Centre for Holistic Development (CHD)

Centre for Holistic Development (CHD) is a non-profit organisation, established in 2011 that works primarily in the domain of Right to Information & Advocacy, Skill Development and Livelihoods. Its primary office is in Delhi, Delhi.

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    Delhi, Delhi

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Through the late 90s, the establishers of CHD remained embedded in the ideas of rights for the homeless as citizens. In 2009 the seeds of the idea to Read moreput forth an organization were sown and in 2011 CHD emerged in Delhi and was registered under the societies registration act 1860 as one of the few organisations working ‘on the street’ with the homeless with an emphasis on social inclusion, leadership, capacity building and livelihoods within the homeless community. CHD is actively engaged in advocacy with concerned government departments and other stakeholders to ensure good governance. Prior experience of anchoring the UNDP survey on homeless people in Delhi in 2010 equipped the now formed CHD to take its work forward. CHD engages stakeholders at different levels and provides handholding support to them for the overall social inclusion and better life of the homeless women, men and children. Having its head office in New Delhi CHD aspires to work all over India in the coming future to strengthen the homeless citizens. In our short term, we have managed to work in all 11 revenue districts in Delhi touching a population of over 80,000 people approximately of the 1.5 lakh homeless population of the city. This includes all areas of public transactions like railways, bus stops and markets. We also work with 5000 porters all over Delhi, in their work and living areas and plan to scale this work to porters all over India. Presently CHD is involved with ‘on street’ night vigilance accompanied with aid and emergency services. These interventions span over the following themes while engaging with urban poverty.

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  • Abdul Salam


  • Sanjay Kumar


  • Sunil Kumar Aledia

    General Secretary

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    Executive Member

  • Surender Kumar Sen

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  • Sandeep Kumar Bharmoria

    Executive Member

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    First Floor, 1D, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort New Delhi, 110049


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