Foundation for Reproductive Health Services India (FRHS India)

Empowers women and men with reproductive health services, advocating for rights, and delivering quality care to marginalized communities across multiple regions

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Foundation for Reproductive Health Services India (FRHS India), affiliated with MSI Reproductive Choices, operates as a part of a global organisation Read morededicated to providing personalized contraception and safe abortion services to women and girls across various countries. Since its establishment in 2009, FRHS India has been committed to upholding sexual and reproductive rights and choices for both men and women. The organisation has achieved the distinction of being the leading provider of clinical family planning services in India's private and non-Government sectors since 2015, and this status continues. In the span from 2013 to 2022, FRHS India has extended family planning and safe abortion services to over 1,852,056 individuals. Its mission encompasses delivering high-quality reproductive health services at scale, collaborating with both public and private health systems to enhance accessibility and quality, offering diverse options to clients, advocating for policies that safeguard sexual and reproductive rights, and engaging in behaviour change and demand generation communication. Presently, the organisation's team of 402 professionals operates in 1,300 locations spanning 89 districts within Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. Its dedication lies in serving some of the most marginalized individuals—addressing social, economic, and geographical disparities—by providing comprehensive and compassionate care.


FRHS India's efforts have resulted in the prevention of 1,927,903 unintended pregnancies, 731,328 unsafe abortions, and the saving of 1,679 maternal lives.


  • Family Planning Services

    FRHS India operates within the context of India's extensive family planning landscape. Despite the country's longstanding and expansive national family planning programme, there remains a considerable unmet need for family planning, with 9.4% of couples in the reproductive age group facing this issue (National Family Health Survey, 2019-2022). To address this gap, the organisation's dedicated service delivery teams offer comprehensive information and counselling on various contemporary family planning methods. This empowers clients to make informed choices that align with their preferences and needs. The organisation's commitment lies in providing a range of family planning methods to effectively cater to the diverse requirements of individuals and couples.

  • Abortion Care Services

    FRHS India addresses the critical need for comprehensive abortion care services in India, where approximately 15.6 million abortions occur annually. A significant portion (81%) involves Medical Abortion, but alarming rates of unsafe procedures persist (5%). Despite the liberal Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, barriers like lack of awareness, social stigma, and limited registered providers hinder access. The organisation's clinics provide surgical and medical abortion methods, including Manual Vacuum Aspiration and Mifepristone-Misoprostol combination. FRHS India also offers post-abortion contraceptive support, ensuring holistic reproductive health care for women.

  • Policy & Advocacy Programme

    FRHS India engages in policy and advocacy initiatives to dismantle barriers that hinder women from exercising their sexual and reproductive rights in India. Through strategic partnerships, the organisation collaborates to enhance the policy landscape, empowering women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Key objectives include advocating for expanded contraceptive choices within the national family planning programme, presenting evidence-based models to strengthen public-private partnerships, collaborating with the public sector to enhance service quality, and championing access to safe abortion care. By advancing these efforts, FRHS India works to facilitate women's access to comprehensive and safe reproductive healthcare services.

  • Eliminating Cervical Cancer Programme

    FRHS India is dedicated to eradicating cervical cancer in India. With a focus on raising awareness and providing integrated sexual and reproductive healthcare, it educates communities, counsel individuals, and train health workers to disseminate information. By building a strong referral network with Government hospitals, it ensures access to lifesaving treatment, aiming to eliminate cervical cancer and improve survival rates.

  • Adolescent Friendly Services


    FRHS India is dedicated to providing dignified and client-centred sexual and reproductive health services to adolescents aged 16 to 19. With a call centre hub in Jaipur, it offers essential information about sexual health, contraceptives, STIs, and safe abortion, while also facilitating referrals for these services. The organisation extends its reach through clinics in various Rajasthan locations and collaborates with schools and colleges. By empowering Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) and Auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs), it enhances the capacity to address the needs of young adults sensitively and effectively. Through orientations on the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021 and adolescent health, FRHS India aims to eliminate barriers to healthcare seeking among adolescents.

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    • 2021-22 199055
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    • 2021-22 91836
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    • 2021-22 33145

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    Director - Programmes and Partnerships

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    Head - HR & Administration

  • Rup Kumar Sengupta

    Member, Board

  • Vivek Malhotra

    Member, Board

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