Childhood Enhancement Through Training and Action

Empowers street-connected children through two decades of experience and focuses on providing fundamental rights like education, healthcare, and protection to break the cycle of poverty

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    New Delhi, Delhi

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Childhood Enhancement Through Training and Action (CHETNA), an NGO founded in 2002, concentrates on the education and holistic development of children Read more and youth, with a specific focus on those living on the streets in Delhi and nearby areas. The organisation asserts that these children find themselves on the streets not by choice but due to a lack of alternatives. CHETNA is dedicated to securing their rights and ensuring equal treatment within society. With over two decades of experience, the organisation aims to disrupt the cycle of poverty for these children by granting them access to fundamental human rights, encompassing protection, education, healthcare, participation, and livelihood opportunities. Its mission is to empower childhood through training and action, with a particular emphasis on street-connected children, especially girls. The vision is to cultivate a society that cares for children and respects their rights. CHETNA adopts a child-centred approach, placing value on active participation, and has emerged as a trailblazer in highlighting child protection issues. The programmes initiated by the organisation, such as the Badhte Kadam federation and Balaknama newsletter, epitomize its unwavering commitment to the rights and empowerment of children.

Demographies Served


  • Badhte Kadam – A Federation of Street Connected Children


    Badhte Kadam, translating to "stepping forward," is a distinctive federation of street-connected children, initiated in 2002 to empower them collectively and advocate for their rights. Starting with the support, it has expanded across seven districts in North India, boasting over 10,000 members and gaining national and international recognition for its impactful campaigns. The federation is renowned for its monthly newsletter, Balaknama, shedding light on the issues faced by street-connected children. Operating democratically under CHETNA's guidance, Badhte Kadam leaders are invited to various forums, locally and internationally, to represent the experiences and opinions of street-connected children.

  • Blue Umbrella Programme


    Blue Umbrella operates as a protective model for street-connected children in three districts of Delhi. The initiative collaborates with authorities to ensure children can access child protection mechanisms. It empowers children to navigate and respond effectively in risky situations and raises awareness among authorities about the challenges faced by street-connected children. The programme also partnered with Delhi Police to enhance child-friendly police stations, involving measures like training police officials and facilitating the creation of environments that cater to the specific needs of children.

  • Street to School Programme

    Street-connected children are drawn to livelihood opportunities in community practices and nearby markets, engaging in rag picking, industrial work, selling goods, domestic service, and begging for sustenance. Lacking the fundamental aspects of childhood, like education and nutrition, these children often drop out of school. The transformative "Street to School" initiative began in 2015, focusing on enrolling and retaining street-connected children in local Government schools. Incorporating home visits, teacher training, remedial education, and life skills workshops, the project has witnessed substantial success, reaching 4648 beneficiaries in 2018 across the west and east districts of Delhi.

  • Centres for Harm Reduction and Well-Being

    Children as young as 4 years old resort to substance abuse like white fluids, cannabis, and tobacco to escape daily physical and mental abuse. Research indicates that nearly 80% of street-connected children in the capital are entangled in substance abuse. Responding to this alarming situation, a substance harm reduction centre operates in Nizamuddin and Mathura. Approximately 150 children annually receive education on substance abuse dangers, engage in recreational activities, and benefit from counselling and peer support to combat their addictions. After a decade of success, the Delhi Police has adopted and implemented the project at the Government Railway Police premises in Nizamuddin.

  • Dreams on Streets Programme


    Recognizing the success of Dreams on Wheels, CHETNA launched the Dreams on Streets initiative in 2016. This programme specifically targets children found living under, working, or begging at traffic signals in Delhi. Street educators visit these locations daily at agreed-upon times to ensure the children's protection, offering education, nutrition, and emergency medical care. The initiative includes professional counselling and life skills training for the overall well-being of these children. In collaboration with the district administration, it has formed a stakeholders' committee to collectively address the issue of child begging and work towards a more dignified life for street children.

Impact Metrics

  • No. of Children Benefitted Through Life Skills Workshops

    Program Name

    Street to School Programme

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 38727
    • 2020-21 4474
    • 2021-22 3607
  • No. of Life Skill Workshops Held

    Program Name

    Street to School Programme

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 460
    • 2020-21 303
    • 2021-22 303
  • No. of Children Provided With Woolens for Protection From Extreme Weather

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 1950
    • 2020-21 2180
    • 2021-22 1980

Leadership Team

  • Jaideep Singh Bisht

    Founder & Trustee

  • Ved Prakash


  • Sanjay Gupta

    Managing Trustee & Director

  • Dr. Mrs Vikas Goswami



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