Youth Veerangnayen

Empowers women and children through education, skills, and confidence-building programmes

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Youth Veerangnayen is a non-political, non-religious, and nonprofit NGO founded on August 31, 2010, with a name inspired by courageous female warriors Read more from Hindu mythology. Its mission is to empower women through education, skill development, vocational training, counselling, and essential tools to achieve financial independence and decision-making roles in their families and society. Its team conducts rallies, seminars, and camps against social issues and operates skill development centres in semi-urban areas, offering training in stitching, computers, beauty, and makeup. Comprising skilled professionals and experts, the organisation strives to create positive change and uplift underprivileged women. Youth Veerangnayen envisions providing women and children with the tools to become financially self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Its focus on empowerment is guided by the theme "Empowering YOU," reflecting its commitment to sustainable development that uplifts individuals and strengthens communities. The organisation aims to offer women and children the means to grow, learn, and confidently face the world, aligning with its vision for a society where individuals thrive with confidence and dignity.

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With the dedication of 3,000 volunteers spanning across 8 states, Youth Veerangnayen has successfully implemented 6 impactful initiatives.


  • Education For All Programme

    Youth Veerangnayen, an organisation committed to empowering women, focuses on enhancing their role in society through skill training and employment opportunities. With the belief that women possess the ability to lead and drive economies, the organization aims to enable rural women in India to gain independence and recognition. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in the workforce, as evident from the World Economic Forum's report, the organization offers education, vocational training, and skill development workshops. By imparting knowledge and skills, they aim to elevate women's participation in decision-making, labor markets, and resource access. Through collaborations with local communities and governmental support, they strive to create meaningful solutions. The organization operates education, stitching, and beauty training centers in various states, contributing to the transformation of thousands of women's lives over the past decade.

  • Tackling Addiction Programme

    Youth Veerangnayen addresses the issue of drug addiction in society by raising awareness and providing support. Reports indicate a concerning rise in substance dependence, affecting millions in India. Addiction not only harms individuals but also disrupts families and communities. Recognizing the lack of accessible de-addiction services, the organisation takes action. Given the central role women play in families, they are pivotal in instilling positive behaviours and healthcare practices. Through seminars, Youth Veerangnayen offers resources for preventing addiction and supporting affected individuals within families. The organisation conducts free de-addiction awareness and recovery training sessions, with a focus on youth empowerment. Additionally, it educates women and children about the dangers of drug abuse, contributing to a healthier and safer society.

  • Addressing Gender Inequality Programme

    Youth Veerangnayen is committed to addressing gender inequality through various initiatives. Globally and locally, women encounter challenges like extreme poverty, with projections indicating worsening conditions. In India, gender disparities are evident in areas such as health, politics, and labour. The organisation concentrates on battling these issues at local levels to induce national change. Its efforts include a campaign against female foeticide, aiming to debunk stereotypes and empower women. By organising rallies, seminars, and awareness programmes, it combats gender discrimination and societal biases. It also raises its voice against dowry and age-old practices, offering legal awareness through expert-led seminars. Furthermore, the organisation addresses domestic violence, encouraging women to speak up and providing them with employment opportunities for improved livelihoods and greater autonomy.

  • Women Health Programme

    Youth Veerangnayen is deeply committed to women's health, recognizing their pivotal roles as caregivers and champions. Its comprehensive approach includes programmes catering to various aspects of women's well-being. It offers support to expectant mothers by providing nutritious food packages, ensuring healthy pregnancies. Through healthcare campaigns in villages, slums, and towns, the organisation raises awareness about health, hygiene, and nutrition, enabling women to build healthier families. Addressing menstrual hygiene stigma, the volunteers distribute sanitary napkins and educate rural women, underscoring the significance of this essential aspect of women's health. Additionally, the organisation promotes fitness and self-defence, aligning with the Fit India initiative. With initiatives like International Yoga Day celebrations, yoga camps, and self-defence sessions, it empowers women physically and mentally, fostering confidence and independence for a brighter future.

  • Aiding and Inspiring Generations Programme

    Youth Veerangnayen is dedicated to aiding and inspiring future generations. It firmly believes that education is every child's inherent right and the key to prosperity. In marginalized communities where poverty is a stark reality, access to education often remains a distant dream. To address this, the organisation employs various strategies. It engages with parents in rural areas, highlighting the long-term benefits of education and the potential it holds for better job opportunities, countering the impact of child labour. Its volunteers actively run free evening classes for underprivileged children across different states, driven by a genuine desire to contribute positively. Through stationery distribution drives and engaging competitions, they not only enhance learning motivation but also offer platforms for young minds to express their creativity while fostering awareness about global issues.

Impact Metrics

  • Number of Centers Run to Train Women in Stitching and Make-Up and Educate Children in Rural Areas

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 18
  • Children Provided With Free Stationery and Books

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 1550
  • Children Given Clothes, Shoes, Blankets and Winter Essentials

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 1756


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