Oju Welfare Association

Empowers women, supports orphaned children, and conducts community awareness campaigns for holistic human development, regardless of caste or creed

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    Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh

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The Oju Welfare Association (OWA), a philanthropic pioneer in Arunachal Pradesh, executes diverse welfare activities from its Naharlagun headquarters. Read more Established in 1979, it emphasizes education's importance, catering to rural and urban people in need. The organisation focuses on empowering women, nurturing orphaned and destitute children, regardless of caste or creed. OWA conducts community awareness campaigns, need-based vocational training, and rehabilitation services. Over three decades, it has worked effectively, using successes and failures to enhance its vision and capabilities. The annual report for 2011-2012 highlights OWA's programmes and accomplishments. The organisation's objectives encompass serving oppressed state residents, executing developmental activities, and providing shelter and education to orphaned children and destitute women in Arunachal Pradesh. It strives for excellence in physical, mental, and moral aspects of human development across various life spheres, particularly aiding the marginalized.

Demographies Served


  • Oju Mission Play School

    Oju Mission School, linked with CBSE New Delhi, operates as a non-commercial entity. Its focus is on orphaned, dropout, underprivileged ST, BPL children, and those excluded due to costly fees in other institutions. Neglected by commercial schools, truly needy students find solace here. Donations fuel the school's sustenance, established in 1991-1992. Annual enrollment ranges from 250-300 students, including 70-80% orphans or semi-orphans.

  • Oju Craft Centre

    Oju Craft Centre, a Social Enterprise affiliated with Oju Welfare Association, focuses on rehabilitating women victims of domestic violence, child marriage, and destitution in Arunachal Pradesh. Trained in Handloom, Handicrafts, and Cutting & Tailoring, women become artisans, creating products like traditional garments, imitation jewellery, and bamboo crafts. Profits fund artisans and support Oju Welfare Association's activities due to limited Government aid. Emporiums in Naharlagun and Itanagar, alongside exhibitions, market the products. The centre's goal is empowering helpless women, enabling self-employment and livelihood enhancement, and aligning with its mission to uplift marginalized individuals.

  • Swadhar Greh

    SwadharGreh is a temporary residence for women facing challenging circumstances. Supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, it offers shelter to victims of marital conflicts, forced marriage, domestic violence, and destitution. OWA provides guidance, support, and rehabilitation to boost their confidence, impart skills, and foster self-reliance. Services include counselling, medical care, vocational training, education, and recreational activities. The project aids abandoned and unsupported women, helping them regain their footing in society. The initiative, renamed SwadharGreh by the Indian Government, empowers these women for a better future.

  • Child Care Institutions(CCI)

    Under the Specialized Adoption Agency programme, OWA has supported orphan children since 1998-99, emphasizing placement in their cultural milieu. An Orphanage (Shishu Greh), later renamed Special Adoption Agency (SAA), was established for children aged 0-6. Registered with Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA), New Delhi, it facilitates adoption via the national portal CARINGS.
    The Children Home, also supported by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, shelters and rehabilitates children (7-18 years old) needing care and protection. Survivors of abuse, child labour, and runaways are provided formal education, vocational training, life skills, and cultural activities. OWA officially registered it as a children's home in 2012, and placements occur through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

  • Home for the Homeless Programme

    Sponsored by the Department of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, the Children in Need of Care and Protection scheme's objectives include rehabilitating destitute children as active community members. It aims to offer education, shelter, food, medical care, vocational training, and cultural development, integrating them into mainstream education. The scheme also focuses on preventing future generations from facing destitution. Commencing in 1998-99, it benefits orphans and destitute children, receiving support from the Department of Women & Children, Govt. of A.P.

  • Production cum Vocational Training Unit

    Recognizing the need for vocational opportunities in tribal regions, OWA initiated Vocational Training Centres, engaging youth and rural residents in income-generating activities. With 5 centres, it uplifts rural populations and promotes sustainable development. This benefits women in remote, tribal, hilly areas. The Vocational Training Programme aims to equip youths and women with skills for employment and empowerment. Prioritizing destitute women and weaker sections, OWA offers training, placements, and guidance for producing quality handloom products. Marketing occurs through Sales Emporiums, exhibitions, and production centres, fostering self-reliance and community involvement.

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  • Aarti Borah


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    Lumer Dai Road, B-Sector,, Naharlagun, 791110


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