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Dedicates to child and youth development, striving to transform lives, promote gender equality, and protect vulnerable youth

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    Chandigarh, Chandigarh

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Don Bosco's presence in India dates back to 1906, and its global network spans over 145 countries, offering diverse services to youth worldwide. In In Read moredia, this network extends its reach to more than 22 states, housing numerous educational, technical, and social work centres. Don Bosco Navjeevan, a nonprofit organisation founded in 2003, is dedicated to child and youth development, gender equality, education, prison reform, nutrition, livelihoods, human rights, housing, health, environmental sustainability, support for the differently-abled, and senior citizen welfare. It strives to transform the lives of marginalized children and young individuals, fostering their journey toward becoming responsible and socially engaged citizens. The organisation advocates for the protection of vulnerable youth both locally and on the international stage, aligning its programmes with the unique needs and aspirations of the beneficiaries it serves. Don Bosco Navjeevan Society's primary goal is to extend its support to underprivileged children and youth residing in urban streets, slums, and rural villages. Its mission includes enhancing the well-being of these less fortunate individuals and promoting women's empowerment in these communities through Mahila Mandals, Self-Help Groups, and life skills initiatives.

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  • Education Programmes

    Don Bosco's educational initiative aims to bridge the educational gap experienced by children, particularly those from migrant families who lack access to quality education. Through remedial classes, these children receive a solid educational foundation, focusing on areas where they may lag behind. Special attention is dedicated to promoting education among girls and women, fostering empowerment for both them and their families. Remedial classes have proven effective in enhancing students' overall development and igniting their interest in learning. Don Bosco Navjeevan Chandigarh operates ten centers, reaching out to 350 underprivileged children across various slums and neighborhoods in the city.

  • Skill Development Programme

    Don Bosco's vision was to enhance youth's skillsets, recognizing that a nation's progress hinges on its youth's quality. Consequently, efforts were directed toward skill development via short-term vocational courses, such as Hotel Management, Computer Studies, Beauty Culture, and General Duty Assistant training. These courses equip young individuals with practical skills for gainful employment, further supported by our placement network, facilitating job opportunities for underprivileged youths who have completed their 10th-grade education, ensuring their self-sufficiency.

  • Women Empowerment Programme

    Don Bosco's engagement with Self-Help Group (SHG) women has facilitated the formation of diverse social networks beyond their immediate families. This expansion of social connections has bolstered their support systems and diversified problem-solving approaches. Within group meetings, women feel comfortable addressing familial issues that might otherwise remain unspoken at home. Don Bosco ensures women's rights and empowers them economically through training programmes, enabling them to secure their livelihoods. Collaboration with banks and Government agencies aids in the successful operation of 60 SHG groups, providing skill training and support.

  • Family Counselling Centre Programme

    The Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB), Delhi - Chandigarh, supports the Family Counseling Centre (FCC) scheme introduced by the Indian Government in 1983. CSWB partners with voluntary organisations nationwide to execute this initiative. The FCC's primary aim is to offer preventive and rehabilitative assistance to women and families affected by various forms of mistreatment and family discord. This is achieved through crisis intervention and structured counselling. Furthermore, the centre plays a vital role in raising awareness and mobilizing public opinion on matters that impact the status of women. The FCC collaborates closely with local authorities, law enforcement, legal aid services, medical facilities, psychiatric institutions, vocational training centres, and temporary shelters to fulfil its mission.

  • Child Friendly Chandigarh Programme

    Within the framework of the "Child-Friendly Chandigarh Project," Don Bosco Navjeevan empowers children with a deep understanding of their rights and responsibilities. These young minds harbour dreams and aspirations for a better world, nurtured through a "Children's Parliament." This platform cultivates leadership qualities, enabling them to lead their peer groups and comprehend their rights, equipping them to stand against injustices. The Children's Parliament fosters holistic child development by instilling democratic values and responsibilities, promoting unity, teamwork, and community engagement over self-interest, thereby nurturing future leaders.

  • De-addiction Centre Programme

    Don Bosco Navjeevan Society, in collaboration with the Punjab State AIDS Control Society, is dedicated to combating drug abuse in Punjab. The society manages two Injection Drug User (IDU) Centers, situated in Tarantarn and Moga, as part of a project aimed at preventing HIV/AIDS among drug users. The state of Punjab grapples with a significant drug issue, primarily affecting young individuals. It has undertaken the challenging task of addressing this problem in two Punjab districts. The programme not only focuses on physical health but also provides crucial support for mental well-being, as drug abuse often leads to severe psychological distress, anxiety, and panic, despite temporarily masking reality with moments of euphoria.

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