Project Swarajya

Advocates for human rights, championing dialogue and campaigns for pro-people employment legislation in India

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    Cuttack, Odisha

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Project Swarajya, a non-profit and non-partisan platform, was established in mid-1988 amidst a nationwide movement to enshrine the Right to Work as a Read morefundamental right in the Indian Constitution. The organisation serves as an open forum emphasizing the importance of dialogue and discussion to address complex human rights issues in society. In addition to advocating for the Right to Work, it took on the task of pushing for the legislation and implementation of the Employment Guarantee Act for rural unskilled labour in Orissa, following the model of Maharashtra. Given Orissa's predominantly rural and tribal society, marginalized women in villages required the security of year-round employment, a concept successfully experimented with within Maharashtra since the mid-70s. The then the UPA Government at the Centre introduced a National Employment Guarantee Act for the entire country, and Project Swarajya is committed to ensuring a pro-people orientation in this legislation through its campaign efforts.


  • Relief Programme


    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Project Swarajya undertook relief efforts to aid those most affected by the crisis, including labourers, domestic workers, and slum dwellers in Cuttack Municipal Corporation. These vulnerable communities faced significant hardships due to frequent lockdowns and shutdowns. The organisation provided essential relief items such as hand sanitisers, masks, groceries, food, and sanitary napkins to support these individuals during this challenging period.

  • Socio Cultural Programmes


    The organisation actively engages in a range of socio-cultural programmes, including events like New Year celebrations, Independence Day, Republic Day, Ganesh Puja, Raja Parba, Raksha Bandhan, and Holi. These activities aim to utilize culture as a catalyst for behavioural change and to raise awareness of various social issues. The organisation collaborates with other entities like Inner Wheel Club, Cuttack Central, and ABHIPSA, a Cuttack-based cultural organisation, to maximize the impact of these cultural initiatives among inmates, staff, governing body members, and the wider community.

  • Olive Ridley Turtle Conservation Programme

    Project Swarajya is actively involved in the conservation of the Olive Ridley Turtles, which are an endangered species with significant ecological importance. These turtles exhibit fascinating behaviour when pregnant females nest together. Odisha, in eastern India, is one of the primary destinations for their annual migration and nesting. The Rushikulya mouth in southern Odisha is a significant nesting site for these turtles. In partnership with the 'World Wild Fund for Nature-India,' Project Swarajya is dedicated to protecting nesting turtles, their nests, and ensuring the safe passage of emerging hatchlings in the Rushikulya mouth River, Bahuda in Ganjam, and Devi river mouth in Astaranga, Puri district. This conservation work is crucial for safeguarding this unique species and its role in the ecosystem.

  • Environmental Protection Programme


    Since its establishment, Project Swarajya has been actively addressing environmental concerns. It has been engaged in National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) programmes over the years, participating in national and international seminars, workshops, sensitization sessions, and educational initiatives to emphasize the importance of environmental protection. Notably, the organisation has consistently campaigned against pollution generated by chemical and fertilizer industries situated in coastal regions.

  • Consumer Protection & Governance Reform Programme


    Project Swarajya actively engages in consumer protection efforts and governance reforms. Notably, it has maintained the District Consumer Information Centre in Cuttack since 2003, serving as a valuable resource for the public, Government and non-government agencies, and the media. The Centre provides essential information on-demand and offers space for organisations with a rights-based approach to conduct press meetings in the public interest. Additionally, Project Swarajya has operated a library at the District Consumer Information Centre for 15 years, stocked with various scheme details, guidelines, and legal documents for reference. The organisation also possesses a collection of reports and publications addressing issues such as drug abuse, consumer rights, violence against women, environmental protection, and the conservation of endangered species.

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    • 2017-18 581
    • 2018-19 501
    • 2019-20 495
    • 2020-21 440
    • 2021-22 494
  • Number of Patients Recovered in Cuttack Centre

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 60
    • 2018-19 73
    • 2019-20 59
    • 2020-21 70
    • 2021-22 94

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    104860076, 25 June 1991

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    PLOT NO- 1B/3, GROUND FLOOR, SECTOR-10, CDA, Cuttack , Odisha, India, 753014


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