Arushi Society

Empowers marginalized communities through diverse programmes, fostering inclusion, and integrating individuals with disabilities into mainstream society

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    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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Arushi Society, named after the concept of 'the first ray of sun', is dedicated to integrating individuals with disabilities into society. Originally Read morefocused on environmental issues, it transitioned to cater to the visually impaired by creating audiocassette study materials. As the organisation grew, it expanded its activities to empower and include marginalized groups, drawing numerous volunteers. Its evolution led to a broader focus on addressing various disability-related challenges. The organisation's core mission revolves around enhancing individual and organisational capabilities. Arushi aims to empower marginalized communities, especially people with disabilities, through diverse programmes encompassing education, livelihood, skill development, nutrition, healthcare, sanitation, and improved living conditions. Its primary goal is to establish an inclusive society by granting equal opportunities for independent living to individuals with disabilities and other marginalized sections of society. Driven by a passion for change, Arushi operates as a volunteer-led movement, valuing dedication over professional qualifications. Emphasizing innovation, the organisation encourages fresh ideas and approaches to support the disabled community. Rejecting traditional structures, Arushi focuses on integrating disabled individuals into mainstream society rather than confining them to specialized facilities. Volunteers remain instrumental in Arushi's growth, reflecting the organisation's commitment to heartfelt contributions over bureaucratic processes.


Arushi Society has positively impacted over 20,000 beneficiaries through the distribution of audiobooks, aiding more than 1,000 students since its establishment. Currently, 150 students benefit from its services, supported by a team of 30+ special educators and therapists. It has conducted over 1200 sensitization programmes, ensuring accessibility to 100+ monuments. With a cumulative recording of 40,000+ hours of books, it has organised 150+ excursions for students, supported by a dedicated team of 600+ volunteers.


  • Inclusion Programmes for Specially Abled

    Arushi empowers individuals with disabilities through diverse initiatives. Its "Koshish" preschool prepares young children with disabilities for mainstream schools, offering essential skills and therapies. The organisation conducts extensive teacher training, sensitizing over 300,000 educators in inclusive education. "Mitti Ma," a gardening project, teaches gardening skills and offers livelihood opportunities to disabled children. It organises life skills sessions, excursions, and computer training for accessibility. Arushi's rehabilitation centre provides therapies, vocational training, and personalized care. It extends community-based support, offering skill training, education, and counselling to disabled individuals and families, currently aiding 200 economically disadvantaged children in Bhopal towards holistic inclusion.

  • Advocacy Programme

    Arushi passionately advocates for equitable access and integration of persons with disabilities into mainstream society. Through persistent efforts, it has forged partnerships, raised awareness, and lobbied for disability inclusion. Working extensively to create barrier-free environments, Arushi collaborates with various institutions like railways, museums, and historical sites to ensure accessibility. Its extensive audits and collaboration with the Government's Accessible India Campaign aim to make public spaces more disability-friendly. It has conducted census awareness campaigns, championing the accurate enumeration of disabilities. Arushi also pioneers electoral inclusivity, introducing Braille in electronic voting machines and facilitating independent voting for the visually impaired, reflecting their commitment to societal inclusion and equal rights.

  • Sensitization and Orientation Programmes

    Arushi actively conducts workshops to sensitize officials, educators, community workers, and the public about disability issues, legal provisions, and entitlements. Its helpline offers guidance and intervenes with relevant agencies to address disability-related challenges. It has pioneered a film of the national anthem in sign language and produced awareness posters on disability. Aadhar, its compendium, compiles rights and facilities for disabled children. Arushi's impactful efforts include sensitizing through textbooks, producing documentaries, training teachers, and creating resources like an audio library, Braille transcription, and classes. Moreover, it is involved in identifying children with disabilities in Bhopal's urban slums and villages for necessary interventions.

  • Programmes for the Underprivileged

    Arushi's 'Project Umeed' tackles employment, green alternatives, and menstrual hygiene by producing biodegradable sanitary napkins, offering opportunities for women with disabilities and the underprivileged. It has set up two production centres, manufactured chemical-free pads, and installed vending machines at railway stations. Arushi conducts awareness sessions and distributes napkins in villages, addressing workforce inclusion and environmental sustainability.

    Its 'Taleem Democratic School' goes beyond traditional education, emphasizing practical skills for livelihoods. It integrates open schooling for academic qualifications, focusing on diverse subjects like organic farming, fisheries, and computer skills, alongside co-curricular activities. The school aims to foster an experiential, experimental community, researching the impact of migration on the education and livelihoods of their students' communities.

  • Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Ability Development Centre

    Arushi's Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Ability Development Centre caters to the differently-abled and caters to differently-abled and disadvantaged. This pioneering three-story building is entirely disabled-friendly and operates on solar power. The site houses a cutting-edge recording studio, an extensive audio library through the DAISY forum, and a print and Braille library. Its computer centre assists the visually impaired in accessing electronic text with specialized software and free internet access. The centre's 10 classrooms facilitate special education and life skills training for disabled children, while the therapy unit offers comprehensive services like physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Additionally, vocational training and recreational facilities are available, promoting skill development and community engagement. Arushi also provides Braille transcription services in both Hindi and English, catering to institutions and visually impaired individuals upon request.

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