Social Awareness and Voluntary Education

Works corporate houses, spinning mills and garment units ensuring the rights of the workers, their families and protecting the environment

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    Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

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Tirupur has been a hub for garment industry suppliers and a history of exploitation of rights of workers and child labour. SAVE was founded as a respo Read morense to the unfair and exploitative working conditions of garment factories, specifically under age children, young women enslaved as bonded labour. SAVE is the oldest and most reputed organization working directly with workers and unions. Since inception, SAVE has worked with many corporate houses, spinning mills and garment units ensuring fair and ethical practices for workers, their families and the local environment. SAVE organizes Garment industry consortium with an in-depth focus and expertise on Child rights, rescue of children from exploitation & child labour, education, skill development etc. Mission: Eradication of child labour and providing quality education to children, comprehensive political and socio economic empowerment of poor women, promoting better working and living standards for migrant and other labourers of knitwear industries through awareness, education, enhancing skills, capacity building, networking, lobby and advocacy and by formation of community strengthening structures. Potential reasons for engagement: 1. Working with workers in textile mills and garment factories. Have rapport with unions. 2. Working on Fair Trade and rights of workers 3. Experience of working with International Brands


  • Psychological Health (PH)

    In order to support psychosocial health, SAVE teaches disadvantaged children, women, and workers in the textile and apparel industries how to be self-aware, think creatively and critically, solve problems and make decisions, and cope with stress and emotions.

  • Women Development Centre (WDC)

    Strives to give women more power. WDC's areas of expertise include:

    Raising consciousness about gender relations
    Growth of the economy via entrepreneurship
    The dissemination of knowledge about Panchayat Raj Institutions might lead to political empowerment. Fostering a leadership mindset
    Making certain their kids obtain a good education and keeping an eye on how often their kids attend school Motivate women to have healthy lives

  • Child Rights Cell (CRC)

    Strives to guarantee that kids can enjoy their inalienable right to an education and are shielded from commercial exploitation. In the Tirupur area, CRC works to rescue and rehabilitate children who are trafficked or work as children, live on the streets, or are child laborers.
    Manages Anganwadi Centers for kids under five, with the goal of promoting the wellbeing and physical and mental growth of the kids who attend. The children of working mothers are also served by these centers.
    It has encouraged youngsters from migrant populations to attend Bridge Schools in and around the Tirupur district. It provides basic education as well as comprehensive care for children and teenagers. Healthy meals, medical attention, extracurricular activities, leadership and life skills training, and environmental awareness programs are all given to the kids. Teenagers' career and personal development is also prioritized.

Impact Metrics

  • Children Enrolled in Bridge Schools

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2015-16 406
    • 2018-19 197
    • 2020-21 2471
  • Abused Children Rehabilitated

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2015-16 291
    • 2018-19 50
    • 2020-21 162

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  • S. Usha Rani

    M&E Officer

  • A. Aloysius


  • R. Francis

    Team Leader

  • G. Suseela

    M&E Officer


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    No. 5, Iswarya Nagar, Dharapuram Road K.N.P. Colony Post, Tiruppur, Tirupur, 641608


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    Peace Trust

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