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Empowers underprivileged communities through education, skill development, and digital literacy programmes, fostering inclusive development in India

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    Delhi, Uttar Pradesh

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NIIT Foundation (NF) is a non-profit educational organisation established in 2004 by the Founders of NIIT, with a clear mission to make a positive imp Read moreact on underprivileged individuals in India through educational initiatives and skill development programmes. NF is dedicated to reaching those who are often overlooked or underserved, aiming for inclusive development across the nation. To fulfill its mission, NF has initiated various programmes, including those related to child education, skill development, financial literacy, and more, all designed to benefit underserved communities through educational interventions. The organisation actively collaborates with both corporate and NGO partners to ensure sustainable development. NF operates skill development and vocational training centres in both urban and rural areas, providing placement support to eligible students. Its projects encompass a wide range of activities, from customized CSR initiatives and school programmes to college partnerships, community projects, career and skill development courses, digital literacy, and financial education programmes. Moreover, NF places a strong emphasis on enabling girls' access to education and careers, with programs catering to individuals from the age of 6 to 60. Additionally, as an educational NGO, the NIIT Foundation supports other NGOs by offering training and capacity-building assistance, ultimately striving to bridge the digital divide through interactive courses and educational programmes.


  • Financial Literacy Programme for Drivers

    NIIT Foundation (NF) implements a targeted Financial Literacy programme for drivers in seven Indian states. In collaboration with funders, NF seeks to enhance financial and digital literacy to ensure financial inclusion. The programme covers a range of topics, from basic financial planning to the importance of maintaining a good credit score and understanding RBI guidelines. It encourages the use of digital financial tools and access to insurance, fostering confidence in approaching banks for loans and exploring government schemes. Over 25,500 drivers have benefited from 650+ workshops, empowering them to utilize technology for financial management. Women drivers are informed about schemes for them, and self-help groups promote mutual learning and support.

  • Digital Bus Programme

    NIIT Foundation's Digital Bus programme is a transformative initiative designed to bridge the digital divide in remote and underserved areas. With limited access to technology and digital literacy barriers, these communities face disadvantages in an increasingly digital world. The Digital Bus, a solar-powered mobile classroom equipped with computers, video conferencing, and certified trainers, delivers IT courses, certifications, and access to knowledge directly to these regions. The programme encompasses digital literacy, IT education, entrepreneurship development, public utility services, and video conferencing consultations, aiming to foster digital inclusion and empower rural youth. Through systematic village mapping, student counselling, certificate courses, and support group development, the initiative promotes inclusivity and gender equality in education, helping individuals unlock new opportunities and access essential information.

  • Change Maker Life Skills Programme

    NIIT Foundation's Change Maker Life Skills Programme complements its courses, benefiting students aged 14 and above, including those in underserved areas and digital learning centres. This initiative equips students with essential life skills, enhancing decision-making, communication, and interpersonal abilities. Through self-study videos and live sessions, students learn to make collaborative choices that promote personal growth. The programme employs the Genuine Contact Methodology, encouraging self-reflection and holistic learning, catering to diverse learning styles. It aims to boost communication skills, foster non-judgmental thinking, and create a nurturing atmosphere. NIIT Foundation envisions it as a multi-year engagement, offering it on their self-learning platform to support students in their journey toward a happy and fulfilled life, demonstrating a significant positive impact on students' lives.

  • School Digitalization Programme

    NIIT Foundation's School Digitalization Initiative aims to bridge the digital divide in education by providing public and Government-aided schools with digital classrooms. By creating digital infrastructure within schools and training instructors in technology-led instruction, the initiative aligns with India's education priorities, fostering equitable learning opportunities and employment prospects for rural and urban students. Corporate partnerships and digital course content from NCERT support the project, which includes digital screens, content and computing devices, printers, and teacher training programmes. The initiative's goal is to digitalize 2017 digital labs across 17 states, benefiting over 800,000 students and training 3,000+ teachers through pan-India collaborations. NIIT Foundation also runs projects for younger students, special needs children, and semi-urban and rural areas, promoting problem-solving, collaboration, and digital literacy among students.

  • Skilling Programme

    NIIT Foundation's Skilling Programme empowers underprivileged urban youth by offering vocational courses beyond technical skills. Through Skilling and IT Foundation Centres, they focus on all-round development for ages 16-30. Sponsorship models support students across centres. The methodology involves community mapping, counselling, certified courses, industry-linked training, interview prep, and placements. It offers career and non-career courses, emphasizing certified courses and industry partnerships. Virtual learning via LMS with self-learning materials is available. NIIT Foundation prioritizes certified courses, industry ties, developing changemakers, virtual learning, and scalability for quick deployment.

Impact Metrics

  • Students Benefited Through Skill Centers

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2020-21 114498
    • 2021-22 150000
    • 2022-23 189539
  • Lives Impacted

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2020-21 1068446
    • 2021-22 1000000
    • 2022-23 1650000

Leadership Team

  • Sapna Moudgil

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Charu Kapoor

    Country Director

  • Amar Gupta

    Director - Operations

  • Vikram Kumar

    National Head - Parterships & Communication

  • Dinesh Mehta

    National Head - Commercials & Infrastructure

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    NIIT Foundation, 8, Balaji Estate, Kalkaji, New Delhi, 110019


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