People Awareness and Legal Aid Movement (Palam)

Empowers marginalized communities and provides disaster relief in Tamil Nadu with a decade-long commitment and a bottom-up approach

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  • Headquarters

    Thiruthuraipundi, Tamil Nadu

People Awareness and Legal Aid Movement(Palam), a charitable organisation in Tamil Nadu works to support marginalized communities and aid their journe Read morey towards a respectable standard of living. With a commitment spanning a decade, Palam has notably impacted over fifty thousand individuals, employing a grassroots approach to promote inclusive development. The organisation has shown particular effectiveness in addressing national calamities, such as the 2004 Tsunami, where it played a pivotal role in building 92 houses, 64 temporary shelters, and 15 community centres in Nagapattinam District. It has also been active during other crises, including the Nisha cyclone floods in Tamil Nadu, and is presently involved in rehabilitation efforts in the Gaja Cyclone-affected area of Thiruthuraipoondi, Thiruvarur district. Palam's overarching mission encompasses providing disaster relief, implementing sustainable agriculture and environmental programmes, conducting educational initiatives, establishing technical training centres, offering medical assistance to the underprivileged, operating dispensaries and hospitals, launching childcare and night school projects, and promoting child welfare programmes.


  • Disaster Response Programme

    Palam's unwavering dedication has catalyzed qualitative behavioural changes, impacting the lives of over fifty thousand individuals. Employing a bottom-up approach to inclusive development, it has successfully addressed the fundamental needs of many underprivileged, contributing significantly to sustainable development. Palam's effectiveness extends to its response during national disasters, such as the 2004 Tsunami, where it played a pivotal role in constructing 92 houses, 64 temporary shelters, and 15 community centres in Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu. The organization also actively participated in disaster relief efforts during the NISHA cyclone flood in Tamil Nadu.

  • Other Programmes

    Palam is also dedicated to environmental protection and focuses on managing waste through the principles of reduce, recycle, and reuse, thereby promoting sustainability. It also works towards the welfare of vulnerable individuals by providing prevention, protection, shelter, and support, and facilitating their transformation. Additionally, Palam aims to empower the powerless by offering education, skill development, and implementing a rights-based approach to ensure their upliftment and inclusion in society.

Leadership Team

  • K.Senthilkumar

    Founder & Managing Trustee

  • S Parandhaman

    Director - Projects

  • S Packriyammal

    Director - Health Programmes

  • Valenteena


  • S Rajkumar

    Director - Education Programmes


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    121 of Book IV 2007

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    CSR 00024830


  • Headquarters

    23/1 Periyanayakipuram, Thiruvarur, Thiruthuraipundi, 614713


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