Child Survival India

Empowers communities through knowledge, skills, and self-help, while promoting health and safety among truckers

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Child Survival India (CSI) is dedicated to empowering marginalized community members by enhancing their knowledge, skills, and access to opportunities Read more, enabling them to actively participate in decision-making and improve their lives. The organisation operates under the guiding principle of "helping people help themselves," acknowledging that individuals possess the potential to drive change and create hope. CSI acts as a catalyst and facilitator, empowering people to face life's challenges with confidence and dignity. With a strategic focus on community, health, education, and gender, CSI integrates communities and encourages their involvement in their own development. By sensitizing and mobilizing these communities, providing training and technical support, and building their capacities, CSI enables them to find effective solutions to social, economic, health, and educational issues. Working in both urban and rural low-income areas, CSI's interventions are aimed at improving the quality of life for these communities. One of CSI's significant initiatives involves collaborating with truckers throughout India to promote health and road safety. Through behaviour change communication and interactive interventions, CSI addresses the well-being of truckers, recognizing their vital role in the transportation sector and their need for improved health and safety practices.


Child Survival India annually reaches out to over 460,250 individuals directly, making a tangible impact on their lives, while also indirectly influencing the well-being of more than 1,840,000 people, present in 11 locations throughout India.


  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme for Migrant Workers

    Child Survival India (CSI) initiated an HIV/AIDS prevention programme for migrant workers in the city, focusing on their health, medical care, and access to government entitlements. Through health camps, CSI offered support to migrants and assisted in obtaining essential identity documents such as Aadhar. The project effectively identified and referred 2629 migrant workers to Integrated Counselling & Testing Centers (ICTC), conducting tests for 3896 individuals and detecting 4 HIV-positive cases. CSI ensured these cases were linked to the ART Centre in Chandigarh. Additionally, 4440 screenings for Tuberculosis (TB) were conducted, with 52 patients referred to the nearest DOT centre. In total, the project directly benefited 10,156 individuals and indirectly impacted 10,550 individuals.

  • Women Empowerment Programme

    Child Survival India (CSI) has established two Mahila Panchayats in Narela and Alipur, Delhi, with support from the Delhi Commission for Women. These Mahila Panchayats serve as community-based platforms that offer counselling, arbitration, and legal support to women at the grassroots level. Disputes are addressed at the Panchayat level whenever possible, and if required, referrals are made to involve the police, attorneys, or the courts. This program plays a pivotal role in extending support and advocacy from within the community to women facing injustice, with a specific focus on survivors of domestic violence. The initiative has empowered grassroots women to become legally informed, gender-sensitive, empathetic listeners, fostering an environment where victims of domestic violence can find understanding and assistance.

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme for Truckers

    Child Survival India (CSI) implemented a targeted intervention program at SGTN, a major transport hub in North West Delhi, to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS among truckers. Using strategies like Dialogue-based peer-led Interpersonal Communication (IPC) and Behaviour Change Communication (BCC), CSI promoted safer sexual behaviour. It organised interactive sessions, health games, and street plays to encourage the adoption of preventive measures. The project also established satellite clinics for general healthcare and STI treatment at parking sites, contributing to condom usage and reducing STI incidents among truckers. CSI's efforts effectively tackled HIV/AIDS prevention and management within the SGTN complex.

  • Safar Programme

    Child Survival India (CSI) recognizes the challenges faced by truck drivers, often neglected despite their crucial role in the freight industry. These drivers confront various occupational hazards due to inadequate regulations concerning working conditions, hours, and payments. This results in exploitation and limited access to essential needs like food, amenities, and healthcare. Furthermore, the alarming frequency of accidents, coupled with irregular shifts and demanding working conditions, exacerbates health issues among drivers. To address these concerns, CSI has initiated the ‘Safar’ project in collaboration with Asian Paints Limited. This intervention aims to enhance the well-being of truckers by delivering accessible health services and promoting positive health and road safety practices. CSI's efforts have yielded positive outcomes, fostering improved health-seeking behaviours and driving practices among truck drivers, contributing to a safer and healthier working environment.

  • Remedial Classes Programme

    Child Survival India (CSI), in collaboration with Chance Foundation of Minnesota (USA), has successfully established three learning centres at Ankhir (Faridabad, Haryana), Mehlana (Sonipat, Haryana), and Raghubir Nagar (Delhi). This initiative aims to bolster the education of underprivileged schoolchildren from primary to secondary grades by providing remedial classes and bridging educational gaps, particularly in Government schools. The project targets students ranging from classes I to X, primarily those from families with incomes under Rs 20,000/- per month, often employed in blue-collar jobs. This programme has benefited a total of 522 children. Notably, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning persisted through WhatsApp, followed by the operation of learning centres twice a week to ensure continued educational support.

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