Sri Someswar Nath Mahadev Trust

Creates and implements innovative governance models to bridge programme execution gaps to empower people at grassroots.

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    Raniganj, Jharkhand

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Sri Someswar Nath Mahadev Trust, popularly known as SANMAT, began in 2007 in Chennai by Innovation, Management Graduates and Post Graduates, Developme Read morent practitioners from globally esteemed universities like the Institute of Development Studies, Univ. of SUSSEX, England, LKY School of Public policy, National University of Singapore, MMC, Chennai, IITs and Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute, Chennai. Colleagues are having specialization in Health Care, livelihood, rural Development, Agriculture, Social Forestry, Evaluation Research, IEC and so forth. Its team has experience working with Government departments and international NGOs. It has implemented dozens of programmes in the field of social development like Right To education, Skill Training, Implementing policies like post matric scholarship, Social Forestry under MGNREGA, Community Radio station, Hospital management, Mobile Medical Unit, vaccination drives, awareness building etc. It creates good governance models in diverse conditions and executes them. We are working with Government of Bihar, Government of Jharkhand, Government of India and NHAI, Govt. of India.


Access to healthcare facilities, Livelihood for tribal women, Covid support hospital, Migrant support service, Food issues to the weaker sections of society, Village level business generation, Unskilled & unemployed youth, and forest produce was unused


It has implemented Post Matric Scholarship Scheme in the entire Bihar, Jharkhand, NE States and benefitted 1,50,000 students every year since 2012. It has enrolled more than 7500 students every year under RTE-12-1-C in Patna alone since 2018. Planted more than 6 million plants in Bihar covering 1650 Gram Panchayat. Vaccinated more than 200000 tribal people with covid -19 vaccine in Santhal Pargana. Conducted more than 700 health camps in Dumka, Chatra and Jamtara in Jharkhand. Skilled more than 23000 youth and placed more than 21000 in different companies across India from Bihar and Jharkhand. Mobilised more than 200000 beneficiaries from Special component Grants in Bihar from SC communities. Creating Unnat Gram in Lohamatiya, Ghatshila, Jharkhand. Created & mentoring 6000 VLE in Bihar and Jharkhand. Run covid ambulances and served more than 10000 patients free of cost. Helped Rambo Circus team for livelihood. Free food to more than 650 families for 3 months. Operated 2 specialized covid care hospitals in Dumka, Jharkhand. Set up mushroom and jackfruit production cum processing centre for tribal women.


Changed lives of 500,000 persons directly and impacted overall 20 million indirectly. Skilled more than 23000 youth in last 10 years. Planted more than 600,0000 Tree saplings and developed more than 110 small nurseries across Bihar, Jharkhand and UP.


Leadership Team

  • Dr Dhanajay Singh

    Executive Director

  • Nitesh Kumar


  • Puja Trivedi

    Director Growth & Strategy

  • Subhendra Jha

    Director Health Care and CSR

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Director Livelihood

  • Dr Pushkal Giri

    Director Education

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    2nd floor, uma bhawan, road no-5, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi,Jharkhand, Raniganj, 834002


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    Sammat foundation

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