Facilitates the post clinical rehabilitation of people suffering from mental conditions and requiring mental health treatment

  • Started: 1996
  • Guwahati, Assam


Ashadeep rehabilitates people from low-income groups with various mental conditions and circumstances leading to their isolation and being away from t Read moreheir families. It runs Day Rehabilitation Centre to provide treatment and diagnosis. Rehabilitates homeless people with mental illness by giving them psychiatric treatment and personal care from hygiene to examinations, therapy sessions like Mental Status Examinations (MSE), assessments for disability (IDEAS) and global functionality (GAF). Engages them in the activities of daily living (ADL) like paper bag making, bamboo work or simple household work. Enhances them cognitively. It engages in Community-based Mental Health Initiatives and conducts various training and programs to sensitize and give orientation on the issues of mental health. It also publishes training manuals and books for others to learn practices to handle and help people with mental health issues. It conducts research and studies to facilitate a collaborative approach towards mental health through advocacy among various government & non-government agencies, corporates, civil society bodies and the public.


Mental health and illness are not looked upon kindly by society leading to anguish and low self-esteem in the people suffering from the same.


Ashadeep aims to rehabilitate and help people with mental disabilities by hand-holding them, teaching them skills and providing shelter to them when required.


  • Specially Abled
  • Health
  • Education
  • Minority
  • Research
  • Gender


Ashadeep has impacted regular attendance in Its rehab classes, which is at 86, 50 students are undergoing vocational training, total enrollment is 363, 749 women were rescued from the streets and 713 were reintegrated with their families, 252 men were rescued from the streets and 215 were reintegrated with their families, 1173 people were treated in OPDs, 1906 people are receiving help from community health care programmes, 1863 people received help through outreach camps.


  • Ashadeep Day Rehabilitation Centre

    Takes care of people with mental disorders, intellectual disabilities and recovering from mental illnesses.

    This centre engages the inmates in Activities of Daily Living, prevocational activities, sports and music along with regular academics. Interventions are planned for each individual and followed through diligently.

  • Community Based Mental Health Initiatives

    The major focus of this programme is to facilitate mental health facilities from the Government health care schemes within the block along with home-based psycho-education by trained community health workers.

  • Resource centre

    Through resource centres, Ashadeep took up the cause of sensitization, orientation & training, research & documentation and advocacy on issues of mental health.

    It comes up with publications consisting of a training manual on mental health, books named ‘Hidden in Full View’ and ‘Asthalat Suryaday’(Assamese) along with pamphlets, posters and hoardings on mental health.

  • Home Again - Shared Housing

    Ashadeep initiated the ‘shared housing’ programme by doing away with the Navachetana (Rehab) facility and setting up 6 independent homes paving the way from the institutional pattern of rehabilitation to a more inclusive community setting.

    The shared home is a concept where four to five people live in a home. Every home is monitored by a healthcare worker. There are no routines or disciplines imposed upon them and they are provided with the necessary amenities required in a house.

  • Rehabilitation of Homeless Persons with Mental Illness

    It runs the Navchetna and Udayan homes for women and men respectively who are found homeless and suffering from mental illnesses. On successful treatment, care and effort are made to reunite the homeless people with their families.

    Psychological and other social rehabilitation services are provided at this centre by a team of qualified personnel including psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and trained health care staff.

    They are also engaged in therapeutic activities like vegetable farming leading to mental stability and also ensuring the availability of vegetables to cater to the homes.

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    RS/KAM/240/C/385 of 1996-97
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  • 12A


  • 80G


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Project Location


Piya Apartments, Kanaklata Path, Lachitnagar

Offices in Cities

Guwahati, Morigaon, Bamunigam

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West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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