Dhan Foundation

Empowers deprived people through microfinance, water resource management, and women's empowerment programmes

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    Madurai, Tamil Nadu

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Development For Humane Action(DHAN) was founded in 1997 with the mission of abolishing poverty and vulnerability through novel and expandable growth p Read morerogrammes. The Foundation works in a variety of areas, including microfinance, water resource management, and women’s empowerment. Its microfinance programme provides loans to poor people to help them start or expand their businesses. The programme has helped over 2 million people access credit and has had a significant impact on poverty reduction. DHAN’s water resource management programme works to improve access to water for irrigation and drinking. The programme has helped to build over 100,000 water structures and has improved the lives of millions of people. Its women’s empowerment programme works to increase the economic and social opportunities for women. The programme has helped to train over 1 million women in skills such as literacy, business, and health.

Demographies Served


  • Kalanjiam Programme

    The Kalanjiam initiative encourages community banking among financially and communally disadvantaged women, farmers, and fishermen. In 14 Indian states, the programme has organised around 1.5 million impoverished households into 55,000 self-help groups in urban, rural, coastal, and tribal settings. The programme has aided in the improvement of access to financial services, the development of relevant production and marketing capabilities, and the creation and strengthening of physical capital in the form of assets that lead to the generation of income.

  • Vayalagam Programme

    The Vayalagam Tankfed Agriculture Development Programme is a project of the DHAN Foundation that works to improve the livelihoods of farmers in tankfed areas of Tamil Nadu, India. The project provides farmers with access to improved agricultural inputs, training, and marketing support. It also works to improve the management of tank water resources. As a result of the project, farmers have seen increased crop yields, improved incomes, and reduced vulnerability to drought.

  • Information Communication Technology for Poor

    DHAN Foundation prioritizes "ICT for the poor" to bridge the urban-rural and rich-poor divide. It establishes diverse Community Resource Centres, providing tailored e-services and enhancing digital literacy. The foundation facilitates remote access to vital resources and consultations, develops multimedia content and software for agriculture, and supports community radio stations and user groups. It collaborates with stakeholders to mobilize resources, ensuring sustainable impact.

  • DHAN Academy Programme

    The DHAN Academy, a collaboration between DHAN Foundation and Sir Ratan Tata Trust, is a renowned Development Management school. It offers a two-year post-graduate programme in development management (PDM) for fresh graduates, along with short-term management development programmes for NGOs, researchers, and Government agencies. The Academy conducts research activities, generates case studies, and develops teaching materials. It houses two specialized centres: Advanced Centre for Skill and Knowledge on Mutual Insurance (ASKMI) and Advanced Centre for Enabling Disaster Risk Reduction (ACEDRR). These centres focus on research, training, and policy advocacy in micro-insurance and disaster risk reduction, respectively. The Academy aims to excel in development management through training, capacity-building, and research initiatives.

  • Coastal Conservation and Livelihood Programme (CALL)

    This programme was launched as a response to the 2004 tsunami. It focuses on restoring livelihoods and conserving coastal ecosystems. It promotes people's organisations among vulnerable communities, including disadvantaged fishermen, coastal farmers, and women engaged in allied activities. CALL facilitates access to financial services and livelihood support while conserving coastal resources to reduce poverty and vulnerability. It also establishes business-based organisations, disaster management committees, early warning systems, and partnerships with local authorities to enhance disaster preparedness and coordination during emergencies.

Impact Metrics

  • Total Members Reached

    Program Name

    Coastal Conservation and Livelihoods Programme

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 18132
    • 2018-19 12374
    • 2019-20 16368
    • 2020-21 15671
  • Total Children Reached

    Program Name

    Anaemia Control Programme.

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2016-17 84555
    • 2017-18 84621
    • 2018-19 84555
    • 2019-20 27883
  • Pregnant Women Reached

    Program Name

    Anaemia Control Programme.

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2016-17 26845
    • 2017-18 28963
    • 2018-19 26845
    • 2019-20 26959

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  • Ahila Devi Subramanian

    Chief Executive Officer

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    1A, Vaidyanathapuram East, Kennet Cross Road, Madurai, 625016


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