Progoti Minority Welfare Trust

Works for the overall welfare of the downtrodden community with various initaives

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    Murshidabad, West Bengal

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Progoti minority trust, We focus on multiple areas of social welfare, including child education, disaster relief support, and environmental conservati Read moreon, our future planning is to do multiple works with women empowerment, food, clothing, medicines, and assist to rebuilding homes. Our commitment to environmental conservation drives us to protect and restore our planet through conservation projects, tree plantation drives, and awareness campaigns.


  • Education

    One of our primary areas of concentration continues to be ensuring impoverished children in rural Murshidabad have simple access to high-quality education. Because they come from low-income families that live below the poverty line, the majority of these kids are still unable to get a basic education.

    We therefore make an effort to close this gap by providing free education. We provide access to high-quality education by managing a school that is connected to the West Bengal government. We also offer wholesome meals, necessary study tools, and other resources to help them in their continuous academic endeavours. Our goal is to close the achievement gap and give these kids the tools they need to succeed in their quest for knowledge.

  • Skill Development Program

    To empower women and help them become independent and self-sufficient, skill development is essential. We at Progoti Minority Welfare Trust understand how important it is for underprivileged women to develop their skills. Through our extensive training programmes, we provide students with useful skills like computer literacy, sewing, and tailoring. Women can become more employable, explore entrepreneurship, and develop self-reliance by learning these skills. We think that by giving them the right tools and training, we can enable women to make positive contributions to their families and communities, which will eventually improve their socioeconomic status and create a more welcoming society.

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  • Golam Noor



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    Village - Bablabona, Post - P.T Rasulpur, Dist- Domkal, Murshidabad, 742303


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