Madurai Health And Leprosy Relief Centre

Provides treatment and rehabilitation for patients suffering from Leprosy

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    Madurai, Tamil Nadu

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Works with the primary objective of eradicating Leprosy and undertakes multiple projects in the form of treatment, care, rehabilitation, employment as Read moresistance and awareness programs. Other activities are focused on providing quality health education, eradication of Malaria, Ulcers and Cancer, prevention of HIV/AIDS and promotion of hygiene. It has operations in the Madurai district in Tamil Nadu, India. For its Leprosy care, cure and rehabilitation program, it conducts surveys covering slum areas in Madurai, for detection of new cases of Leprosy. It conducts skin checkups in schools to diagnose cases of Leprosy in children. To spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, safe drinking water, Leprosy and Tuberculosis, it conducts a health education program for school children, industrial workers and the general public. To treat Leprosy, it hosts mobile medical camps (MMC) and provides Chemotherapy and Physiotherapy treatment to patients. For rehabilitation of Leprosy patients, it conducts Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program which assists patients in earning their livelihood through animals given to them on loan, setting up shops and financial assistance for other businesses.


The challenges faced by individuals affected by leprosy in India are numerous. These include social stigma, discrimination, lack of access to healthcare, and limited economic opportunities. Despite efforts to eradicate the disease, leprosy remains a significant public health concern in India, with thousands of new cases reported each year. The Indian government has implemented various programs to address these issues, including providing free treatment and rehabilitation services, raising awareness about the disease, and promoting social inclusion for those affected. However, much work remains to be done to ensure that all individuals affected by leprosy in India receive the care and support they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. So we are expecting your support for these God loving service.


1. Health awareness programme to all age group like school children, labors, and village public. 2. Medical treatment to the needy leprosy affected. 3. Door to door survey to identify new cases. 4. Rehabilitation - Community Based Rehabilitation - income gnerating activities for the disabled leprosy affected


Over 25,000 people impacted per year. Completed 5 projects and 85 rehabilitations till date. Cured Leprosy for over 1000 patients. All the leprosy patients getting MCR footwears (Micro Cellular Rubber)to protect foots and disability. Leprosy patients getting vision by Cataract eye surgeries at free of cost. Leprosy awareness giving to the public and school children.


  • Detection of new leprosy cases


    To detect new cases, skin checkups are being conducted for school children. Given the children's relatively lower immunity, they are more susceptible to infections than adults. This proactive approach is being carried out across all primary schools. Additionally, a slum survey is being undertaken to identify both new and untreated cases.

  • Rehabilitation Self Employment programme for leprosy disabled


    Since 1999, the rehabilitation efforts have been closely intertwined with the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) activity program. The organisation has extended loans to promote self-employment among the beneficiaries. Over 80 individuals who have triumphed over deformities have benefitted from this initiative.
    Through the CBR initiatives, the organisation is empowering the patients through various means:
    • Procuring cows and goats
    • Establishing tea shops and petty shops
    • Acquiring bullock carts
    • Venturing into the flower business
    • Engaging in shamiana (canopy) business
    • Preparing and selling appalls
    • Managing vessel shops and bangle shops
    • Crafting mud pots and more.

  • Mobile medical team (MMC) to reach all leprosy affected in rural areas


    The Mahelerecen NGO team travels to remote areas of Madurai and Dindigul to distribute footwear and medicines to the patients. The custom-made footwear prevents ulcers/deformity and protects the feet of the patients. The free medicines ensure continuity of treatment.

    our organization has MMC unit of Maruti -EECO vehicle to utilized for this purpose.

  • Spread awareness about leprosy

    The organization conducts health education programs targeting school children, industrial workers, and the general public. These programs focus on imparting knowledge about overall health, hygiene practices, safe drinking water, and providing accurate information about diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis (TB), and HIV/AIDS with a scientific basis.
    The approach involves delivering lectures and utilizing various health education materials, such as pamphlets, flip charts, flashcards, slide shows, and short films. Public addressing systems are also used to effectively communicate this essential information.
    These health education awareness initiatives play a crucial role in enhancing public understanding of diseases and their underlying causes. By increasing awareness, individuals are empowered to change unhealthy behaviour patterns and adopt more beneficial practices.

  • Treatment of leprosy affected persons


    The Prevention of Deformity (POD) program involves administering monthly chemotherapy treatment (MDT) to all identified cases. Each newly detected patient receives MDT treatment to address the infection, with the overarching goal of averting deformities through prompt detection and intervention.
    Furthermore, physiotherapy treatment is provided to our patients with deformities, incorporating both active and passive exercises, wax baths, and oil massages. Patients with ulcers are subjected to specialized ulcer dressing treatment, accompanied by guidance on maintaining limbs (hands and feet) to prevent blisters and ulcers.
    To extend medical outreach, free mobile medical camps are organized on a monthly basis across various locations, including Kodas Nagar, Chellaiya Nagar at our MAHELERECEN Clinic in Madurai, Thiruparankundram Block Villages in Madurai, Alagerkovil Block Villages in Madurai, Solavandhan Block Villages in Madurai District, Alanganallour Block Villages in Madurai.

  • Hospital care for the leprosy affected persons


    Madurai Health and Leprosy Centre Secretary Mr.Rajendran MOU signed with Community medicine department HOD Dr. Samir Bele, Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, Madurai on 2nd February 2022. The MOU signed in front of medical college Vice Principal Dr. Mohanty.

    For Treating cases - Our organization also sign MOU with Hospital Dean and Dr. Krishnaram M.D, HOD, Department of Dermatology. So we are admitting leprosy affected persons in Velammal hospital who is needs hospital care.

    Treatment is in lower cost, ulcer care treatment, cataract eye surgeries and general complaints.

Impact Metrics

  • People Benefited

    Program Name

    Leprosy awareness to public

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 25000
    • 2022-23 26000
    • 2023-24 30000
  • Leprosy Patients Benefited

    Program Name

    Mobile Medical treatment every month leprosy deformed benefited 250

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2022-23 200
  • Deformity Economical Development

    Program Name

    Rehabilitation financial support

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2023-24 85

Leadership Team

  • Mr. M. Vincent


  • Mrs.J.Josephine Mary


  • Mr.M. Rajendran


  • Mr. P. E. Vincent


  • Mr. M.Raja

    Programme Coordinator

  • Mr. A. Vincent

    Programme Associate

  • Dr.S. Maria Xavier Turtius

    Founder & Executive Secretary

  • Mr. Nagarajan

    Vehicle Managment

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