Valarkuzhanthai Trust

Empowers underprivileged girls through holistic care and education for self-sustained lives

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    Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu

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Valarkuzhanthai, translating to 'growing child', was founded in 2015 with the noble objective of uplifting disadvantaged young girls. Its vision is to Read more ensure these children have access to adequate living standards, healthcare, and education, enabling them to lead independent lives. Employing the MEALS strategy—Motivating, Equipping, Accompanying, Linking, and Sustaining—the organisation guides its initiatives. Situated in Tiruvidaikazhi village, Tranquebar of Nagapattinam district, it runs a shelter for abandoned and vulnerable girls. They are provided with education, housing, food, clothing, and protection, regardless of their background. Presently, 101 girls benefit from Valarkuzhanthai's nurturing environment. The organisation's goal is to identify underprivileged children and offer them opportunities to realize their potential, leading to self-sufficiency. Valarkuzhanthai adopts a holistic approach, focusing not only on immediate care but also on long-term empowerment and sustainability for the children in its care.

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  • Village Outreach Programmes and Activities

    Valarkuzhanthai Trust is dedicated to uplifting the downtrodden, impoverished, and marginalized communities, striving to enhance their well-being and promote social transformation. The trust actively engages in various development initiatives, addressing issues like poverty alleviation, casteism, women's rights, child labour, and rural development. Particularly focused on areas with poor educational infrastructure, such as the Kodaikanal hills, the trust identifies and educates neglected girls, with a special emphasis on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Additionally, it plays a significant role in women's empowerment through awareness programmes and economic stability initiatives.

  • Special Home and School for differently-abled Children and Adults

    Pudhu Udhayam is a residential school catering to children under 14 with physical and mental challenges, focusing on mastering Activities for Daily Life Skills (ADLS) for increased self-reliance. Daily classes include basic literacy, numeracy, and practical skills like gardening and cleaning. Additionally, children participate in morning prayers, yoga, and physical therapy sessions. Pudhu Vidiyal, a vocational training centre within the campus, offers education and vocational skills to individuals above 18, covering subjects like numeracy, time management, and practical vocational training in gardening and handicrafts.

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  • Devi Bala


  • Therese Dayana S



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    BK-IV 3/2015

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    Perumal Kovil Pathu Street, Thiruvidaikazhi (PO) Tharangambadi Taluk, Nagapattinam, 609313


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