Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL)

Connects underprivileged students with corporate support to bridge educational inequalities and nurture talent

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Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL) emerged in response to the deepening inequality in India, particularly the lack of opportunitie Read mores for talented yet underprivileged students. Established in 2008 as a civil society organisation, it seeks to bridge the gap between corporate resources and students in need. By connecting corporates with these students, CSRL enables financial support for their education. The organisation's focus lies in nurturing talent, supporting underprivileged youth through education, and empowering them to compete for prestigious engineering institutes in India. CSRL's flagship initiative, SUPER 30, operates across 23 locations in states like New Delhi, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, and more. Its primary goal is to reach and uplift deserving students, reducing socio-economic disparities in society. CSRL considers real education to be the embodiment of principles and ethical values. As a custodian of entrusted resources, it serves as a link between those committed to CSR and the beneficiaries, earning trust and support from both students and sponsors.

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CSRL's impact is evident across 14 states, providing free IIT preparation to 600 girl students in 312 districts through free IIT coaching classes. It has reached 184,516 students through written examinations. CSRL's initiatives encompass 24 projects, including 19 Super-30 projects, 1 skill development project, and 1 health project. It has conducted remedial classes across 21 locations in 9 states, with 6,000 students enrolled in CSRL Super 30. Its contributions have been recognized with 10 awards, including 5 CSR awards and 5 educational awards.


  • Project Prabal

    Project Prabal, an initiative by the Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership, is a programme designed exclusively for the children of Indian Jawans. It aims to provide crucial support to these students by offering a year of free residential coaching and mentoring to prepare for NEET/JEE exams. This comprehensive project encompasses boarding, food, coaching, medical care, and personality development. It not only transforms the careers of these students but also serves as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude towards the courageous protectors of our nation, who not only safeguard the borders but also actively assist in various adversities like disasters, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, and rescue operations. With approximately 25,000 military personnel having made the supreme sacrifice for the country, Prabal stands as a tribute and support to armed personnel, war heroes, and their families.

  • Education Programmes

    The Centre For Social Responsibility And Leadership (CSRL) runs the CSRL Super 30, a program that provides free residential coaching and mentorship to engineering aspirants for admission to prestigious institutions. This initiative, which began in 2009, now spans 29 units across India, benefitting over 1,000 students. The programme focuses on individualized mentoring, academic excellence, and holistic development. Beyond academics, it offers diverse training, fostering socially aware individuals. In addition, CSRL conducts "Remedial and Mentoring Classes" in collaboration with Numaligarh Refinery Ltd and the DPS Management Committee, Numaligarh, benefiting students from classes VIII to XII. These classes, held at two centres, provide foundational teaching in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Biology, and advanced coaching for 11th and 12th graders. Over the last two sessions, around 500 students have benefited from this initiative.

  • Motor Driving School Programme

    The Centre For Social Responsibility And Leadership (CSRL), in partnership with the Petronet LNG Foundation, initiated the Motor Driving School project in October 2017 in Jammu & Kashmir. The project aims to provide motor driving training to 240 unemployed youth in Kashmir, enhancing their employability. The programme offers formal and professional training, focusing on teaching driving skills to youths in Srinagar. Eligible candidates from the Srinagar district, aged 18-30 and at least 8th-grade graduates from local or CBSE boards, have been selected. The training consists of eight batches, each with 30 candidates, spanning 30 days, including six days of theory classes, five days of simulator training, ten days of road practice, and an additional seven days of mechanical training. CSRL has successfully completed the training of three batches, and the next three batches of 30 students each are currently in progress.

  • Drug De - addiction Centre

    The Centre For Social Responsibility And Leadership (CSRL), in collaboration with the Max India Foundation and with support from the 19 Artillery Brigade of the Indian Army, established a Drug De-Addiction Centre in Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir, in 2016. This initiative addresses the pressing issue of drug abuse in the region, primarily among youth affected by political instability and high unemployment rates. The program focuses on psychological conditioning and counseling to help drug addicts overcome their dependencies. The objectives are to dissuade youth from drugs, integrate them into mainstream society, foster responsible citizenship, and promote a drug-free, healthy life. Through awareness activities, the centre aims to engage individuals in constructive roles in society. The collaborative effort between the Army and Max India Foundation has had a significant impact, with 2148 individuals receiving counseling and 782 successfully breaking free from drug addiction.

  • Publication Services

    CSRL publishes impactful works, including "Chinar Ke Chirag" showcasing success stories of PLL and CSRL beneficiaries in Jammu & Kashmir. "What Makes A Great Teacher" explores inspiring educators and teaching attributes, distributed to teachers annually. "Tales Of Transformation" details the journeys and achievements of CSRL beneficiaries, including placements. "Kites From The Narrow Lanes" and "Pankh" share data and stories of IGL and Gail-sponsored students in Delhi and Kanpur. "Katha Kahani Aur Copy" offers moral-based learning through 10 short stories for teens. "Wings to Dreams" tracks OIL India-sponsored CSRL centres' progress. "Shades of Glory" profiles CSRL Mumbai beneficiaries sponsored by RCF. "Great Managers" highlights impactful teachers, distributed among Government school teachers. "Transformational Index" provides insights into CSRL's growth and project success, featuring beneficiary case studies.

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