Indian Council For Child Welfare

Promotes child welfare through education, advocacy, and support across India

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The Indian Council For Child Welfare (ICCW) is actively involved in various child-centric activities. It sponsors the education of underprivileged chi Read moreldren, acknowledges bravery in children, and recognizes young artists. ICCW also conducts National Integration Camps and Adventure Camps. It advocates for children's rights, scrutinizes adoption cases, and aids in the rehabilitation of abandoned children. Furthermore, ICCW manages creches, especially for the girl child, and organises training programmes for childcare workers. It runs projects for street and working children, offers institutional and daycare services for differently-abled children, and provides support to children facing challenging circumstances. Education centres and support services are integral to ICCW's mission. It strives to initiate, aid, or directly contribute to child welfare schemes across India. The organisation supports and guides existing approved schemes, all with the overarching goal of promoting the well-being of India's children, taking into account their social, economic, and other needs.

Demographies Served


  • Indira Gandhi Holiday Home Facility


    The Indian Council For Child Welfare operates the Indira Gandhi Holiday Home, where children aged 8-18 engage in outdoor activities to foster a connection with nature. Learning, playing, and living in this natural environment instill values of environmental preservation and sustainable development. The facility includes dormitories, a dining hall, and various collective spaces, all overlooking a serene lake, allowing around 25 to 30 children to come together in this nurturing, outdoor learning experience.

  • Sponsor A Child Programme

    The Indian Council For Child Welfare runs a Sponsorship Programme aimed at assisting deserving but underprivileged children between the ages of 6 to 18 in pursuing their school education. This initiative provides financial aid and counselling to bona fide students with a total family income not exceeding Rs. 11,000 per month, with special consideration for differently-abled and meritorious children. By becoming a sponsor, individuals, families, associations, clubs, institutions/agencies, commercial establishments, or charitable trusts can make a substantial difference in the lives of these children who are often denied their right to education, enabling them to lead more productive lives.

  • Learning to Live Together Camp Programme

    The Indian Council For Child Welfare (ICCW) conducts the National Learn to Live Together Camps, established in 1971, with distinct aims. These camps encourage young people to form friendships, promoting an understanding of their similarities and respect for their differences. Participants are instilled with a strong desire for national integration, motivating them to actively contribute to this cause and develop prejudice-free personalities. ICCW emphasizes the idea that India belongs to all, regardless of caste, creed, or colour. The camps expose children to India's diverse cultural perspectives, fostering meaningful exchanges and activities that combat communalism and advance national integration. ICCW hosts these camps annually, inviting school-going children, including those from lower-income backgrounds, slum areas, and differently-abled children, from each State/Union Territory Council and Institutional Members to participate in this valuable programme.

  • National Painting Competition Programme

    The Indian Council For Child Welfare (ICCW) introduced the National Painting Competition in 1981 to achieve a dual purpose: nurturing aesthetics in children and raising their awareness of harmony and beauty. This competition is open to both normal and differently-abled children, with two age categories for the former (5-9 years and 10-16 years) and distinct groups for differently-abled children (Yellow Group for 5-10 years and Red Group for 11-18 years). Within these groups, there are specific sub-groups catering to children with cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, mental challenges, visual impairments, and speech/hearing impairments. The competition is organised by State/Union Territory Councils affiliated with ICCW across the nation. The top five winning entries in each group or sub-group are then submitted to ICCW for final selection.

  • Programme to Promote & Facilitate Adoptions


    The organisation prioritizes adoption as the ideal means of rehabilitating destitute, abandoned, and relinquished children, aiming to provide them with permanent, nurturing family placements, irrespective of biological ties. ICCW diligently identifies suitable parents for each child, while also championing statutory safeguards for orphaned and abandoned children. It disseminates adoption-related knowledge to agencies in India and abroad. ICCW's significant contribution lies in formulating comprehensive policies to safeguard the rights of abandoned children, collaborating with State Councils to conduct adoption workshops, fostering research, and promoting networking among adoption stakeholders. It actively addresses legislative gaps, advocating for uniform adoption laws and diligently working to secure the rights of adopted children and rehabilitate those with special needs.

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  • Provided Financial Support to Bright Students From Lower Income Group in Delhi

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    • 2021-22 750
  • Children in Shelter Home in Assam

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    • 2021-22 109

Leadership Team

  • Rita Singh


  • T C K Abeni

    Vice - President

  • Valli Annamalai

    Vice - President

  • Vijay Prasad Thakur

    Vice - President

  • Bharat S Naik

    General Secretary


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