Multiple Action Research Group

Works for the legal empowerment of the marginalised communities through legal assistance and awareness

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Multiple Action Research Group ensures legal empowerment while equipping people with awareness about their rights, securing enforcement and pursuing r Read moreemedies when these rights are violated. The organisation aims to achieve its objective by focusing on the areas of legal assistance, legal awareness, governance and advocacy. MARG produces a wide range of legal literacy materials, conducts legal awareness workshops for activists and community. It further trains state functionaries on legal provisions and procedure, provides critical knowledge of processes along with skills to use this knowledge to realise rights and entitlements. The organisation additionally provides legal assistance through its network of lawyers and community justice workers in various parts of the country. Also, it provides free legal assistance to people belonging to marginalised communities. The legal assistance is also provided regularly through the Delhi Legal Services Authority. Further, MARG is involved in various campaigns and advocacy activities. Its focus has been on a wide set of issues ranging from securing rights for displaced people, improving implementation of MNREGA, strengthening women’s participation in panchayats and resisting violence against women. It has been playing an important role in influencing policy decisions by providing inputs to the proposed bills on torture, rights of domestic workers and rights of persons with disabilities.


  • Parijat Project

    With assistance from Flowering Tree Inc., MARG in the Uttar Pradesh division of Gorakhpur launched it. It combines effective administration with active citizenship education, allowing individuals to exercise their civic rights—particularly those related to water, sanitation, and health—and has resulted in the election of women as representatives in the Gorakhpur District of Uttar Pradesh. Right-based projects like Project Parijat become essential steps towards creating good governance, particularly during a pandemic.

    Parijat's work in Gorakhpur is divided into three key areas: economic, legal, and health literacy. Health literacy encompasses WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) awareness programs.

  • Samta project

    Fostering gender and socioeconomic equality will help to defend and advance women's right to life. Consequently, raising women's status in all spheres of life will bring about profound shifts in how people view women and their roles in a variety of professions, most notably decision-making authority, which is a prerequisite for an efficient democracy. Action research will also encourage changes in behavior toward women from the standpoint of gender equality. The expectation is that society would be made aware of its accountability and duty to guarantee women's dignity in life. Promoting social and gender equality is a step toward sustainable development.

    The initiative also discusses discrimination, atrocities, domestic violence, and other significant problems that women face. The aim is to attain parity.

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  • Md. Noor Alam

    Executive Director

  • Puja Tamta

    Project Coordinator

  • Pramod Kumar Pal

    Project Coordinator

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