National Association for the Blind

Empowers visually impaired children by providing them access to quality education, making them digitally literate and imparting employable skills

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    New Delhi, Delhi

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National Association for the Blind Delhi(NAB Delhi) works in the region of Delhi to improve the lives of visually challenged children. It aims to see Read moreevery visually impaired child in school, promote inclusive and integrated education and adopt such technologies that enable the children to be at par with the world in digital literacy. Through its programmes the Association facilitates admission of visually impaired children in mainstream schools, empowering them using assistive devices and specially prepared learning material. It also partners with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) to provide learning opportunities to students who join the education system late or find it difficult to continue regular school.


NAB Delhi has impacted 80,000 visually impaired children with 7000 being made digitally literate and converted 5000 books into the e-pub format.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To see the visually impaired population of India as empowered and well-informed individuals working towards personal growth and development thereby leading life to its optimum potential.

Mission: To empower persons with Visual Impairment with education and training to attain:
self-sufficiency through employment/self-employment thus,
Integrating them with dignity in mainstream society.

Donor History

Azim Premji Philantrophic Initiatives
Wipro Cares
REC Letc
Gail India


  • Multiple Handicapped Unit

    To assist visually impaired children with additional disabilities, NAB Delhi established the multi-handicapped unit. In this unit, trained educators and professionals such as speech therapists, mobility instructors, physiotherapists and custodial workers provide the children with services.

    Through individualised plans, the children are taught various concepts using activity-based learning besides involving them in extra-curricular activities for good measure.

  • Integrated Education Unit

    NAB Delhi wants visually impaired children to grow up normally and to achieve this it arranges for the visually impaired students to study along with their normal counterparts. The Association extends complete support to such institutions that open their doors for visually impaired children to study with sighted children.

    It engages highly trained special educators to work together with teachers and staff to train and educate visually impaired children. It maintains technology training centres equipped with modern accessories and computers to conduct courses.

  • Technology Training Centre

    With the advent of technology computer education is being considered the best employment option, the Association with help of special technologies like text-to-voice-output enables a blind person to easily work on software like MS Office and equally easily interact with the Internet.

    It maintains advanced and modern technology training centres with necessary assistive devices and equally competent professionals to manage them. An industry-specific curriculum ensures that whatever is learned is of use in finding good jobs and generating income.

  • Pre-Integration Unit

    The Association trains visually impaired children in the age group of four to nine years to prepare them for the future ahead. It employs special educators, mobility and Braille instructors working as a team to develop visually impaired children.

    Training in life skills, orientation, mobility, sensory training, reading and writing in Braille, basic mathematics and music and craft are included in the activities of the programme. The students are assessed regularly and are coached to appear for admission tests of various mainstream schools.

  • Braille and Large Print Unit

    To enable visually impaired people to read, the Association maintains an in-house mini-computerized press that publishes textbooks and literature in Hindi and English. It also helps school students by providing transcription services.

    Braille books are provided free of cost to students from marginalised communities studying in the integrated education system. It also provides large print, e-books and audiobooks for students who have low vision besides helping out Government organisations and corporates to provide information material and business cards in Braille.

  • Integrated Education for the Blind

    Visually impaired children are admitted to mainstream schools and provided complete support till they complete school education. NAB Delhi provides training to the mainstream school teachers for handling blind children. NAB Delhi provides the blind students books in accessible formats, uniforms and all other requirements. A team of special educators provides additional/remedial classes after school to the blind students.

  • Preparatory School for the Blind Child

    Preparatory School is the basic foundation unit of education of NAB-Delhi, where the blind children of age group of 4 to 7 years are prepared for integration into the mainstream schools. These children are trained in Daily Living Skills, tactile stimulation, auditory stimulation, reading and writing Braille/Large Print, Mathematics with the help of Taylor Frame and Abacus, Orientation and Mobility within the school premises and outside, techniques of independent movement, money concept etc. The students are also given keyboard orientation to work on computer fitted with screen-reading software.

  • Technology Training Centre for the Blind

    NAB TTC is the Premier training facility and IT services provider for persons with blindness or low vision in India.  Provides computer training to 250+ visually impaired and blind people every year.  Conducts training of trainers and provides technical support for anyone wanting to set up similar training centres in other cities.  Develops specialized training materials & tutorials in Braille, talking books, large print and e-text.  Acts as chief consultant to employers and individuals wanting to buy and install computers that are accessible to blind people.  Explores IT applications for blind people to open new job avenues for them.  Organizes activities for vision impaired computer users.  Provides hands on experience of the assistive technology and counsels vision impaired users on which IT tools will be best for them.  DOEACC accredited for conducting O Level &  IT Literacy ‘CCC’ courses

Impact Metrics

  • Students Admitted to Mainstream Schools

    Program Name

    Pre-Integration Unit

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 12
    • 2018-19 20
    • 2019-20 21
    • 2020-21 17
    • 2021-22 25
  • Number of Blind Students Educated

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  • Number of Blind Children

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Number of Students

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Theory of Change

To enable visually impaired children to lead a purposeful and dignified life in the Society.

Leadership Team

  • Ashish Vasudev

    Executive Director

  • T D Dhariyal


  • Prashant Ranjan Verma

    General Secretary

  • T.D. Dhariyal


  • Dipendra Manocha

    Vice President

  • Villie Aria

    Vice President

  • Dr. Ashwini Agarwal


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