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Promotes community empowerment, inclusivity, and sustainability

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  • Headquarters

    Velugodu, Andhra Pradesh

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In 1979, the district coordinator of Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK) – Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports – Government of India has been instrumental in the c Read moreonception of the Star Youth Association (SYA). For this, he was inspired by the enthusiasm and vibrancy demonstrated by the youth of Velugodu village. He further advised the youth to mobilize themselves and form an association in order to serve their own village in the best possible manner. The membership has grown from 15 to 82. This resulted in the birth of SYA on 10 November 1980 under Societies Registration Act, 1980, FASLI. It is also equipped with all the essential legal documents including Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, and 12A & 80G Income Tax Acts. SYA, as an NGO, is constituted of educated and dedicated youth as its members have intervened in various community-based activities such as literacy programs, awareness building on various developmental issues, skill development, tree plantation, leadership training, work camps and youth conferences among others with the strong mission of being a secular entity intended for inclusive community development. With its strong grass-root presence and rich experience in community empowerment, the operational horizon of the organization was enlarged from one village of Velugodu to thousands of villages, covering the southern Indian States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Odisha. The main focus/thrust areas are as follows: * Vocational Skills Development &Livelihoods • Child Rights & Gender Equality/Empowerment and Rights • Orphan Girl Child Care & their Education * Road Safety • Health Education & Services – COVID Infections, Tobacco & Alcoholism Control, Adolescent & Youth Sexual & Reproductive Health services and Rights including HIV/ AIDS/STIs • Rural Drinking Water & Sanitation • Environment & Sustainable Agriculture related Ground Water, Climate Change, Water Governance through PRIs, Conservation and Regeneration of Native Seeds for Food Security, Natural Resource Management (MRM)


  • Atal Bahujal Yojana

    The Atal Bhujal Yojana is actively engaged in its mission, with a focus on the Capacity Building, Technical and Management support to DPMU/SPMU, and other stakeholders within specific taluks in Karnataka. Serving as District Implementation Partners, it is committed to the successful execution of the Atal Bhujal Yojana by aiding in various aspects, including the preparation and updating of Participatory Water Security Plans at the Gram Panchayath level. The efforts are concentrated on Holalkere taluk in Chitradurga District and Hagaribomannalli taluk in Bellary District under the broader umbrella of the Atal Jal program in Karnataka. Our support network includes the Project Director, SPMU, Atal Bhujal Yojana, Government of Karnataka – Minor Irrigation and Groundwater Development Department.


    SO-SYA technical approach to be used to promote institutional development, participatory MLE/ESMF and WUA Capacity Building in allocated 45 tank systems of Kurnool/Nandyala Districts, AP is based on Participatory Bottom up Approach through WUAs and its Ayacutdars. All planning activities will be achieved by working with the direct project stakeholders such as WUAs, small and marginal farmers, agro-entrepreneurs, women and other vulnerable groups on the local condition, issues and challenges. This affords greater flexibility to respond to their local situations – a mark of devolution as well as an opportunity to address tank water provision in a programmatic and holistic manner with potential long-term benefits in terms of sustainability and effectiveness of public investments. The unit of management will be the WUA.

    • Re-orientation to allocated 45 tank ayacutdars on APIIATP project components for the years of 2023-24 & 2024-25 is in active process
    • After the Para workers CB trainings, the role of Para workers will be enhanced
    • With the help of local DEs, SO-SYA continue regular monthly WUAs meetings and recorded the minutes will be submitted to DPU
    • Collection, compilation, analysis and uploading of water resources data management periodically including Digital Water Level Recorders, Water Flow Meters , Analogue Indicators, etc.,
    • Geo-referencing and periodical collection of data, compilation and submission for all assets including bore wells, Digital Water Level Recorders (DWLRs)/ Piezometers, Water Flow Meters, water conservation structures, etc pertaining to water resources and irrigated areas present in the WUAs jurisdiction.
    • Co-ordination of Project inputs and activities at the WUA level.
    • Establishing effective working relationship with WUAs, SO-SYA will facilitate Joint azmoish and Water tax collection also Corpus fund creation at WUAs level with cooperation of line departments particularly Revenue & related including DPU, Nandyal


    The Governments of Odhisa and Andhra Pradesh states are aspiring to provide every household in villages with Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) in the next 4 years.
    • It is envisaged that with FHTC, each household will have potable water supply in adequate quantity of prescribed quality on regular and long-term basis.
    • ISA-SYA has to help Gram Panchayats / village committees/user groups to plan, implement, manage, and operate and maintenance of the in-village water supply systems.
    • A sense of ownership has to be instilled in the village community as they are at the center of this mission.
    • In villages, local communities especially women, must be encouraged to participate and take ownership of water resource management, water supply, and gray-water treatment and its reuse.
    • To achieve this, SHGs/ VOs/ CBOs/ NGOs, youth groups, etc. should also be engaged.
    • To make water everyone's business, the mission will strive to build partnerships and linkages through various community based activities, capacity building and IEC to achieve long- term drinking water security as a sustainable basis.

  • Financial Aid to Widows to send their children to schools

    Monthly Financial Aid to 23 young widows @Rs.2,000 to Rs.3,000 per month for their children educational & livelihood support. The grant from SEED, USA Rs.41,000 transferred to the personal bank accounts of 23 widow sisters

  • Publicity Campaign on Road Safety Among School Children & Youth

    • Total 25 Road Safety Awareness Camps 25 Schools completed covering 1,428 school children studying from IX & X classes;
    • Total 20 Road Safety Awareness Camps for Youth completed in 20 colleges covering 2,741 young people;
    • Total 13,500 leaflets as Road Safety Publicity Materials among the participants of the above 2 awareness campaigns;
    • 1,350 wall writings depicted in the common places of 10 Mandal Headquarters with 15 catchy slogans and quotes on road safety and
    • There was wide media coverage around 20 news items.

Leadership Team

  • Repakula Lakshmi

    Community Organizer – Institution Development

  • Syed Afzal Hussain

    Water Management Expert

  • V. Narmada

    Gender & NFE Expert

  • Ali Hassan

    Youth Development Expert

  • Hassain Chinna Syed

    President & Community Management Specialist

  • K Khadar Val

    Admistrative & Financial Officer

  • Shiek Mohd Shakeer Basha

    Internal Auditor

  • B L N Reddy

    External Auditor


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    AADTS8639JE19875 dated 24-09-2021

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    AADTS8639JF20210 dated 14-10-2021

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    10270046 Valid till date: 31st March, 2029

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