Council For Socio Economic Benevolent Action

Engages in diverse development initiatives, addressing local issues through innovative, integrated approaches

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    Baripada, Odisha

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Council For Socio Economic Benevolent Action (SEBA), is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious entity founded by a group of dedicated professi Read moreonals from diverse backgrounds. Operating in Orissa since April 1994, SEBA's primary goal is to enhance comprehensive societal development by concentrating on education and socio-economic upliftment. SEBA addresses local issues encompassing agriculture, education, healthcare, and socio-economic conditions through an innovative, integrated approach. It has a team of well-qualified staff and enthusiastic volunteers to implement various developmental initiatives. Over the years, SEBA has received financial support from the Government of India, Department of Science & Technology, and the Government of Orissa for programmes such as science writing, eradicating drug abuse, promoting awareness among rural women, technical training in bamboo craft, and the construction of a check dam in Village Nuadihi with assistance from CAPART. Additionally, SEBA has served as a nodal agency in the Mayurbhanj district during the Year of Scientific Awareness-04, supported by the Government of India. It has also secured registration under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.


  • Skill Development Programme


    The organisation undertakes a range of training activities, enhancing the skills of rural artisans. It provides training in bamboo craft, leaf plate making, and rearing cocoons for reeling. This initiative receives support from various Governmental bodies and agencies, including the Development Commissioner (Handicraft) under the Ministry of Textiles, the Government of India, UNIDO, and NABARD.

  • Education Programme


    With two decades of experience in Odisha, the organisation focuses on addressing the root causes that keep underprivileged children uneducated and vulnerable. It operates schools offering basic education, clothing, educational materials, and nutritious meals to impoverished and street children, backed by individual and corporate donors, with tax-exempt donations under section 80G. It also distributes educational supplies and conducts talent development activities for children facing health challenges. Initially supported by the International Leprosy Union Health Alliance, now corporate and individual donors sustain this vital work.

  • Healthcare Programme


    The organisation, SEBA, actively engages in health and AIDS programmes throughout the year, particularly in remote hilly regions lacking medical facilities. It conducts health camps and mobile health clinics, providing free medical check-ups to people of all ages from nearby villages. On World Health Day, it organises special health camps, and on World AIDS Day, raises awareness among vulnerable groups and truck drivers on National Highways. These initiatives, supported by individual and corporate donors, attract thousands of participants from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, SEBA conducts seminars and awareness campaigns on Anti-Leprosy Day, focusing on leprosy prevention in sensitive areas of Mayurbhanj district, Odisha. They also undertake rehabilitation efforts for leprosy-cured individuals and ILU-HA-assisted programmes.

  • Senior Citizines Care Programme


    SEBA, initiated an aged care programme in Hatikote, catering to individuals aged sixty and above. Beneficiaries receive nutritious midday meals, breakfast, and regular medical checkups. Moreover, they are provided with seed money to pursue their skills and hobbies, aiding in livelihood generation. This programme is sustained through the generous contributions of both individual and corporate donors, with donations to SEBA eligible for income tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

  • Environment & Biodiversity Programme


    SEBA is dedicated to addressing climate change and its impact on human life and agriculture. It conducts environment protection camps annually on World Environment Day, where it shares knowledge about environmental preservation, cleanliness, and pollution control. Encouraging backyard plantations, it distributes fruit-bearing plants to villagers. Over the past decade, SEBA has actively participated in National Environment Awareness Campaigns with support from the Environment & Forest Department, Government of India. These initiatives include activities such as demonstrating vermicomposting pits, hosting public meetings on climate change themes, and organising public awareness and debates with environmental science experts.

Leadership Team

  • Rabinarayan Mishra


  • Lachhaman Majhi

    Vice - Chairman

  • Sandhyarani Dash


  • Rajkishore Sahoo


  • Pratima Bental

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