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SADRAG envisions Inclusive Communities and Systemic Change that empowers people with right based access to formal education, protection and safety and sustainable livelihood options.

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    Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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SADRAG is primarily engaged in 4 main areas of social development: 1. Education: This includes strengthening the government school system and mainst Read morereaming the “out of school” children. It also addresses life skills education for adolescent youth studying in government schools. 2. Skill development and Livelihood through training, placement and entrepreneurship for women and youth. 3. Violence against Women & Safe City through mobilization, awareness, training and use of technology to address issues of violence against women and young girls. It also includes direct intervention in cases of child protection through Child line 1098. 4. Community development through facilitation of services and infrastructure in health, WASH and livelihood and their optimal use by the community so as to improve their quality of life.


By giving women, children and youth in communities the necessary expertise, support and technical over a significant period of time, we can alleviate and eventually remove the current lack of self-reliance that has become a defining characteristic in both rural and urban communities.


Following our Theory of Change, around 400000 people including women, children and youth are today leading the life of dignity and respect in the community.


  • Sustainability & Livelihood: SARTHAK for Women

    Sarthak for Women is running at village Nithari in Noida. There is a centre in the community space that provides a three months course in stitching and tailoring to 15 migrant women under SARTHAK programme. The community women look for viable options to earn an income for the survival of family. In the absence of skilling, literacy and alternate livelihood option, they work as domestic help in private homes. These women look forward to decent options of livelihood through training and skilling.
    SADRAG started Sarthak program for women in 2009 in Noida. It has now been around 14 years that Sarthak began its journey in which about 200+ women are already trained and many of them are economically independent.

  • Sarthak Centre for Children, Nagla

    Sarthak Computer Center in village Nagla in Noida. We have made significant progress in providing computer education to children in our community.
    It is the right of every child to access equal learning opportunities regardless of their socio-economic status, caste or community. This project is named Sarthak which means enabling an individual to perform and excel. The Sarthak centre provides a safe space in the community where children can collectively learn, discuss and master the skills of 21st century.

    Sarthak centre bridges the existing digital divide and provides equal opportunities of learning to children. Through provision of computer classes in the community, it fulfills the aspirations of children who are curious about computers but lack access to digital tools and training.

  • Ugta Suraj

    Ugta Suraj is a a bridge between formal school system and the community. It prepares the children between 6 to 14 years for formal schooling and gets them enrolled in government, private and charitable schools.
    Ugta Suraj mainstreams "out of school" children through formal school system in district Gautum Budh Nagar, U.P. since August 2007. These children are either school drop-outs or are first generation learners who have been deprived of formal schooling for family or systemic reasons..
    1-Preparation for formal school system
    2-Empowerment through life skills education
    3-Inculcation of leadership, gender sensitization & citizenship
    4- Escaping from child rights abuses such as child labour, child marriage & violence.
    Ugta Suraj centers are functional in 3 communities: Village Nithari, Village Nagla Charandas in Noida and in Village Tugalpur in Greater Noida.

  • Sarthak for Skill Training for Youth

    Sarthak Livelihood Training Program is targeted towards youth in Noida. The major components of the program are technical training in computer enabled graphic and print designing, tally, career preparation, financial literacy and soft skills. At the successful completion of the course, placement is ensured for each participating youth.
    The skill center is operational in village Naya Bans, Sector-15 in Noida. The components of skill training are technical training, soft skills training and financial literacy.

  • Strengthening the Government School System

    Following the Right to Education Act 2009, we have been working in Government Primary and Middle School, Village Nithari in district Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P. for the last 6 years in an active partnership with RMSI Private Limited, Noida and District Education Department, GBN,

    The overall aim of the project is to strengthen the government school system for imparting effective and quality learning to children through focused interventions as following:

    Improvement in basic infrastructure of the school
    Providing safe and clean drinking water
    Improvement in learning outcomes through Smart Classrooms
    Adding creative component of learning through improved stationary items, art and craft material etc.
    Building a play area for children
    Training for children in safety issues

  • Continued Learning Access Project (HP CLAP)

    The Continued Learning Access Program results from HP India’s commitment to bridging the digital divide between communities. It caters to the grassroots where children and the youth have got cut off from schools and skill training because of Covid.
    HP CLAP targets students from India’s economically weaker sections and low-income strata with no digital device to support their school lessons. The CLAP initiative provides computers to these communities and schools attended by these students on a rotation basis following social distancing norms. In schools most of the time we learn computers theoretically due to the unavailability of the IT infrastructure. We are bridging this gap with our project HP CLAP and focusing on digital literacy by providing laptops to the students.
    HP CLAP has a mobility Van loaded with 120 laptops Google Chrome books. It has a generator for power and also a UPS inverter for power backup and laptop charging facility.


    SADRAG, together with UN Women has implemented a programme titled ‘Gender-Responsive COVID-19 Recovery in India’ to reduce the disproportionate gender-based risks and negative impact of COVID-19 on women, including those who are the most marginalized and in particularly vulnerable situations. Under the program, One Stop Centres (OSCs) and related service providers were trained with sufficient knowledge and capacity to enhance the provision of response operating in a highly sensitive and complex environment during COVID-19. The programme has been implemented across the three states of Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. 15 workshops and a state level concluding event, for the training and capacity building of the OSCs and related functionaries has been carried out across the three states from September 2022 to November 2022. A total of 1093 participants were trained through these workshops.

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    Ugta Suraj

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    Digital Empowerment for Youth

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    Gender-Responsive COVID-19 Recovery in India

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    HP CLAP is (Continued Learning Access Project)

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    Life skills

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    Training on Sexual Harrasment at Workplace 2013

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    Sustainability & Livelihood: SARTHAK for Women

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