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United Way India works for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community along with programs for environment sustainability, disaster relief and rehabilitation and for promoting diversity and inclusion.

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United Way India is India’s leading philanthropy network driving social change. Affiliated to the global United Way Worldwide (https://www.unitedway.o Read morerg/) network — world’s largest privately funded, non-profit organization, we are part of a 137-year-old volunteer-led global movement of 1200+ community chapters across 37+ countries, engaging over 1.5 million volunteers. Our pedigree ensures we have a global reach yet a local impact and most important of all, we leverage from best practices and models from our network. United Way India works for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community along with programs for environment sustainability, disaster relief and rehabilitation and for promoting diversity and inclusion. Over the years, United Way India and our network in India have invested over 17.4 Bn. in community projects in India with support of 1000+ corporate partners through CSR programs, workplace giving and employee engagement programs, volunteering opportunities and events.


  • We Care Initiatives

    This program strives to improve the medical infrastructure of hospitals and distribute Health and Hygiene Kits to those who need them the most, especially during challenging times.

  • Empowering Women

    Program aims at breaking barriers to economic exclusion for women with disability and women entrepreneurs in India. Program empowers beneficiary group through capability building in social and economic skills, improving financial literacy, providing placement support, setting small scale businesses, etc.

  • Sustainable income for Gig workers

    Under one of our projects for gig workers, we are working with population groups like Istriwala Vyaparis (persons who iron clothes) by replacing coal boxes with LPG technology, imparting knowledge on financial literacy and promoting renewable energy through adoption of clean energy sources.

  • Circular Economy Programs

    Our programs address plastic waste management, generating income for garbage collectors in the process and creating sustainable processes in the communities. We work with focus on:
    • Elimination of waste and pollution from design
    • Keeping products and materials in use as long as possible, and
    • Regenerating natural systems.

  • Ground Water Recharge

    This program aims to address water scarcity with rainwater conservation and percolation pits. Recharging ground water through aquifers is the most sustainable method of storing natural water. It is a program to enhance the depleting groundwater levels by conserving rainwater. The intervention involves an integrated approach where social, technical, and environmental aspects are blended. The goal of the program is to build percolation pits and thereby conserve liters of rainwater every year.

  • Mangroves Restoration Program

    Engaging and encouraging women to plant mangrove saplings thereby protecting coastal communities, reducing shoreline erosion against coastal flooding, high winds, waves and tsunamis by restoration of the mangrove ecosystem, and supporting their livelihood

  • Clean-up, Green up India

    United Way India has been actively involved in waterbody and mangrove clean-up and is working closely with government on spreading civic awareness. Clean-up, Green Up India strives to enhance cleanliness and waste management of water bodies across India and mitigate marine pollution and conserve the marine ecosystem. We engage volunteers from corporate partners to promote social responsibility.

  • Peeli Batti, a Solar Electrification Program

    United Way India’s mission to connect rural/peri-urban belts of India to solar mini-power grids and help them in better livelihood opportunities, continued education, becoming self sustainable, & preventing migration by comfortably using 100% clean electricity.

  • Swahar

    Provide supplementary nutrition to children aged 0-15 & mothers with special focus on millet-based food intake. Program runs in collaboration with state run schools under MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) and Aanganwadi Centres under Indian Government promoting International Year of Millets 2023.

  • Garima

    Garima, as the name suggests, aims to provide a dignified and respectable living for people from the transgender community, differently abled persons and people living with HIV AIDS. The project will enhance employability and support financial independence through skill building amongst the cohorts. Garima will address United Way India’s long term goal of promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Equity that leads the way for building equitable communities in India.
    Health Interventions with focus on LGBTQIA+ and PLHIV - We spearhead health interventions with a specific focus on LGBTQIA+ and People Living with HIV (PLHIV), promoting inclusivity and tailored healthcare solutions.
    Nutritional and primary needs support to LGBTQIA+, PLHIV and differently abled
    We provide nutritional and primary needs support to LGBTQIA+, PLHIV, and differently-abled individuals, ensuring their holistic well-being and access to essential resources.
    Enabling livelihood through Skilling

  • Enabling Youth Success

    Skilling youth with income generation courses and providing them placement support for earning livelihood and becoming self sustainable in Ahmednagar and across multiple locations in India.

  • Urban Afforestation, using Miyawaki technique

    Using Miyawaki plantation technique to promote biodiversity and reduce risk of climate change. This method requires less maintenance and the vegetation layers support ensuring: Soil nutrition, greener surface cover, dust reduction ability, and helps local wildlife and sequestration of carbon

  • Water Body Restoration

    The program aims to conserve water bodies with community effort to achieve positive water use. The focus is to revive the water bodies and improve aquatic as well as conserve biodiversity of the region.

  • Promoting WASH

    Program provides WASH support to schools to promote health, safety and hygiene. By creating WASH platforms, we aim to make schools attain 3 Star status as per UNICEF WASH guidelines

  • School Infrastructure Projects

    Development of child-friendly infrastructure through construction and refurbishment of schools, capability building of teaching staff and awareness amongst parents to foster learning environment and boost academic performance.

  • Digital Education

    Promoting digital education by setting up technology aided classrooms and STEM labs. Working towards providing new age learning to students from underprivileged communities by setting up Innovative Tinkering Labs and building in-house capacity of teachers.

  • Happiness Drive

    Providing material support to students attending schools in form of books, digital devices for higher classes, remedial teacher support, etc.

  • Senior Citizens Program

    Shelter, care and support to the elderly destitute people in a resource setting. Involves nutrition, healthcare, shelter and counselling support to elderly.

  • Swasthya

    Sensitize communities on Menstrual Health Hygiene and prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Diabetes and other infections and provide health education in schools and communities.

Impact Metrics

  • United Way India Served More Than 44 Million Lives in the Last Three Years and Invested Over 17.4 Billion (Inr) in Community Projects Across India.

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