Empowers artists, fosters creativity, and champions gender equality in the arts, globally recognized for its All India Women Artists Exhibition

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Artscapes, a nonprofit and non-governmental entity is committed to nurturing artistic talent across diverse disciplines. Its primary objective is to c Read morehampion excellence in various art forms, including Visual Art, Literary Art, Performing Art, and Literature, both within India and on a global scale, while also providing professional training opportunities. Since its inception, it has served as a distinctive platform, exemplified by the All India Women Artists Contemporary Art Exhibition. This forum has offered women artists a distinctive chance to cultivate their creative potential. It persistently aspires to create an inclusive and accessible stage for promising artists, with a particular emphasis on empowering women in the realm of experimental art. Its pioneering expressions have not only garnered acclaim but have also contributed to the depth and diversity of artistic expression. Beyond the art world, it seeks to enable individuals to grasp life's subtle intricacies and achieve originality through artistic means. Thanks to collaborative efforts from supporters, the Annual Women Artists Exhibition by Artscapes has become a crucial step in advancing artistry within an intellectual context and aiding underprivileged artists.


  • Inukshuk Workshop

    To celebrate Canada Day on June 26, 2013, Artscapes hosted an Inukshuk crafting workshop at the Consulate General of Canada. Inukshuk, derived from the Inuit language, translates to "in the likeness of a human" and refers to stone monuments traditionally employed by the Inuit for communication and survival.

    This event took Inukshuk to a whole new level by incorporating colourful ice slabs. The dedicated artists in participation skillfully transformed these ice slabs into remarkable works of art, imbuing a fresh and creative dimension to the concept of Inukshuk.

  • Ludhiana Art Beat Programme


    In collaboration with The Times of India and Ireo Waterfront, Artscapes initiated Ludhiana Art Beat (LAB) to establish a distinctive event for identifying, acknowledging, and promoting talented artists in Ludhiana and throughout Punjab. This grand event featured thirty selected finalists, offering them an opportunity to showcase their creations. Additionally, a renowned artist conducted a live workshop, followed by an informative lecture. The event's highlights included a live band concert and delectable food stalls, further enhancing its appeal.

  • Art Exhibition Programme

    This exhibition, a rare fusion of art and photography, successfully brought together artists from various geographical, economic, and ethnic origins. It encompassed paintings, digital prints, sculptures, and photographs, presenting a captivating blend of figuration and abstractionism. The pieces showcased sensational colour schemes and an exquisite arrangement of formal elements, creating a truly distinctive visual experience. Notable artists like Bheem Malhotra, Mahesh Prajapati, Rakesh Bani, Pooja Iranna, and Arunkumar HG contributed to the exhibition.

  • Women's Art Exhibition Programme

    In the realm of art, women have held a position of utmost reverence. When female artists portray women's emotions, experiences, and thoughts, they inspire progress across the broader artistic community. Artscapes is dedicated to empowering contemporary Indian women artists, notably through the annual "All India Women Artists’ Contemporary Art Exhibition," which has evolved into a significant milestone in Indian art. This exhibition provides a platform for women to express their innermost sentiments through art, receive feedback from esteemed jurors, and even gain financial recognition. It also mirrors the evolving art scene, showcasing new techniques and offering a glimpse into how women artists perceive their world and give voice to their inner narratives.

  • Confluence - Exhibition of Canadian & Indian Artists

    The Foundation staged the Indo-Canadian Art Exhibition, aptly named "Confluence." Once again, Artscapes adeptly brought together a consortium of 43 artists, not limited to our own nation but extending to Canada as well. This event transcended the boundaries of mere colourful artworks or eye-catching photo frames; it attracted the luminaries of Chandigarh's social circle.

    Chief guest Justice Ajay Tewari inaugurated this noteworthy occasion, with Scot Slessor, the consul general of Canada, gracing it as the guest of honour. "Confluence" offered a rich tapestry of paintings and photographs, signifying its persistent effort to bridge the divide between artists and art aficionados. It was a manifestation of the philosophy that art knows no boundaries and can unite creative minds across the globe, fostering a shared appreciation for artistic expressions.

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