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ISD is committed to creating a violence-free society based on equity, justice and peace

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The Institute for Social Development (ISD), a registered women organization operating in the state of Odisha has been extensively working on the issue Read more of Gender based Violence and Women Empowerment since its inception in 17th January 1997. It has been recognized by Government, Civil Society Organizations and Media as one of the pioneer frontline Women Organization in the state. A journey that began in the year 1997 has been continuing since then in the development scenario with the vision to build violence free gender sensitive society with active participation of poorest of the poor women in decision making process. Over last 25-years, the ISD stands committed to the issues of empowerment of women in Odisha. The primary area of involvement has been making of a violence free lives of women, strengthening livelihood issues of women, their active participation in decision making process, besides working for the cause of promotion and protection of human rights of women. It has taken up issues like violence against women, domestic violence, trafficking, issues of Girl Child, Child Marriage, witch hunting, Acid attacks, Sexual harassment and has tried to create change maker who can ensure the sustainability of the initiative taken at the field level.


ISD committed towards the cause of violence against women and has implemented various programmes to address the issue like Domestic Violence, Violence on workplace , trafficking and any type of violence against women in different parts of Odisha with support from various agencies since its inception in 1997.


The ISD is extensively involved in the theme of addressing gender-based violence through its signature activity i.e. Women Support Centre – Maadhyam in the geographical area that comes under the Commissionerate of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. Maadhyam is a innovative and unique programme which runs in a public-private partnership mode with Commissionerate of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. The Women Support Centre-Maadhyam operates in the cities of Bhubaneswar (State capital of Odisha) and Cuttack. Both the Centres annually handles approximately 1200 cases of women. Secondly, with the support of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, the ISD runs a One Stop Centre-SAKHI in the premises of Mental Health Institute, SCB Medical College, Cuttack covering the entire Cuttack District of Odisha. Thirdly, the organization also conducts various programmes for tribal girl students in Khurdha and Kandhamal District of Odisha. Fourthly, our effort to create volunteers for a violence free society for women covers a large number of Colleges across the State of Odisha covering 30-Districts which includes rural, tribal and urban areas.


The Women Support Centre – Maadhyam as an innovation has helped women in distress who have been subjected to Gender Based Violence within the existing institutional space of Government. It is a fact that women who are subjected to violence has no option but to seek intervention of Police for settlement of their issues. Very often such women come to Police Station with grievous injury. As a result of the innovation made by Institute for Social Development women are served within the Police system with a comprehensive package of services to overcome their situation. The innovation has also contributed significantly to reduce litigations in the court of law and paved the way for reconciliation. Awaaz Do is a popular youth campaign in Odisha which has been one of the front line mass mobilization intervention implemented by ISD since 2013 to address gender based violence in Odisha. When it was started we covered only 9 district of Odisha. Right now the campaign spread out 30 district of Odisha. Through this programme ISD took an innovative step to provide a platform where youth from both rural and urban odisha join together and share their views, opinion and experience. The Awaaz Do campaign has gained enormous popularity among college-going youth and their institutions. Initially, ISD approached colleges to send their students for this campaign but now colleges are the ones requesting ISD to involve more youth from their institutions. Every year, more than a thousand students apply for participation but only 300 are selected. So far as today we have mobilised 2400 youth change makers in Odisha.


  • One Stop Center- Sakhi


    One Stop Centre (SAKHI) supported by Ministry of Women and Child, Govt.of Odisha provide assistance to women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces under one roof. It also facilitated immediate, emergency and non - emergency access to a range of services including medical, legal, psychological and counselling support under one roof to fight against any forms of violence against women.

  • Maadhyam Women Support Center

    The Women Support Centre-Maadhyam supported by Nalco Foundation operates in the premises of Deputy Commissioner of Police in Bhubaneswar city and Cuttack city for which the Police Department has provided space free of cost for our work relating to domestic violence to provide a safe place and legal help for survivor women. Women receive assistance to report their case to the police, obtain legal help, counseling, rehabilitation etc. In these centres we have two- two female trained social worker who can handle these cases well. They keep all the data and do the needful follow up with survivor women who visited centre.

  • Initiative to Realise Rights of Indigenous Girls


    The project sought to strengthen the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through remedial courses in a joyful learning environment with the sole aim to improve critical literacy, holistic education and learning outcomes. As a major intervention in this regard, the project coined a concept of special classes in the nomenclature of Gulechi Classes for residence of Hostels in 6 identified Ashram Schools.

  • Awareness and understanding of gender equality and empowerment with weaver community women


    The esteem Resilience Fund grant enabled us to strengthening the capacity of 21 numbers of grassroots women’s organisations covering 420 number of women those who are engaged in Weaving Hand loom Saree in hand-operated looms about 10 hours a day to in a rural setup of Badamba Block of Cuttack District in the State of Odisha in India. The engagement with these Women was to provide them access to information and services on Sexual and reproductive health issues, health care, and other services, as well as to empower them to claim their rights and raise awareness in their communities and families.

  • Project RAKSHYAK


    Programme RAKSHYAK is about rescue and resettlement of runaway, missing, abducted and abandoned children. As the name suggests, it acts as ‘the protector’ of those children who run away from home, get separated from their families, are abandoned, abducted, or being trafficked for illegal activities. It promotes the protection and development of these children through ‘Rescue and Resettlement’. The Program is currently active in one location of Odisha, viz. Khurda Road Railway Station.

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