Indian Center For Development And Rights

Promotes human rights, environmental protection, education, and health in both rural and urban areas

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Indian Centre for Development and Rights(iCFDR) is a not for profit social organization working to bridge developmental and social gap within metropol Read moreitan and rural-urban divide. ICFDR strive to improve quality of life at basic and unit level that’s rural villages and urban pockets lacking facilities and amenities. We want to promote eastern ethos and spirituality like caring for Nature, yoga, holistic wellbeing and promoting peace & tolerance. iCFDR aims to assist in eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, promote educational awareness, gender equality and maternal health and empowering people, reduce child mortality rates and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability and foster a global alliance for holistic development.


Indian Centre for Development and Rights- Areas of Operation and Objectives: 1. Skill development: Our key operational area is promoting skill development and education(through non-school programs) which can help in overall development of youth and provide for better employment opportunities. We organize skill development programs for youth, train under-privileged children that are non getting academic education in basic education through non-school programs and connect them to mainstream education, provide scholarships to students that are not able to afford education, train unemployed women in stitching work, embroidery etc so that they can earn livelihood easily at home and get equal importance and opportunities in society. 2. Health Awareness: We promotes health education & awareness programs and camps. We plan to establish health centers, ambulance service in rural areas. We especially focus on child health, hygiene and any specific disability for example cancer patients, blind children etc. We are collaborating with medical students for this purpose and engaging them as volunteers in these programs. We also provide mental health counselling through qualified people for the benefit of the society. 3. Empowerment: We believe minimum requirement for development of society is equality in all respect. We organize campaigns for raising legal awareness and help the weaker section of the society knowing their rights and duties. We plan to organize lectures, seminars and workshops on the upcoming legal issues in order to strengthen cyber laws, Intellectual property rights and Right to Information act. Also plan to create awareness about road, industrial or any other safety aspects. We promote equality of gender, female & child rights and labour rights. 4. Environment: ICFDR toils to preserve and improve ecology, so that we and our future generations have chance to experience the magnanimous nature we have. We work for protection of green cover, spread awareness about global warming, de-forestation, soil erosion, river ecology conservation, animal rights etc. We also like to promote use of alternate fuels, reusable and environmental friendly materials. We plan to encourage recycling and reuse, disposal of hazardous products, use of alternative sources of electric power and energy. The aim is have an overall development with concern for environment. 5. Wellbeing: We highlights the need for peace, equality, respect for all faiths and festivals. For wellbeing of society we promote Yoga, Indian folk music & dances and other Indian arts. We also work to encourage handicraft and cottage industry, in order to provide income and sustainable living. We are running food distribution programs for eradication of hunger and malnutrition. In longer run we may also be part of establishing old age homes and care center for elderly and children.

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