Community Organisation for Social Transformation Trust - COST Trust

Promotes sustainable development among vulnerable and underprivileged communities, enhancing their quality of life and empowering them towards self-sufficiency

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    Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

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COST TRUST is a social service organisation that works towards transforming the lives of needy rural and tribal families in India. Since 2001, through Read more healthcare, education and livelihood services, COST Trust has worked in 100 rural and tribal villages impacting around 2 lakh families. COST TRUST is legally registered under the Indian Trust Act, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), and Tax Exemption Act, Government of India. Cost Trust’s mission is to facilitate sustainable development among vulnerable and underprivileged communities, elevating their overall quality of life and fostering self-sufficiency. This is accomplished through a comprehensive approach encompassing health, education, food security, empowerment, gender equality, infrastructure development, disaster relief, economic empowerment, and livelihood development. Specifically, it aims to: • Provide healthcare services and health education to rural, tribal, and urban families in India. • Establish and construct charity hospitals, schools, old-age homes, women and child welfare centers to benefit those in need. • Offer educational sponsorships, nutritional and moral support to underprivileged, tribal, school dropouts, and street children. • Supply school materials, stipends, scholarships, medals, and incentives to students. • Establish care and education centers, as well as shelter homes for orphaned children. • Provide free and low-cost housing solutions for underprivileged individuals in tribal, rural, and urban slums. • Empower and uplift vulnerable groups affected by the scourge of poverty. • Promote the empowerment of rural and tribal women through self-help groups formation, self-employment and skills training, awareness programs, and livelihood support for income generation, thereby improving their socio-economic status. • Deliver vocational and livelihood training to unemployed and underprivileged youth. • Raise awareness about environmental conservation, climate change, wildlife protection, natural resource management, and the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases. • Empower small-scale farmers through sustainable agriculture, organic farming, agroforestry, watershed management and development, traditional seed conservation, and vermicompost production. • Provide relief and rehabilitation to the victims of natural calamities.


  • Rural health centre

    The COST Trust operates a Primary Health Centre and Charity Hospital at its main center. Each year, it serves approximately 15,000 families from 25 villages through Hans Medical Services, Rural Health Centers, Nutritional Supplementary Food, and Health and Hygienic Awareness Training, with support from The Hans Foundation. The Rural Primary Health Centre caters to 80-100 patients daily.

  • Mobile clinic

    Bringing quality healthcare to remote rural and tribal communities, this initiative extended its services to a population of 25,000 individuals across four blocks spanning 100 villages.
    The Mobile Clinic Medical Team is composed of a doctor, a qualified and experienced staff nurse, a pharmacist, and a lab technician, ensuring the delivery of primary care directly to the doorsteps of residents in rural and tribal areas.

  • Education

    COST Trust offers a range of educational programs to support underprivileged children in challenging circumstances, which include:
    1. Pre-School for the age group 3-5 years
    2. Non-formal education for children who do not attend regular schools
    3. Evening school for school-going children
    4. Education for dropout children
    These programs target underprivileged children facing difficult situations, including those from families with limited means, child laborers, children affected by HIV/AIDS, those with disabilities, tribal and rural children. Special emphasis is placed on promoting education for girls and women, aiming to empower them and their families. Over 2,500 underprivileged children have benefited from these programs.

  • Housing for the poor

    COST Trust has collaborated with the SELAVIP Foundation to offer basic and dignified housing to homeless, impoverished families. This initiative is designed to help break the cycle of poverty.
    As a result of this partnership, 125 new homes have been built for some of the most disadvantaged families. COST Trust works to ensure that communities have access to clean water, sanitation facilities, healthcare services, and engage in awareness-raising efforts to improve overall well-being.

  • Livelihood for women

    The objective of this initiative is to empower impoverished women in cattle rearing, income generation, skill development, employment training, and promoting equal rights and opportunities. The ultimate goal is to foster a society that is free from gender discrimination and violence.
    Key activities
    1. Self-help groups: COST Trust trains and organizes tribal and rural women, encouraging them to form a federation network for mutual support and growth.
    2. Counselling and support for widows: COST Trust provides assistance to women in dire situations, offering both emotional support and nutritional supplements in tribal and rural areas.

  • Community food bank

    The objective is to provide nutritional food to hungry tribal families, with a particular focus on securing a healthier future for children and women.
    The community food bank relies solely on the dedicated efforts of the staff and the generosity of well-wishers who support the organization.

  • Covid 19 relief

    During the lockdown in India, COST Trust provided essential support to various groups in need. It distributed food material kits, groceries, vegetables, masks, and sanitizers to daily wage laborers, migrant workers, elderly tribal individuals, and those facing health challenges. It also ensured that nutritional supplements reached tribal families.
    It made a concentrated effort to support transgender individuals in the Dindigul District who were affected by COVID-19.

  • Environmental protection

    Each year, COST Trust plants 1,200 tree saplings in 100 villages, involving children and youth associations.
    It conducts environmental awareness training sessions for women's Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and farmers on a regular basis. These trainings are guided by and refer to Leisa India Agriculture Newsletter from Bangalore. University experts provide the target groups with training on subjects like climate change, environmental forestry protection, and biodiversity. This program has benefitted more than 6,000 individuals.

  • Disaster relief

    During times of significant natural disasters, COST Trust has extended its support to the affected population by providing medical assistance and relief materials. With the generous grant from THF, it supplied flood relief materials to families affected by the floods in Cuddalore.
    It organized free medical camps that operated for 25 days in the affected villages, benefiting more than 5,000 families. These families received relief materials including items such as rice, lentils, cooking oil, mats, blankets, mosquito nets, and more. The medical team provided medical support to over 10,000 individuals.

  • Solar power for tribals

    With the support of the local parish, five solar street lighting systems have been installed in tribal villages, benefiting the underprivileged communities. These solar streetlights serve a dual purpose by providing lighting for children's education and enhancing protection against forest elephant attacks in these areas.

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