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Promotes global cultural exchange, fostering peace through understanding, and providing cultural education for millions of students

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Routes 2 Roots, a non-profit NGO, has been actively involved in cultural exchange programmes both in India and abroad since 2004. Its primary focus is Read more on fostering peace through cultural exchange. By using culture as a foundation and believing that understanding different cultures can lead to tolerance, mutual respect, and ultimately, peace, the organisation has made significant strides on a global scale. Its work encompasses a wide range of activities, from cultural exchange programmes between various countries to promoting people-to-people connections through culture, especially in regions with conflicts. The NGO's efforts have left a profound impact on a global scale. Routes 2 Roots has achieved several milestones, including hosting numerous projects and events in countries such as China, Russia, South Africa, the UK, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, among others. One of its flagship initiatives, the "Exchange for Change" programme, is the world's largest oral histories programme, connecting children from different countries. This programme, operational since 2010, has linked 31 schools and engaged over 20,000 children from nine cities. Additionally, the NGO has undertaken projects like producing an 8-hour anthology of the Vedas, recited by priests from Varanasi and South India, with subtitles in ten global languages. Routes 2 Roots also currently operates the world's largest cultural education programme for students in India and overseas, impacting over 2 crore children through its "Virsa" programme, which focuses on digital learning of performing arts and provides cultural awareness and education facilitated by prominent Indian cultural experts.


  • Student Exchange Programme

    It conducts student exchange programmes aimed at fostering cross-cultural communication between Indian and Pakistani students. These programmes aim to promote an understanding of the shared history, culture, and way of life between the two neighbouring countries. Notably, it hosts one of the world's largest oral histories initiatives, wherein participating children record live oral histories from their elders who personally experienced the partition and fondly reminisce about coexistence.

  • Digital Learning Programme

    It offers a comprehensive digital learning programme in performing arts to students in India and worldwide. The programme features interactive digital classes, regular school workshops, and inter-school, inter-region, and inter-country performances, all guided by a distinguished Board of Advisors, accomplished maestros, and a highly regarded teaching faculty.

  • Programme to Promote the Vedas

    Routes 2 Roots, an NGO, offers a unique programme focused on the Vedas, ancient scriptures dating back to over 5000 B.C. These profound texts are the foundation of human civilization, encompassing a wealth of knowledge that remains relevant today. Around the world, dedicated teams are engaged in researching the depth and wisdom within the Vedas. In a pioneering effort, Routes 2 Roots has compiled the complete four Vedas, expertly chanted in Sanskrit by renowned scholars. This exceptional collection is presented on a one-of-a-kind DVD, featuring eight hours of chanting with subtitles in ten international languages.

  • Exhibitions

    Routes 2 Roots runs a programme focused on art exhibitions, recognizing the enduring significance of art in human culture. Art, a timeless means of expression dating back to preverbal times, remains a vibrant force, including in its commercial representations. In its commitment to fostering connections among people and facilitating creative expression, Routes 2 Roots regularly hosts and curates art exhibitions, nurturing and showcasing the talents of artists.

  • Live Concerts & Festivals

    Routes 2 Roots has directed and overseen more than 100 live concerts and cultural festivals featuring both renowned legends and emerging maestros from around the globe in India. Additionally, the organisation has brought esteemed Indian artists to international stages, portraying them as cultural emissaries advocating for peace and unity. These events encompass a wide spectrum of artistic expressions, including music, dance, mushairas, Sufi festivals, film festivals, and fusion/popular music. Through these initiatives, Routes 2 Roots has fostered cross-cultural connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

  • Programme to Promote Theatre

    Routes 2 Roots engages in a programme centred around the theatre, recognizing it as a powerful medium reflecting society's dynamics. Theatre, known for its historical portrayals and use of drama, satire, and humour, effectively addresses societal issues and fosters transformation. Through its initiatives, Routes 2 Roots showcases prominent contemporary productions on international platforms, where diverse ideas, artists, and perspectives converge to promote the values of peace and unity.

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    • 2020-21 22000
    • 2021-22 22000
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    • 2020-21 864
    • 2021-22 798

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  • Mannu Kohli

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  • Rakesh Gupta


  • Tina Vachani


  • Wg Cdr Anupama Joshi (Retd)

    Executive Member

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