective is to establish a unified platform where stroke survivors can collectively voice their stories and experiences, fostering a nurturing community for all individuals involved.
    Recognizing the life-altering impact of strokes on both the affected individuals and their support networks, the Stroke Support Alliance is committed to cultivating a secure and all-encompassing environment. Here, those touched by stroke can converge, sharing their transformation from survivors to warriors.
    This alliance is driven by the aspiration to empower stroke survivors and their caregivers with the tools and assistance required to navigate the intricate path of stroke recovery.

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  • Venket Rao


  • Riya Agarwal

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