Center for Health and Development ( Chd Group)

Aims to serve the world by making it favourable, honourable, healthy, sustainable and vibrant.

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CHD Group was founded in 2014 by Dr. Edmond Fernandes, a Community Health Physician. He started the organization based on his calling to leave the wor Read moreld better than how he found it. The originating name was Center for Health and Development ( CHD) however, in the years since, it has come to be popularly known across the country and around the world as CHD Group. CHD Group started with one man’s vision; today it has become sort of an infectious movement pulling together people from across ranks and files, those with heart in humanity and mind in development. It is among the rare global institutions to have its Headquarters in a non-metro city based in Mangalore, Karnataka in India but serving humanity across countries. The spirit that propels this work forward is the mission to create a world where the young and the young at heart will receive accessible and affordable healthcare in our lifetime. Sustainable Development Goals means nothing to the last mile person on the ground. That is where CHD Group shadows and delivers, decides and champions their cause, making it our own. With new innovative models of service and strategic intelligence, CHD Group collaborates with visionary companies, Governments and civil society to realize the dream of a billion beats planet.


  • Maternal & Child Nutrition

    In displaced communities, particularly in remote regions, women and children stand out as the most vulnerable groups. CHD has played a crucial role in alleviating the challenges of malnutrition among children and women nationwide, implementing effective strategies that have garnered recognition as best practices within the country. Its primary focus lies in reducing severe acute malnutrition and addressing moderately acute malnutrition and under-nutrition, aiming towards the realization of a world free from malnutrition.

  • Primary Healthcare

    In the 21st Century, there's a dedicated effort to bolster health systems at the grassroots level and extend healthcare services directly to people's homes. CHD Group, renowned for its innovative approach to healthcare, operates mobile medical units based on a unique model founded on social determinants of health and well-being. Within this framework, CHD Group focuses on several key areas. Firstly, it endeavors to provide essential healthcare support to vulnerable communities, thereby contributing to the realization of Universal Health Coverage objectives. Additionally, CHD Group places emphasis on addressing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) through specialized clinics, while simultaneously tackling infectious diseases to align with national health goals. Moreover, as part of its comprehensive strategy, CHD Group works towards establishing Primary Healthcare Centers and Community Hospitals across the country, ensuring accessible and quality healthcare services for all.

Leadership Team

  • Dr. Edmond Fernandes


  • Dr. Neevan Dsouza

    Board Member

  • Prof. Nikesh Bhargava

    Board Member

  • Cynthia Fernandes

    Founder Trustee

  • Prof. Amitabh Anand


  • Dr. Arthur L Frank


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    First Floor, Fernandes Enclave, Melina Mogeru, Falnir, Mangalore City, Karnataka, India, 575002


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