Heart Care Foundation

Monetarily assists underprivileged heart patients, provides moral support to patients and their families, and spreads awareness about organ donation

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    Kochi, Kerala

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The Heart Care Foundation, established on World Heart Day in 2005, has successfully implemented numerous heart care projects in the State of Kerala ov Read moreer the past 15 years. The inaugural project, 'Save 1000 hearts, 1000 lives, 1000 families,' offered financial aid to over 1500 patients, averaging 100 patients annually. The program 'Save a life, Save a lifetime,' initiated in 2007, gained popularity among corporate houses, schools, and colleges. Conducting over 200 classes on Basic life support – CPR and installing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at key locations demonstrated the Foundation's commitment to life-saving education. The quarterly magazine 'Caring Hearts,' initiated in 2007, provides the latest information on heart disease and prevention. Celebrating its 50th Edition, a 'Special Edition' was released, featuring articles and the Foundation's history. The Foundation presents the 'Life Time Achievement Award' annually to distinguished cardiologists on World Heart Day. The unique 'Hrudayasangamam' program invites doctors and patients to share their experiences, fostering rehabilitation. The 'Social Excellence Award,' dedicated to founder member Mr. C V Shanmugam, is awarded to individuals excelling in their respective fields. Looking forward, the Heart Care Foundation aims to broaden its impact and geographical coverage. Recently launched by Hon'ble Speaker Sri P Sreeramakrishnan, the 'Hridayapoorvam, Alangad' program is a groundbreaking initiative covering the entire Alangad Grama Panchayath. This three-phased program analyzes risk factors for individuals aged 30-60 and advises necessary precautions, aiming to make the entire Panchayath 'Heart care literate.' The primary mission includes providing financial assistance to poor heart patients, offering moral support to patients and their families, conducting awareness campaigns, promoting organ donation, managing donor data, and supporting heart care research.


  • Save 1000 hearts


    Launched in 2006, the project was initiated to assist the most economically disadvantaged heart patients undergoing surgery at Government Medical College Hospitals. Every year, the foundation provides financial aid to an average of 100 patients, with a total sum of 120 lakhs disbursed so far. Currently, there are over 300 pending applications awaiting sponsorship for their surgeries, seeking support to undergo necessary procedures.

    Patient Criteria: The project aims to financially support 1000 heart patients awaiting surgery in Government Medical Colleges of Kerala over time.

    Priority will be given to patients who are:
    * Earning members of the family
    * Below the poverty line
    * Able to contribute 25% of the total procedure cost


    In July 2007, the inauguration of the project took place with the presence of the former District Collector, Mr. A P M Mohammad Haneesh. CPR programs have been conducted in various settings, including corporate houses, colleges, schools, and establishments such as Cochin Shipyard, Cochin Port Trust, CMFRI, Police Quarters, Rotary & Lions Clubs, among others. Booklets in both English and Malayalam providing information on CPR are released and distributed freely during these sessions. Special thanks are extended to Messrs. Sunny Diamonds for providing the Omni van utilized in these sessions. To date, HCF has successfully organized over 100 training programs under this initiative.


    * By purchasing and wearing a heart band, one contributes to the noble cause of supporting the Heart Care Foundation in achieving the aforementioned objectives.
    * Wearing this heart band not only underscores your altruistic sentiments but also inspires your friends and others to join in this cause.
    * Buying a heart band serves a meaningful cause.


    Caring Hearts, the quarterly magazine published by Heart Care Foundation, was unveiled by Brand Ambassador and film star Suresh Gopi in January 2007, with the presence of fellow film star and brand ambassador Kunjacko Boban. Caring Hearts has gained a strong reputation among the members of the Heart Care Foundation. Efforts are underway to boost the number of subscribers for this esteemed magazine, which currently stands at a paid subscription rate of Rs. 550. The subscription aspect requires support from all concerned parties.

  • Hridayapoorvam - Alangad


    The Heart Care Foundation, an NGO dedicated to heart care, has consistently supported heart patients and their well-being. Recognizing the rising number of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) patients in Kerala, the Foundation has shifted its focus towards preventing CVD through early detection and awareness creation. Kerala leads in the number of CVD cases among states, as highlighted by a joint study in 2018. The Foundation acknowledges the urgency to address this health crisis, especially incidents of young individuals succumbing to cardiac arrest, leaving families in distress.

    The Foundation is embarking on a challenging yet ambitious and unique project aimed at preventing CVD through awareness and early detection. The initial pilot study focuses on Alangad Grama Panchayath in a three-phased program. The project's objective includes prevention, heart literacy awareness, and early detection of CVD.

  • Telemedicine


    The Telemedicine program, successfully trialed, is set for formal implementation from Friday, April 12, 2019. This joint venture involves Lisie Hospital & Heart Care Foundation with technical support from MAGICS. The program aims to serve as a tool to reach underprivileged individuals in remote locations of Kerala, where heart disease holds the top position in terms of mortality, followed by cancer. With the exponential growth of non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes, the program's primary objective is to strengthen Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in detecting early signs of diseases and providing expert opinions.

    The initiative seeks to revolutionize healthcare delivery in remote areas of the state, empowering Medical Officers at PHCs to identify and address cases early on. The program facilitates patients coming to PHCs, and discussing their concerns with a Cardiologist at Lisie Hospital through telemedicine, thereby gaining expert opinions.

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