Society for Participatory Integrated Development

Enables marginalized communities for holistic development by fostering education, healthcare, skills, and safeguarding rights, with a focus on breaking cycles of hardship and promoting community leadership

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The Society for Participatory Integrated Development (SPID) is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of marginalized individuals for holistic societal Read more advancement. Its mission centres on empowering disadvantaged and marginalized populations by fostering skill development, education, healthcare, and safeguarding women's and children's rights. Its vision aspires to catalyze significant positive transformations in the lives of vulnerable communities, assimilating them into the mainstream through participatory strategies. Its commitment extends to supporting organised entities that benefit marginalized individuals of various backgrounds. It provides a platform for these individuals to overcome challenges, pursue aspirations, and lead dignified lives as responsible global citizens. Operating across urban and rural areas in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, SPID emphasizes holistic development and community-led empowerment, encouraging advocacy and leadership within these communities. Its overarching goal is to break the relentless cycle of unemployment, poverty, ill-health, illiteracy, abuse, and violence.


  • Pankhi Programme

    The SPID-Pankhi initiative primarily concentrates on averting domestic violence targeting women and children, emphasizing gender equality, women's rights, and empowerment within the local populace. It extends support through the TBZ helpline, which was instigated as part of the Pankhi project, offering counselling services to victims of domestic abuse. This programme receives backing from Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. SPID-Pankhi conducts community awareness drives on women's rights and domestic violence, holds meetings with women's groups, promotes helpline contact details, arranges outreach events, registers domestic violence cases involving women, ensures their protection, and delivers family counselling to the victim's relatives.

  • SPID SMART – Skill for Market Training Programmes

    SPID's SMART training centres I and II aim to empower disadvantaged youth by enhancing their skills and aligning them with market demands. This initiative is backed by Tech Mahindra's CSR project, addressing the skills gap in India's growing service and retail sectors. Operating in Uttam Nagar and Nagloi, New Delhi, the program targets individuals aged 18-35 with a minimum 10th-grade education. It offers two four-month courses, Office Administration (OA) and Customer Relations and Sales (CRS), covering English proficiency, IT skills, personality development, interview techniques, workplace readiness, and communication skills. Professional instructors, involved in market research, educate the 1380 beneficiaries. The programme also empowers participants to address social issues through play, meetings, and discussions, enhancing their awareness of rights and community concerns.

  • Child Rights and Educational Programmes

    In 2004, SPID established an innovative Open Shelter on Delhi's GB Road to prevent the next generation from entering prostitution. Complying with the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, this shelter safeguards the children of female sex workers 24/7. It offers holistic services, including education, protection, nutrition, healthcare, and recreation, aiming to prepare these children for mainstream society. They initially receive non-formal education, eventually transitioning to mainstream schools. The shelter conducts daily field visits, provides medical care, counseling, and awareness programmes. Currently, it caters to 72 children. In 2009, SPID created an After Care Girl's Home for Hope for vulnerable female beneficiaries, offering skill training and support as they turn 18.

  • Epidemic Management - Covid 19 Response Activities

    In times of unexpected disasters, SPID collaborates with diverse stakeholders to offer humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations, such as labourers, migrants, the elderly, homeless individuals, and various marginalized groups. Its support encompasses humanitarian assistance, awareness initiatives, and preventive measures to aid in their recovery. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, SPID conducted relief activities like community kitchens, food distribution for workers and migrants, provided rations, supplementary nutrition, and sanitary items. It also aided in obtaining free ration card coupons, advocated for sex workers, and organised awareness programmes, digitally and in-person, emphasizing COVID-19 effects and safety measures.

  • SPID Mahila Panchayat Programme

    SPID serves as a vehicle for achieving social, economic, and legal empowerment for women, particularly those from underprivileged and marginalized backgrounds. SPID's primary mission is to enhance women's status by spreading awareness of their rights, promoting equality, and equipping them with constitutional protections. While no single programme can address all the issues women face daily, SPID's women-centric initiatives, such as SPID–Mahila Panchayat in North West Delhi's PS Khanjawala, aim to deliver justice and create lasting impacts. These efforts have increased women's self-esteem, knowledge, and awareness, reduced violence, and empowered them to participate more actively in their families and communities.

  • Domestic Worker's Rights Programme

    SPID and the Vigyan Foundation join forces to champion the rights of domestic workers in Agra. These women, often employed in unregulated settings, endure low wages, job instability, and a lack of labour protections. SPID's Domestic Worker Campaign has mobilized over 10,000 domestic workers, promoting awareness of their rights and collective empowerment in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The campaign collaborates with authorities and employers to address issues like fair wages and safe working conditions, while also connecting workers and their families to Government social security programmes in New Delhi, Agra, and Varanasi.

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