Implements Gandhian ideas of constructive programme based on voluntary effort and individual & community action

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    Chandigarh, Chandigarh

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Yuvsatta, an NGO, is dedicated to guiding young people in embracing Gandhian ideals through voluntary efforts and individual and community actions. Th Read moreeir vision is a world where all individuals are treated with equal respect, fully protected, and universally acknowledged. This vision includes empowering young people from diverse backgrounds to assert their rights and advocate for the rights of others through non-violent means. The organization believes that every global community has capable young leaders who can serve as catalysts for positive change. To achieve this, they bring these young leaders together through digital applications and foster transformative change. Their mission is carried out through the annual Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF) and the Global Peace Bridge platform, aiming to inspire and create a peaceful world through the collective efforts of young people.


  • Greentire

    This programme is to encourage more and more citizens to take up cycling for short-distance travel. To realize the objective, Yuvsatta volunteers regularly organize Inter-School Bicycle Games, Bicycle tours, Bicycle Rallies and events promoting the culture of cycling in the city.

  • Global Youth Peace Fest

    Since its inception in 2006, the annual Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF) organized by Yuvsatta, an NGO dedicated to youth for peace, has been providing a valuable platform for young people to come together and engage in meaningful discussions, understanding, and sharing of ideas. The focus is on addressing global issues, particularly related to women's rights and dignity, active citizenship, non-violence, and green living.
    Over the years, GYPF has evolved into a comprehensive event encompassing a week of inspiring peace talks, creative workshops, cooperative games, action-oriented activities, volunteer initiatives, cross-cultural connections, cultural festivities, and neighborhood walks. It goes beyond merely fostering friendships; the festival also becomes a breeding ground for innovative ideas.
    The organizers believe that the continuous organization of GYPF will have a contagious effect, inspiring similar initiatives to sprout elsewhere in India and globally.

  • Power of 1 rupee

    The "Power of Rupee" campaign, inspired by similar initiatives in various countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the US, aims to empower the less fortunate by collecting coins from ordinary children and people. In Chandigarh, Yuvsatta, in collaboration with local schools from Chandigarh, Panchkula, and SAS Nagar (Mohali), encourages students to contribute small amounts of money, specifically one Rupee coin each, on a regular basis to support programs that uplift marginalized communities.
    Through this campaign, millions are helped, and the spirit of giving is instilled in countless others. For student donors, the initiative creates awareness about poverty and its human impact, fostering a habit of caring for and helping others. It also plays a significant role in nurturing a compassionate and humane society that values caring for one another. By engaging students in philanthropy at a young age, the campaign encourages them to become active agents of positive change in society.

  • Girls India project

    Yuvsatta has initiated a unique 'Girls India' initiative, where they have established 55 Girls Parliaments in major schools and colleges in the city. In these institutions, dedicated teachers form a core group, inspiring, motivating, and actively engaging over 1,00,000 girl students.
    To further support this cause, Yuvsatta has introduced another program called 'Safe Public Space for Girls & Women.' This initiative involves partnerships with local resident's welfare associations and market welfare associations. The aim is to create a safe environment for girls and women, empowering them to become leaders, mothers, and agents of positive change in society.
    By educating these young girls about their rights and fostering their self-awareness, Yuvsatta believes that they can combat abuse and discrimination.

  • Project Heritage Trees

    The 'Project Heritage Trees' was launched in Chandigarh with a clear mission to protect, manage, improve, and expand the valuable collection of trees in the city. The project's primary goal is to document the historic, scientific, aesthetic, environmental, economic, conservation, and educational significance of these trees, many of which are over 100 years old, as a crucial part of the region's biodiversity.
    The initiative aims to promote awareness and appreciation for these heritage trees, recognizing their cultural and ecological importance in the city. Furthermore, the project has taken steps towards the adoption and care of these heritage trees. Through this process, individuals, organizations, and community members can actively participate in preserving and nurturing these iconic trees.

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