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Empowers marginalized communities through sustainable development across India and setting a benchmark for effective social impact

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AROH Foundation focuses on maximizing the impact of Government welfare programmes and CSR projects. It works across 18 states, ensuring sustainable de Read morevelopment for marginalized communities. AROH stands out in its approach, emphasizing sustainability, accountability, and transparency. With over two decades of experience, it has become an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, dedicated to optimizing resources for the highest social impact. AROH covers sectors like Education, Skill Development, Livelihood, Health, Sanitation, Natural Resource Management, and Renewable Energy, benefiting over one lakh beneficiaries through various programs. Its success stories, such as 'Padho Aur Badho', 'Garima', 'Udaan', DDU-GKY, and 'Sampoorna', are recognized as role models. AROH is a preferred NGO partner for integrated project development solutions in CSR and PSU initiatives in India. AROH's vision is a world where everyone lives in dignity and security with equal opportunities. Its mission is to empower underprivileged individuals and communities, particularly women in rural areas and slums, by enhancing their life, economic, and socio-cultural skills, making them self-reliant. Its ultimate goal is to create a fair society where all individuals coexist with dignity.


The Aroh Foundation's impact extends across 18 states, encompassing 90 districts, and 250 blocks, and reaching 1,200 villages, benefitting 1.45K households. Its efforts have resulted in 50,000 children achieving improved learning outcomes, empowered 22,000 women to attain sustainable income sources, optimized 10,000 hectares of land with better crop management practices, elevated the incomes of 50,000 farmers through farm-based initiatives, provided training and job placements to 25,000 youth, established 520 rural enterprises, and fostered the operation of 1,500 self-help groups (SHGs) dedicated to self-reliance.


  • Education Programmes

    AROH Foundation focuses on comprehensive education and school infrastructure development, striving to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4. Its initiatives cover various aspects, including enrolling out-of-school children, enhancing learning outcomes in Government schools, promoting computer education, improving school infrastructure, and initiating adult literacy in villages. These multifaceted efforts have positively impacted over 50,000 school children in more than 500 schools, providing them with access to basic amenities, modern teaching methods, and holistic support. AROH's flagship programs like Padho aur Badho, RISE, PARIVARTAN, SAMPOORNA, and HRIDAY, among others, address socio-economic, educational, and health aspects, with a particular focus on female children. It has also upgraded and renovated 500 Aanganwadis to ensure the holistic development of children under the age of 5 in rural areas, further improving its commitment to education and child welfare.

  • Water & Natural Resource Management Programme

    AROH Foundation is actively engaged in climate action, with a focus on water and natural resource management. Its initiatives span more than 18 states and align with Sustainable Development Goals 7, 11, 12, 13, and 17. Through flagship programmes like HARIT, JAL SHAKTI, PARIVARTAN, HRIDAY, and SAMPOORNA, it rejuvenates ponds, manages water resources, and promotes renewable energy for lighting, water supply, and cooking. Its achievements include the installation of solar infrastructure for over 1,000 solar water pumps, 2,000 solar street lights, and 6,000 solar lanterns, reducing electricity dependency. It has also introduced sustainable cooking methods, restored significant volumes of groundwater, and implemented water-saving farming techniques, along with community awareness drives, all contributing to a more eco-friendly and balanced ecosystem.

  • Skill Development & Livelihood Generation Programme

    AROH Foundation employs a dual strategy for youth empowerment, combining placement-linked skilling and self-employment-based entrepreneurship, aligned with SDGs 1, 5, 8, 9, and 10. Its flagship programmes, including GARIMA, UDAAN, UNNATI, AROGYAM, DDU-GKY, SHAKTI, and more, provide skill training, enterprise development, and awareness campaigns. Notably, it has trained and placed over 25,000 youth, including 7,000 women, with leading employers nationally and internationally. It has also helped 22,000 women secure employment or self-employment, engaging over 2 lakh individuals in income-generating activities. Additionally, it has established 1,500 self-help groups and various enterprises, while promoting innovative and organic farming practices and addressing gender disparities. Its comprehensive programmes enhance the lives of women and contribute to environmental and social balance through community awareness initiatives.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Programme

    AROH Foundation's flagship programme drives holistic village development, elevating rural living standards through infrastructure, human development, and local enterprise creation to foster economic growth and alleviate poverty. Aligned with all 17 SDGs, this initiative has expanded to over 500 villages across several states, including UP, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, and Chhattisgarh. Notable achievements include uplifting 2 lakh individuals through income-generating activities and establishing 1,500 self-help groups and numerous agri and non-agri enterprises linked with Government support. AROH has also promoted innovative, scientific, and organic farming practices, recharged groundwater, and ensured access to clean water. Its efforts extend to improving school infrastructure, sanitation, healthcare, and clean energy access, encompassing all 17 SDGs for comprehensive rural development.

  • Health & Sanitation Programme

    AROH Foundation has taken proactive steps to address the critical importance of health and sanitation, especially in the wake of the global pandemic. Aligned with SDG 3, its comprehensive programmes focus on generating awareness around health, nutrition, and sanitation. These efforts have resulted in the installation of individual household toilets, community toilets, and school sanitation units, ensuring safe sanitation access. Additionally, it has marked hand pumps for water quality, conducted health camps, distributed health kits, organised vaccination and immunization drives, and promoted kitchen nutrition gardens for cost-effective nutrition. AROH also plays a pivotal role in waste management, recycling, and upcycling, emphasizing eco-friendly living and environmental conservation. Its work extends to capacity building and advocacy through mass-level awareness campaigns, contributing significantly to health and sanitation in vulnerable communities.

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