Special Olympics Bharat

Advances sports inclusivity for persons with intellectual disabilities, fostering joy, holistic development, and social acceptance across India

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Special Olympics Bharat, a National Sports Federation established in 2001, conducts Special Olympics Programmes across India, focusing on sports for p Read moreersons with intellectual disabilities. Recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, it serves as a Nodal Agency for disabilities, particularly in rural areas, covering a significant portion of India's disabled population. Oversight of Right To Information (RTI) matters is under Mr Harpreet Singh, Sports Director, with Air Marshal Denzil Keelor as the competent authority. The organisation emphasizes the joy of sports, addressing intellectual disabilities through defined eligibility criteria. It aligns with Special Olympics International rules and complies with the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities guidelines. Special Olympics Bharat aims for holistic development, creating role models, training teachers, engaging communities, and reflecting Olympic values in its activities, to reach over 100,000 people with intellectual disabilities annually. Seven special initiatives complement the sports programme, fostering holistic athlete development. Special Olympics Bharat's mission is to provide year-round sports training for individuals with intellectual disabilities, promoting physical fitness, courage, joy, and community engagement. The organisation believes in the transformative power of sports, fostering personal growth, social acceptance, and integration into broader community programmes. Recognized by the Government of India, Special Olympics Bharat plays a crucial role in advancing sports and inclusivity for persons with intellectual disabilities across the nation.

Demographies Served


  • Sports Programme

    Special Olympics Bharat conducts a comprehensive sports programme, engaging over 15 lakh athletes nationwide in 26 Olympic-type sports. It organizes competitions at various levels, fostering athlete progression from local to international events. With a robust coaching infrastructure, coaches undergo training to cater to the growing number of athletes. Supported by the Sports Authority of India, athletes benefit from National Coaching camps and Advance Coaches Training Programmes. The organisation ensures equal opportunities by dividing and grouping athletes by age, gender, and ability. Special initiatives like Young Athletes, Developmental Sports, and Unified Sports promote inclusive participation, physical fitness, and skill development, emphasizing friendship and understanding between individuals with and without intellectual disabilities.

  • Healthy Athletes Programme

    Special Olympics Bharat implements the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes® programme, delivering free health examinations in a welcoming setting to alleviate the anxiety often associated with medical visits for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The impact extends globally, with the programme uncovering unknown health issues, providing essential healthcare, and, in some cases, saving lives. It not only serves athletes directly but also trains healthcare professionals, enhancing their ability to treat individuals with intellectual disabilities. Additionally, the organisation influences policy and systemic improvements in healthcare for this demographic, contributing to a broader positive impact on health and well-being. The examinations cover eight health areas, including podiatry, physical therapy, prevention, nutrition, audiology, dentistry, vision/eye health, and emotional health.

  • Youth & Education Programme

    Special Olympics Bharat's Youth & Education initiative, known as Special Olympics Youth Activation, strives to sensitize students in schools by fostering increased interaction with Special Olympics Athletes. The goal is to cultivate an attitude of acceptance and establish inclusive communities. The programme's success lies in initiating experiments among youth, altering power dynamics to facilitate radical social change, with youth driving the transformation. Aligned with India's National Education Policy 2020, the concept of Unified Sports is emphasized, making inclusion a priority. Recognizing the influential role of youth as change agents, the organisation creates numerous opportunities for inclusive engagement both on and off the sports field. Encouraging meaningful adult intervention in schools, colleges, and communities is crucial, guiding and supporting youth with and without intellectual disabilities in planning, execution, and participation.

  • Leadership Development Programme

    In its pursuit of excellence in sports, health, youth, and leadership work, Special Olympics Bharat recognizes the pivotal role of empowered individuals and a supportive working environment. Leadership is identified as a crucial catalyst for the success of their programmes. The organisation integrates athlete leadership into Programme Leadership training, ensuring meaningful roles for athlete leaders. Embracing a Unified leadership approach in programme delivery, it aims to nurture diverse leaders at all levels through continuous learning opportunities for professional development. The Special Olympics Leadership Academy, established in 2014, stands as an award-winning initiative focused on developing inclusive and future-ready leaders within the Special Olympics Movement. With a commitment to cultivating inclusive mindsets, and providing essential skillsets, and practical tools, the Academy seeks to enhance leadership capacity and empower individuals to champion inclusion.

Leadership Team

  • Mukta Narain Thind

    National Director – Organization Development

  • Air Cmde L K Sharma

    Executive Director

  • Victor R Vaz

    National Director - Sports

  • Harpreet Singh

    Joint National Director-Sports

  • Raman Rekhi

    Jt. National Director – OD (Communications & Youth Initiatives)


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