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Fosters a culture of volunteerism, empowering communities and drives positive change across various sectors for global prosperity and harmony

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Sewa International is deeply rooted in the ethos of selfless service and draws inspiration from the timeless tradition of placing the needs of others Read morebefore oneself. Its overarching vision is to foster a global environment where equality prevails, where every individual finds happiness, enjoys robust health, encounters equitable opportunities for growth, and lives in harmony with the natural world. Its core mission centres on relieving human suffering, assisting local communities and fostering a culture of volunteerism. Empowering beneficiaries to drive development progress is a key focus, ensuring broad societal impact. Sewa's multifaceted impact spans skill development, education, environmental conservation, special needs support, healthcare, sanitation, and agriculture. Established in 1997 in India, it embodies the ideals of "Service before Self" and "World is One Family." Beyond immediate disaster relief, Sewa champions lasting rehabilitation and development efforts, addressing deep-seated socio-economic issues. Currently, it operates in 20 Indian states, collaborating with grassroots organisations to drive positive change in health, education, livelihoods, environmental sustainability, skill-building, rural development, women's empowerment, and water conservation, aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for global prosperity and harmony.


Sewa International has made an impact by helping over 10 lakhs in education, 20 lakhs in disaster management, 25,000 in skill development, 20,000 in women empowerment, 5,000 in environmental action, 3,000 in divyang care, 30 lakhs in health, and 31,000 in WASH initiatives, collectively improving lives and communities.


  • PRAWAH Uttarakhand Programme

    The PRAWAH initiative takes a holistic approach, engaging the public in local cleanup, afforestation, and environmental improvements while providing clean drinking water to Himalayan communities reliant on springs. Launched in late 2019, it aims to revitalize natural springs with community involvement for sustainability. Initially focusing on the 7km-long "Khankhara Gadera" in Rudraprayag district, plans are in place to replicate this model for other Himalayan springs. Key objectives include plastic reduction, biodiversity restoration through afforestation, increased water flow, improved water quality, capillary recharge, and solid waste management systems.

  • Rehabilitating Through Skilling Programme

    Since February 2016, Sewa International has consistently supported the Brus with initiatives focused on employment. These efforts include Bamboo Crafts Skill Training, benefiting over 50 individuals in Naisinghpara camp. Hand-loom weaving is another crucial program, preserving the tribe's traditional art while creating livelihoods. Over 40 Bru women have received training. In addition, more than 100 youths have undergone computer training, and 50 women from the Reang tribe were trained in tailoring. Sewa International also established 14 Education Centers in Naisinghpara and Ashapara camps, offering free tuition to over 280 students, with a focus on preserving Reang culture.

  • Empower Uttarakhand - Holistic Development Programme

    Sewa International's Uttarakhand efforts initially aimed to rehabilitate local mountain communities. At the core is the Sewa Kaushal Vikas Kendra (SKVK), comprising six specialized components. Sewa Krishi promotes organic farming, integrating traditional practices with modern technology. Sewa Mahila Jyoti empowers women through arts and crafts, vital for a rain-fed region facing crop failures. Sewa Srujan supports women's micro-financing and entrepreneurship. Swasthya Sahyogi Sewa focuses on accessible health services, particularly for adolescents, pregnant women, and children, building employable health sector skills.

  • Women Empowerment Programme


    In the Kutch district of Gujarat, Sewa International initiated the Gujarat Rehabilitation Project, specifically focusing on "Empowering Women Self Help Groups" (SHGs) to establish and sustain viable entrepreneurship programs. Supported by the India Development and Relief Fund (USA), this endeavour included providing artisans with essential toolkits for immediate relief and skill enhancement. However, enduring challenges persisted, encompassing livelihood loss, infrastructure damage, limited access to capital, and constrained market opportunities. The imperative need was for a lasting solution to address these issues for the artisan groups.

  • North East Tribal Development Programme


    Sewa International is dedicated to assisting the Reang community in bolstering their governance structures through active engagement with their youth and the exploration of new opportunities. To empower these efforts, a range of valuable resources has been provided. This support includes the provision of computers to enhance digital literacy, sewing machines to promote skills and self-sufficiency, bamboo materials for sustainable initiatives, and weaving looms to preserve traditional crafts and crucial infrastructure components. These resources are instrumental in ensuring the smooth and effective implementation of various programmes aimed at fostering growth and development within the Reang community.

  • Sewa Fellowship Programme

    The Sewa Fellowship represents a strategic investment in enhancing human capacity and supporting grassroots organisations to devise solutions within India's intricate socio-economic and cultural landscape. It places its faith in the potential and vigour of youth to spearhead innovative ideas, lead movements, nurture institutions, and pursue truth and justice, all in the pursuit of a stronger India. Spanning a duration of 100 weeks, this fellowship empowers young and talented individuals with knowledge, skills, and a service-oriented mindset. Comprehensive mentorship is a key component, bridging the immediate needs of grassroots development with a forward-looking vision.

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