Abhoy Mission

Organization is working for the rehabilitation, care and protection of children with special needs, destitute elderly and developing skill in the sports sector under Special Olympics Bharat.

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    Agartala, Tripura

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To provide well-structured and multidimensional service to the disadvantaged group of people including the persons with disabilities and senior citize Read morens, in distress, taking the community at large into account, inception of ABHOY MISSION was taken place on 26th January, 1988. OUR VISION: Our vision is to stand by the people in misery, especially the susceptible senior citizens and the children & persons with special needs. We uphold the way in our onward eyes the ideal & philosophy of Swami Vivekananda for the betterment of mankind. OUR MISSION:1.To empower the vulnerable senior citizens, children & the persons with disabilities. 2. To work for capacity building on Education, Vocational, Sports, Socio-Cultural, Employment, Independent living and Full Participation. 3. To arrange Training & Sensitization program for different sections of the society for the purpose of effective inclusion of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.


This organisation is working for the welfare of the destitute elder persons with disabilities. The concept of the works has come on the issue that a numbers of destitute elder persons suffering from geriatric problems and acute crisis of financial stability. This organisation has come forward and dedicted itself for the welfare of those sector of senior citizen.


ACTIVITIES OF THE ORGANISATION FROM INCEPTION:- Since its inception, the Organization was associated with various welfare and development activities as given below- :Activities for destitute Senior Citizen : Institution Based Rehabilitation(IBR) Service to Senior Citizens • Rehabilitation Centre for Senior Citizens (Old Age Home) for Care, Shelter & Protection To Homeless Elders:- • N.I.S.D Training Course on Geriatric Care • Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR) Service to Senior Citizens • Day Care Centre: • Sponsor a Grand Parent (SaGP) Programme Under Help Age India: • CBR with support from Give India :Activities for Development of Persons with Disabilities: :Institution Based Rehabilitation(IBR) Service to Persons with Special Needs: • Swabalamban Special School for Children with Intellectual & Multiple Disabilities & School Readiness Program: • Residential Care to Children with Special Needs • Residential Care Institute & SAMARTH Project under the National Trust: • Swabalamban Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Special Needs for Care & Protection: • Extension Centre of the National Institution for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities • Self Employment Training Program for persons with disabilities: • Skill Development / Vocational Training for persons with disabilities: • Poultry & Duck farming unit • :Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR) Service to Persons with Special Needs • Talking Books Library for visually Impaired students: • Survey work on Mental Retardation: • Identification camp and mobility aid distribution: • Community Based Rehabilitation for children with disabilities through support from Give India • Support to persons with deafblindness and multisensory impairment • Care & Protection of Deafblind: • “Developing Comprehensive Services and Infra- structure for Children & Adults with Deafblindness and Multisensory Impairment in NE” – Tripura • Restoration of visual acuity in Deafblind: : Activities under National Trust: • State Level Information Centre on National Trust • State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC) under National Trust: • State Nodal Agency Partner (SNAP) under the National Trust: • Facilitation in appointment of Legal Guardianship Certificate:. • Facilitation in bringing persons with disabilities under Niramoy Health Insurance scheme: :Manpower Development Programme: • Bridge Course training program Affiliated by RCI: • Training imparted on Special Education & Manpower Development method, affiliated by RCI, B.Ed. in Spl. Education, PGPD, FCSEDE • Care Giver Course under RCI & Sahayogi Care Giver Course under National Trust • Workshop on for preparation of Aids & Appliances for PwDs • 1st National Trust Workshop • Seminar on Rehabilitation Council of India • Inclusive Education Programme for Teachers • Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder • In service Training & Sensitization of Key Functionaries of Central & State Government, Local Bodies and other service providers • National Conference on Assistive Technology for the persons with disabilities • Refresher course on Schemes/ Facilities & New Initiatives for PwDs • Awareness programme for different sections of community • Exhibition & Ability Mela by children & persons with disabilities • Support service to Parents of persons with special needs • Psychological Screening Test & Identification Camp • Workshop on assessment, evaluation and certification of Persons with Disabilities • Identification & Distribution of Educational Kits among children with mental retardation Sports for disabilities :Activities for Disadvantaged Group of People: • Education and Computer Training Programme for Young Generation • Condensed course of Education for Drop Out Girls: • Computer Training Centre for Educated S.T Youths: • :MOBILE MEDICAL CAMPS: • ONGC MOBILE MEDICLE UNIT, • :CBR through Helpline and Counseling Centre: The following awards are received by the Organisation:- 1. Award for the best Samarth Projects on 26/9/2007. It was awarded by the National Trust for the welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities under Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, in recognition of outstanding achievements made and excellent standard set, the National Trust conferred the Award for the Best “Samarth Project”. 2. Monovikash Puraskar – 2014. It was awarded by Monovikash Kendra Rehabilitation & Research Institute, Kolkata in recognition of outstanding organizational services for persons with disability with a commitment to help and aid the differently abled with its dedicated services in the area of intervention, training and rehabilitation. 3. National Award for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangajan) on 3-12-2018. The award was received from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangajan) in recognition of its outstanding performance in the category of Best Institution for providing holistic comprehensive services to the persons with disabilities (Divyangajan). 4. Certificate of Honour awarded by the Office of the District Magistrate and Collector and Office of the District Child Protection Unit Sepahijala, Govt. of Tripura for its steadfast commitment towards supporting Persons with Disabilities (Divyangajan)


The projects named 1. Mission: Elderly Lives Matter Abhoy (DO-900/-), 2. Mission: Equality in Disability Abhoy Mission (DO- 1300/-). 3. Sponsor the care of a child with special needs (DO-500/-) and 4. Sponsor the food and medical needs of a poor senior citizen (DO-525/-) have a formidable impact on the society as well as on the families of distressed poor and destitute elderly persons. Almost all the projects are launched looking at the welfare of the elderly persons. Those who were neglected in the family and the society are now living with dignity holding their heads high.


  • Old Age Home


    The frame of the society has been changed in such a way that the undivided families are broken and nuclear families are formed. The nuclear families are confined within the spouse and their children. There is no meaningful place of older persons in the family. As a result the Senior Citizens of both categories are neglected and lonely. The tradition of showing respect and dignity to the older persons is not being maintained. The later generation does not feel the value and necessity of the experience of the older persons. We, the head of the family, cannot impart a proper lesson to our next generation in regard to good treatment to the older persons. In the modern age, it is observed that the parents are busy with the education of their children and they do not have time to spare for the older persons of the family. They are being deprived of having affection of their grandparents. Those who did not have the affection the grandparents cannot realize the taste of this heavenly feeling.

  • Children Home for Orphans with Special Needs Under JJ Act.


    A ‘Residential Care Institute’ with seat capacity of 20 for children with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation & multiple disabilities was established under National Trust, Govt. of India in Gakulnagar under Bishalgarh R.D. Block.
    The said project has been converted to Samarth Project under National Trust, Govt. of India in the year 2005.
    Complying with the provisions & policy of Child Protection Service scheme under Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, ABHOY MISSION is running a Child Care Institution under the nomenclature of ‘Swabalamban Rehabilitation Centre for children with special needs’ in Bishalgarh Sub-divisional area. The main objective of the programme is to provide care & protection especially to the orphan children with special needs.
    The CCI is recognized by the Government of Tripura, Directorate of Social welfare & Social Education and under Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.

  • Community Based Rehabilitation for Vulnerable Aged Persons

    Considering the utmost necessity of providing support to the financially weaker, physically and mentally challenged section of older persons in the rural areas of the State for their dignified living in the family, Abhoy Mission started working by way of distributing food grains, essential commodities, medicines, aids and appliances.
    Help Age India has come forward for cooperation in the Community Based Rehabilitation programme with our Abhoy Mission in the year 2003 taking a project ‘Adopt A Gran’ for older persons.
    In our CBR Programme Give India, a donation platform has extended cooperation from the year 2013.
    The main objective of the programme is to stand beside the old people in rural area through support by way of distribution of food grains, essential commodities, medicine and pocket money so that the standard of their living can rise up and they can hold their heads high in the family as well as in the society.

  • Counseling Centre for Senior Citizens

    Abhoy Mission has a Helpline service for providing service to senior citizens who are under pressure being alone and with insecurity, anxiety, domestic violence etc. Medical help, police help, service of caregiver, physiotherapy, counseling & advocacy within the family and community.

  • Sensitization Programme on Age Care Issues.

    On this day 69th Cooperative Week was observed at Abhoy Ashram. Delegates from Cooperative Department have taken part in the discussion. The Zilla Sabhadhipati, Sepahijala District also took part in the deliberation. They have emphasized on the importance of cooperative in our modern society.

  • Special School for children with intellectual and multiple disabilities


    The foremost and pioneer special school, for children with intellectual disabilities, in Tripura, the ‘Swabalamban’ bloomed for service on 26th January, 1991. Students are passing through teaching learning course in this school. The school is located in Gakulnagar Gram Panchayat under Bishalgarh R.D. Block.
    The prime principle of the mission is to provide education to the children with multiple and intellectual disabilities through dealing with their individual strength & needs.
    The effort is busy with individual education program and monitoring system with the help of adapted equipments and resources.

    Training to develop personal skills including daily living skills, social, academic & occupational skills are provided to children with special needs. Besides, training in Arts, Music, Dance, prevocational and vocational training is also being provided to them. Children are encouraged to acquire skills in sports & games.

  • Vocational Training


    As per direction and assistance of the Social Welfare & Social Education Department, Government of Tripura Skill Development Training is going on in the Ashram complex. The Training consists tailoring, candle making and clay work trades.

  • CBR Service to Special need persons


    Give India launched two Donation Options for the Special Need Children. One is Sponsor the care of a child with special need Donation Option (D.O) Rs. 500/-. Capacity building and dietary support in residence are being provided. And the other D.O. is Mission: equality and disability Abhoy Mission Donation Option (D.O) Rs.1350/-. In this project, training on Special Education, Vocational Education and different Therapy is imparted.

  • Counseling Centre for Persons with Disabilities.

    Abhoy Mission conducts the following activities under National Trust, Government of India.

    a) Activities for Legal Guardianship
    b) Activities for Niramaya Health Insurance.
    c) Family counseling

Impact Metrics

  • The Projects of Give Have a Formidable Impact on the Society as Well as on the Families of Distressed Poor and Destitute Elderly Persons. Almost All the Projects Are Launched Looking at the Welfare of the Elderly Persons. Those Who Were Neglected in the Family and the Society Are Now Living With Dignity Holding Their Heads High

    Program Name

    1. Mission: Elderly Lives Matter Abhoy (DO-900/-), 2. Mission: Equality in Disability Abhoy Mission (DO- 1300/-). 3. Sponsor the care of a child with special needs (DO-500/-) and 4. Sponsor the food and medical needs of a poor senior citizen (DO-525/-)

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 2500
    • 2022-23 2600

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