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Empowers rural children by providing access to free student hostel facilities and enable access to quality education

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All India Movement for Seva (AIM for Seva) is a registered pan-Indian charitable trust that was founded by Pujyasri Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 2000 Read morewith the aim of educating rural India. Its philosophy of sustainable development to uplift underprivileged children in rural and tribal parts of India rests on three pillars: Educate, Care and Innovate. Each of its carefully designed projects resonates with one (or more) of these pillars, thus ensuring a structure and form for AIM for Seva to reach the depths of rural India. The Trust is involved in providing value-based education to rural and tribal children across India through its flagship programme, Chatralayams (Free Student Hostels) established in the year 2001. Chatralayam, a secure residential facility, has been transforming the lives of children in rural and tribal India for many years now. Located in close vicinity to a local school, they cater to every need of a school going child. Children who live and study at its chatralayams benefit from access to quality education, uninterrupted schooling, boarding facilities, clothes, uniforms, after school tuitions, fortified and nutritious food, extra-curricular activities, yoga and sports, health care and value-based mentoring, all free of charge. From one Chatralayam with 32 boys, AIM for Seva is now present in 102 locations—from Karnaprayag to Kanyakumari (K2K) & Amreli to Barhdaman (A2B)- with over 4,000 students from 2700 villages benefiting from its interventions year on year. Over the years, AIM for Seva expanded its operations from hostels to Educational Institutions, Health Care Facilities, Community Development Initiatives, Residential facilities for People with developmental disabilities (Swami Dayananda Krupa Care), Sustainable Living Initiatives to reach out to a larger network of underprivileged community and currently manages 133 projects across 15 states. Over the past two decades, AIM for Seva has positively impacted the lives of over 20 million people across India and still strives to reach out to many more.


People in the rural and tribal parts of India are still impoverished and lack basic necessities like the right to education and care. A deep-rooted problem is that the parents/elders in the families have not been formally educated, and have managed their livelihood by observing and learning the family occupation. Thus, despite being employed per se, they have not been able to better their economic position. This traps them in a vicious cycle of poverty. The understanding that education will expand their knowledge base, enable access to opportunities and contribute to their overall well-being is unknown to them. As a ripple effect, children are not sent to school. Among the few who send their children to school, the tendency among the children to drop out is pronounced, especially as the child progresses to higher classes. Deeper issues also include a lack of finances, the absence of a nurturing learning environment, and the felt urgency to send children to work so that they could contribute to the family income. Once these children start working at a young age, they remain mired in the cycle of economic stagnation.


It aims to bridge the urban-rural divide in the education system by focusing on high-quality, and replicable interventions in the education sphere, working directly with rural and tribal children. AIM for Seva’s solution was the model of Chatralayam (free student hostels). Its solution tries to address all the challenges listed under one roof. A Chatralayam is set up (normally) near a school, from where easy access to formal education is ensured. Through this, affordability of education and living is taken care of: School fees (wherever applicable), uniforms, books and notebooks, and a simple and practical living place with 3 good nutritious meals are provided for. Through this, it has removed the anxieties relating to financial limitations or familial restrictions on the parents’ part. Its primary task lies in educating the parents/caretakers of these children on the value of education, and how it would help them in the overall development of their intellect, attitude and character. Once that is done, it assures them that their children will be completely taken care of. Next comes the nurturing and motivation part – the toughest task of all. Its children are primarily first-generation learners and need a lot of hand-holding to study, stay motivated and continue to finish their formal education. It is a slow and organic process but its experience has proven that it makes deep behavioural changes in them, and optimism sets in right in the first year itself. Ultimately, what it hopes to see is a transformation from the grassroots – wherein every educated child act as an agent of positive change for his / her family. The project, Chatralayam, comprises of students from several neighbouring villages and tribal regions. After an initial survey of the identified area and surrounding villages, and in consultation with the principals and teachers of the local school and panchayat stakeholders, AIM for Seva identifies deserving students in the age group of 6 to 10 years. The organisation’s members thereafter discuss with the students’ families and address the concerns of the parents and guardians: -Care and safety of the students -Medical attention -Academic problems and extra coaching -Emotional and other specific requirements -Rules regarding parents’ and guardians’ visits to the Chatralayam With the complete consent and agreement of the parent/guardian, the student is enrolled at the Chatralayam. By catering to a larger linguistic catchment area through hostel stay, more students gain access to education. Further, the atmosphere of learning at the Chatralayam encourages and nurtures confidence in the children, thus giving them reasons to stay on in school.


Educating rural India with a special focus on the educational needs of rural and tribal children since 2001. The first Chatralayam (for boys) was set up in 2001 in Anaikatti, Tamil Nadu, and supported 32 boys. The first Chatralayam for Girls was started in 2004 in Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh. Today (in 2023), it has 102 Chatralayams in 16 Indian states reaching out to 4000+ students year on year. A network of hostels (which serve as education enabler) across India to provide access to quality and value based education, academic coaching, nutritious meals, yoga, skill building training, boarding residence to rural and tribal children completely free of cost. Enable happy fortunate and healthy childhood which enables the children to become confident individuals and contributors to their families, to society and to the nation. Prudently managed direct delivery models benefiting the community at the grassroots level. Empower and create opportunities for rural communities to realise their full potential. 134 projects in 16 states. 102 Chatralayams (80 for boys & 22 for girls). 4000 students benefitted year on year. 20 million lives positively impacted since inception. 4 million meals served annually. Reduced school withdrawal rate by 90 percent. 95 percent pass rate year on year. 80 percent undertake higher education or secure employment. Many of its alumni have found employment in organisations such as Wipro Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Sundaram Finance Ltd, Clarion, CAMS, Lucas TVS, City Union Bank, TVS Training Services, and in the government and police forces.


Impact Metrics

  • School Dropout Rate Reduced by 90% Among Children Enrolled in the Chatralyam. Change in Academic Performance of the Students: 35% of Students Have Reported an Increase in Interest in Academics | 97% of Students Have Reported an Overall Increase in Marks. Change in the Career Aspirations of the Students: 90% Have Clarity on Their Future Career | 38% of Students Perceive That Aim for Seva Has Helped Them in Realising Their Career Aspirations.

    Program Name

    AIM for Seva Chatralayam - Chatralayam (network of free student hostels)

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Over the Last 22 Years, Dropout Rates Have Declined by 90%, and 95% of Our Students Complete Their Formal School Education. 80% Undertake Higher Education or Secure Employment With Major Blue Chip Companies

    Program Name

    Projects of Education - Educational Institutions and Chatralayams

    Year-wise Metrics
  • 4,000,000 Free Nutritious Meals Served Annually 38 Differently-Abled Adults Provided With Lifetime Care and Support 153,000 Patients

    Program Name

    Projects of Care - Swami Dayananda Krupa Care, Chatralayams & Healthcare Facilities

    Year-wise Metrics

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